Three Environmental Changes That Improved My Health


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An overview of the three changes that I made to my environment that resulted in the improvement of my health. This slide show includes the reasons why I made those changes and the impact those changes had on me.

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Three Environmental Changes That Improved My Health

  1. 1. Changing my environmentto improve my healthThe three changes I made and the effects that I saw.
  2. 2. My GoalMy goal was to change my environment in THREEsimple ways that helped me achieve my goal ofliving healthier. While I consider myself to be veryhealthy already, I wanted to make a concertedeffort to experiment with different methods andguides.I decided to break my changes into three areas:physical health, mental/emotional health andspiritual health.Here is what I did. Contact information is at theend.
  3. 3. Physical Health ChangeProblem: Even though I run and go to the gymregularly, there are days in which I am so busy that Imiss my scheduled workout regiment. I also wanted toexperiment with short, habitual exercises.Solution: I bought a pull up bar andplaced it in one of my doorways inmy dorm. Next to the pull up bar Iplaced a piece of paper and pencilto allow myself to record thenumber of pull ups I did in a day.
  4. 4. Physical Health ResultSince making the change, I have begun doingover 20 pushups a day. I usually do 3 in a set.4 days ago, I could do five, wide spread pullups comfortably. Now, I am at a comfortablesix.I do not complete a set every time I walkthrough the doorway. There are many times Irush into my room to grab a book and run out.But for every other time, I do complete a set.
  5. 5. Mental/Emotional HealthChangeI am a Computer Science major, so my life is filledwith computers, gadgets, code and 20 hour longprojects which result in late nights and lots of stress.One thing that has always soothed me is music,and not just hearing music, but playing.I have been playing the guitar since Iwas eight years old, but I have alwaysleft my guitars in their cases under mybed. My change was to leave myacoustic guitar on a stand in the cornerof my room so that I would see it andplay it more regularly.
  6. 6. Mental/Emotional HealthResultBy placing my guitar out in the open, Imanipulated both the ability for the targetbehavior (play guitar more regularly) to occur aswell as the trigger (call to action to a behavior).Whenever I saw my guitar, I sat down and playedfor 10 minutes.I found myself playing for a total of 30 minuteseach day, usually at the beginning and end of theday. This significantly helped reduced stress andallowed me to sleep easier each night.
  7. 7. Spiritual Health ChangeMy Christian faith is the foundation on whichI build the rest of my life. Unfortunately, it iseasy to get caught up in the chaotic andbusy life style of being a college student andnot spend adequate time slowing down inprayerful meditation and reading my Bible.To assist me in remembering, and because Iuse my calendar for everything, I scheduledin 30 minutes each day to remind me to slowdown. I also placed my Bible next to my bedso that it was easy to grab in the morning.
  8. 8. Spiritual Health ResultAfter I made the changes, I becamemuch more diligent with my spiritualmorning habits. I got the point where Ididn’t always need the reminder.The new placement of my Biblemade the ability (Behavior =Motivation + Ability + Trigger) of mytarget behavior easier, while thecalendar entry constituted as thetrigger. No matter what motivation Ihad (tired or excited), I followedthrough.
  9. 9. ConclusionBy simply altering the ability to complete my targetbehaviors and restructuring the trigger, I was ableto easily complete the behaviors each day. Whilesome people may be turned away by theroutinized methods that I implemented, I foundthat routine and structure make my days moreproductive and efficient. This ultimately results inme being happier and content.
  10. 10. Contact InfoI am Jason van der Merwe, a Computer ScienceMajor at Stanford University. Feel free to contactme using the email address below!Jason.merwe@gmail.comAlso feel free to leave comments on this slideshow.