How to sell using educational webinars


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How to sell using educational webinars

  1. 1. Using Educational Webinars to Sell The Art of Being a Salesman Disguised as an Educator
  2. 2. Getting Them to Listen • You Have to Give Them What They Want Before They Will Listen toWhat You Have to Say
  3. 3. Who’s Buying Now...
  4. 4. How DoYou Get The Remaining 70% to Listen to YOU?
  5. 5. Most Do It Backwards • Here’s Who I Am... • Here’s What I Have... • Here’s What It Can Do forYou...
  6. 6. They Don’t Care... • About You. • AboutYour Product. • About Anything Other Than Themselves
  7. 7. What Gets Their Attention? • You Need MUST Know What MakesYour Customer/Client Tick
  8. 8. What’sYour Market’s Hot Buttons? • Are They Motivated By Pleasure or Pain? • The Carrot or the Stick?
  9. 9. DoYou Have a Customer Avatar? • DoYou Know Who They Are? • What They Like/Dislike? • Where They Hang Out? • What They Enjoy Doing? • Etc
  10. 10. How to DevelopYour Client Avatar
  11. 11. Empathy Map
  12. 12. Measure Twice Cut Once Cut Once • Almost Every Business Does a LOWSY Job Identifying Their Ideal Customer • They Want Everyone and Therefore Get No One
  13. 13. Facebook 5th Largest Country in the World
  14. 14. Ideal Client vs Client Avatar Client Avatar
  15. 15. My Ideal Client • Business with at Least 30K Emails or 500 New Leads a Month • Product or Service in a Competitive Space • Owner Netting at Least $250K Annually
  16. 16. Client Avatar: Charley • Charley’s Married with 3 Kids and Lives in a 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home on the Good Side of Town • He Drives a Newer BMW and Has All the Latest Gadgets • His Wife Likes to Spend So He’s Been Working Longer Hours to Make More
  17. 17. Client Avatar: Charley • Marketing Isn’t New for Him, But He’s Been So Overwhelmed with Running His Business that He’s Not Up to Date on What’s Out There • He’s Afraid that He’s Not Making the Most of the Clients He Already Has and Is Wasting Money Going After New Ones.
  18. 18. Your Secret Weapon • Market Data Does More to Convince, Convert and Capture Market Share Than Product Data Ever Will
  19. 19. Everyone Gets This Wrong! • They FindWhat Their Market Needs • Then Tell Them What and WhyThey Need It • You Have to Use Psychology to Persuade Them BEFORE You Offer WhatYou Have
  20. 20. 5 Step Proven Formula Proven Formula 1.Intro 2.Market Data 3.Your Story 4.Teachings 5.Close
  21. 21. How To Use Market Data Market Data • AfterYou’ve Identified WHATYour Market Wants/Needs • Determine What and HowYou Want to PositionYourself andYour Product/Service • Find Market DataThat SupportsYour Position and Claim
  22. 22. Let the Market Data TellYour Story forYou
  23. 23. Examples...
  24. 24. Save Time
  25. 25. Create Doubt...
  26. 26. Remind Them of the Pain
  27. 27. Handle Objections
  28. 28. Close Doors as Options
  29. 29. Market Data Sets Buying Criteria
  30. 30. Why Does This Work So Well? • People Are Used to WatchingTV and Believing What They See and Hear • They’re Conditioned for It
  31. 31. Your Story • This is WhereYouTell Them AboutYourself andWhat QualifiesYou to Teach Them • UseYour Story to BuildTrust and Rapport • Empathize with Them
  32. 32. Archetypes Sell
  33. 33. Which AreYou? • Hero’s Journey • Underdog Story • Reluctant Hero • Etc
  34. 34. Teachings... • TeachThem What NOT How
  35. 35. 3 Phase Close 1.Here’s What I Have... 2.Here’s What It’ll Do forYou... 3.Here’s What I WantYou to Do Next...
  36. 36. What I Have... • I Have the Flexibility in My Schedule and Desire to Bring on 2 More Clients
  37. 37. Here’s WhatYou’ll Get... • Done forYou and Done withYou Market Research • Done forYou and Done withYou Email Marketing • Done forYou and Done withYou Sales and Marketing Funnel Build Out
  38. 38. Here’s What I WantYou to Do Next... • Talk with Me After IfYou’re Interested in Using My Services or Know Someone Else Who Can Profit from Them