How to become an hr professional in canada


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How to become an hr professional in canada

  1. 1. How to Become an HR Professional in Canada ‘Human resources’ has come a long way. The management field has seen lots of changes in the last decade. Looking back, it seems difficult to exactly track how changes had taken place. But one thing is certain that organizations now have become employee-centered. They are looking to recruit, develop and retain best talent, at any cost. And those who help them achieve these goals are human resources professionals. Times are changing and so are the expectations of young workforce. They expect work to be real fun, in order to remain engaged for a long term. This means the companies will need to change the way they work and deal with their employees. It’s time to become more human centric and bring changes in organizational policies and procedures that help them keep with this emerging shift. Clearly, this has led to a significant increase in demand for professionals who are well-versed in the strategic management of human resources. If you’ve been thinking of a career in human resources, this is probably the best time. This area of management makes the right choice for those who love to communicate with people and have an inclination towards human planning, occupational health and safety and human rights. Getting into Human Resources Earn a Diploma The first step towards getting into a human resources related career is to gain the specialized knowledge in the field. There are a number of colleges in Canada that offer diploma programs in human resources. Centennial College offers a three- year diploma program in human resources, covering core business administration subjects as well as specialized courses. You will develop expertise in recruitment, selection, orientation, employee training and development, human planning, labour relations, compensation and benefits, employment law and human resources management systems. In order to apply for this particular program, you will need to send your completed application form to the college. You also need to send a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent. Pursue Internships Centennial College’s three-year post-secondary business administration – human resources program combines classroom learning with a co-op program. This means you not only study theoretical aspects of human resources but also get hands-on experience by working three-terms as a paid employee. The human resources college in Toronto takes a unique approach to help students put their theoretical understanding into practice in all major areas of human resources. This also provides you with important industry contacts that can be used as references in future. However, for being eligible to avail this facility, you will need to fulfill some co-op requirements. These include completion of employment pre-placement, completion of eight
  2. 2. out of eleven courses in semesters one and two, a minimum C grade in COMM 170/171, and a GPA of 2.5 or greater. Develop Additional Skills While working as a human resources professional, you will be expected to be well-versed in human resources management systems. This is why the human resources college includes microcomputer training in the curriculum. You’ll be trained to work on popular business software, such as Excel, Access and SAP. Aside from this, HR professionals must possess excellent communication, interpersonal and decision-making skills. A strong emphasis is laid on helping students develop these career- ready skills during the program. The graduates of diploma program in Business Administration – Human Resources can choose to pursue their careers or apply their credit rewards towards further study. For More Information Visit