Benefits of a communications and media foundations program


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Benefits of a communications and media foundations program

  1. 1. Benefits of a Communications and Media Foundations Program The one-year communications and media foundations program is ideal for students who wish to hone their communication skills, while building critical basics for careers in media, advertising, journalism or marketing communications. This program provides you with an opportunity to explore diverse courses in communications and broadcasting disciplines. The objective of the program is to help you make an informed decision and choose a diploma or degree program that best suits your career goals. The communications and media education foundation program typically runs for one year through two semesters. The program offers basic and advanced courses in tools and processes for communicators, introduction to media and media writing, multimedia, essential English skills, communications and exploring digital culture in first and second semesters respectively. You are introduced to both traditional and modern media platforms and taught how to write for different media platforms. This is an intensive program that focuses more on creative exploration and experimentation with contemporary media production tools. You study about various media forms, platforms and audiences, and learn to apply theoretical principles to produce practical media solutions and communications. This gives you an idea of how communications and media industry works and what all career paths it offers. The best part is that this communication program helps students examine beliefs, values and behaviours that form individuals and society. You learn to apply this knowledge to develop strategies for building effective communication and respectful relationships with the audience. You also learn how to make use of the appropriate terminology, vocabulary and basic language skills to communicate effectively in media environment. Who Should Consider This Program? The program in communication and media foundation makes the right choice for you, if you wish to • Know what all career options are associated with communications and media programs • Understand which specific C & M field relates more to your career goals • Obtain eligibility to apply for a C & M diploma or degree course of your choice • Explore communications and media industries, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a post-secondary course Competencies You Will Develop As a program graduate, you demonstrate the ability to • Make effective use of English language for effective communications on diverse media platforms
  2. 2. • Develop and use basic communication strategies for the current media environment • Create and maintain a dialogue or forum on social media networks • Make use of rich media applications Who Can Enrol in This Program? This program is offered to you by the college when you apply to, but do not meet the admission requirements for Journalism, Broadcasting and Film, Marketing Communications Management or Advertising. Students who have completed their secondary education are granted admission to this program. Where to Study Communication and Media Foundations Program in Toronto? A number of colleges offer communication and media foundations programs in Toronto. But not all help you meet your career goals. Centennial College’s media foundation program is guided by creative media industry professionals; and thus, incorporates the latest from the industry. Moreover, if you successfully complete this program, you will receive an offer to any of the three-year programs in advertising and marketing communications management, journalism and broadcasting and film. For More information Visit