Mobile and Video (Beyond Hmmm...that sounds cool)


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Mobile and chocolate and peanut butter. Or armageddon. Depends on if you've got a handle on it or not. But it's clear that video consumption and mobile device usage (simultaneously no doubt) are both continuing to grow. It's time to get a handle on it so that your digital presence is, well, nothing short of awesome. This presentation provides 5 key tips to tackling the thorny challenge of integrating video and mobile into your digital strategy.

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  • Right format, right deviceAdaptive bitrate for different bandwidthFluctuating bandwidth (from 3G/4G to WiFi)Reporting
  • Pun intended 
  • Mobile and Video (Beyond Hmmm...that sounds cool)

    1. 1. Mobile and Video.Beyond “Hmmm, That Sounds Cool…”
    2. 2. Mobile is NOT just Marketing Strategy
    3. 3. Mobile is a Part of Something Bigger
    4. 4. What’s a Digital Presence?
    5. 5. It’s All Your Touchpoints
    6. 6. And How You Engage with CustomersThrough Them
    7. 7. It’s Your Story.
    8. 8. Or, do it better. Show Your Story.
    9. 9. So What’s The Big Deal AboutMobile?
    10. 10. Consumer Behavior is Changing
    11. 11. It’s a “Multi-Screen” World“The Multi-Screen World.” Google. 2012.
    12. 12. It Used to be About “From Point A to Point B”
    13. 13. Now it’s From “Point A to Point B, C, D, and E”
    14. 14. Mobile is the New Way to SHOW Your Story
    15. 15. So Mobile Has to be Part of Your Digital DNA
    16. 16. Because Your Story has to be Consistent
    17. 17. But It Has to be Unique for the Device
    18. 18. When Mobile and Video Collide
    19. 19. Are People Actually Watching Online Video?Cisco’s fifth annual Visual Networking Index Forecast predicts online video willaccount for two-thirds of all consumer traffic by 2015.
    20. 20. Are They Doing It On Mobile?
    21. 21. Video + Mobile is a Natural Friendship“52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them moreconfident in their online purchase decisions”Internet Retailer, 2012“…shoppers who viewed video were 174% more likely to purchase thanviewers who did not…”Retail Touchpoints Channel InnovationAwards, 2012“Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% oftraffic on certain networks.”Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report, 2012
    22. 22. But A Potential Recipe for DisasterVideoMobile
    23. 23. Keys to a Successful Union
    24. 24. Mobile-Auto-magic-ationMobile Automagication (n)—1. The automation of the delivery of videos to anymobile device using powerful technologies that converts the video into the rightformat
    25. 25. But the More You Focus on It…
    26. 26. What’s the Recipe for Mobile + Video? Management Publication Syndication Social Engagement Conversion
    27. 27. When You Bake it Right…“Five percent of consumers who get to theconfiguration stage and view one of thesevideos makes a purchase, tripling theconversion rate from before weimplemented.”Lewis Broadnax,Executive Director,Web Sales & Marketing, Lenovo.
    28. 28. It Drives Home Your Story
    29. 29. Could You?
    30. 30. Would You?
    31. 31. Should You?
    32. 32. Thank You!