Cirrus Files Installation and Setup


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Effortlessly Sync Your Documents Between Salesforce and Google Drive
Collaboration, low-cost storage and the ability to connect all your folders and files to your customers in Salesforce!

Salesforce is great for CRM. Google Drive is great for cloud collaboration and storage. Cirrus Files is perfect for integrating Salesforce and Google Drive.

Automatically organize your customer files in a folder structure in Google Drive.

Access relevant Google Drive files when viewing any record in Salesforce.

Open and edit files in Google Drive from within Salesforce.

Connect files to Salesforce records from within Google Drive.

100% native app for complete data security.

5-minute set up.

Supports all editions of Salesforce as well as all standard and custom objects.

50% discount for nonprofits.

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Cirrus Files Installation and Setup

  1. 1. Cirrus Files Installation Instructions
  2. 2. Click Get It Now on the salesforce appexchange
  3. 3. salesforce appexchange Click the checkbox for I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and click Confirm and Install!
  4. 4. salesforce - Setup, the Package Installation Details will appear, Click Continue to run the installation of cirrus files for Google Drive.
  5. 5. salesforce - You’ll be prompted to approve the third-party access for the following. Check the box for Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites, and click Continue.
  6. 6. salesforce - Step 1 of 3 - Adjust the permissions as needed and click Next.
  7. 7. salesforce - Step 2 of 3 - Select security settings in accordance to your internal procedures and click Next.
  8. 8. salesforce - Step 3 of 3 - Click Install.
  9. 9. salesforce - The install process will take a few moments, so be sure to observe the tab of your browser. You’ll see the Processing screen appear as shown below. Gmail - You’ll receive an email once the install package for cirrus files was successfully installed.
  10. 10. salesforce - click on the + and you’ll now see a tab for Cirrus Files Setup.
  11. 11. salesforce - Click on the tab for Cirrus Files Setup, and you’ll now have the option to enable to Object(s) and Auto Connect each to Google Drive.
  12. 12. salesforce - Click on the tab for Cirrus Files Setup, you’ll be prompted to Connect to Google Drive.
  13. 13. Google - You’ll be prompted again to Accept the offline access for cirrus files for Google Drive.
  14. 14. salesforce - Once you enable an object, you’ll receive the message: Success: Object _____ has been configured correctly. The Status will now show Configured in green. Make sure to check the box to Auto Connect the object to Google Drive.
  15. 15. salesforce - If you wish to only configure standard objects, your screen will look similar to this. The Campaign object and the remaining others requires a step by step validation to configure them.
  16. 16. salesforce - Creating Visualforce Page Layout for Objects You’ll need to Edit the Layout for the object, in this example we set up the Case Object.
  17. 17. salesforce - Creating Visualforce Page Layout for Objects Click on Visualforce Pages and drag the Section down the page right below Additional Information.
  18. 18. salesforce - Creating Visualforce Page Layout for Objects Once you place Section, you’ll be prompted to name the Section Properties. Name it cirrus files, uncheck Detail Page, Edit Page, tick 1-Column for the view and click OK.
  19. 19. salesforce - Creating Visualforce Page Layout for Objects Drag the item cirrus files Case (in this example, this will vary depending on the object you’re working with) to the cirrus files section you created.
  20. 20. salesforce - Creating Visualforce Page Layout for Objects When you drag the item to the cirrus files section, your screen will look similar to this. Click Save.
  21. 21. salesforce - Click on the Object you created the Visualforce page for. (For this example, I used Cases.) Open a record and you’ll now see the section for cirrus files and a Connection Status indicator.
  22. 22. Google Drive - Set Folder Sharing Permissions for the users Share the Cirrus Files folder with the people in your company