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Position paper signatories
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Position paper signatories






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Position paper signatories Document Transcript

  • 1. affix our namesWe hereunder and signatures:Name,. lruffi * zo. u^r l^s, &tl^0frnft%.oz*-r)22ffi*6;,fk .rr Fu,ior,u3.fu,uwy-pil4u€t4 asr^woo.@ ) kttNoLg i,ftlqvN^t 23. Ms f/r,* W ,0.6)rodc0 ilroT9t166. 9/*r"^;* 9/t1^) zs.{rJi(fi6w ?a" J-7. S6^^7"*- lUolrr" QL-pn M 26,8. h{orinnr...*tc> easz- ,r.Q/,nW Ttr//"-r*e. Ari13n Trillance A. h,{/te};h. Fea^fa zs.10. h"v ,f4ta zs.PAuLuFBtqoFpo T.to Oa*11. 30Tl&0fUfifilvftdrno12.{-ea ?ude gr.)1,,-i- h.Nl+6 g rywrtfir^ l+<rl* 32.L4. nt",- P. 33. nLs.M 34. p+io;16. na.,g/ft, 35. TzoRA l-teranE,iAL7.fezhl4-l^{o 36. /- Lo * 6e;er* S18.GtttlUt ffiVv 37. bh*4le.LftLO Yq 38. PositionPapr: SurigaoDauao@stal Rnd
  • 2. 3s. Jane{ ,lfftrAt fturrc4,oo futv U,Wl tl#l40. fn$/p"A;-/d RgtN* -uleotzlsNaDor../n^t/o U-;)42.Wgr- e-^4?r, 63.WW* Dnq43. kl4r6! * ^- *<tL t t o/ l{ 64.Jherctqt, 0[q n ^-, , t -/+0.rr-,q U/ArropR vruv,*n}o*6t. iJ ?or (AlJ,Nd47.W,*Tt- 68 &vntonry,0*^rrtd Fr/t LnuvlrFr /*t48.Kr/, & /t//*i4tU. f-VlqY Q1 , I 6e lllariq /a/le b9,Ul(4tt-l V 4s.M,*@ 7a.Smlaruirt Yal/Lsopht uun Uiln1h,,41fu,,^e///rc etetF<ar",,50.fLkL lzzn La,- h/rrrrzZaztu,axn/rur&ro k^*- ?a.JKc,^Rtc/? wt,r. Va*, o*:/t- (, Aw *,* ,7aaplP OKFqt tz.s3 l^:"s W ,^.Zlodut ilEe.,zp"o*@- " ll6rf% c*r^*i- rrAru-.{r}e5 rtuu.&.Yrfi-l*. /rX zo. c-frricti^n fgcf,att,n"ft,os6. fuabr^ A tlrrlt*tt^r 77. Cps$Al(ob r/ #Ts7.l,il L V,,ntl N trL TB. hn1t(l4lTtvd re _ l_ _ r -* f rlsB. //Alao P- A6r,f / U- 7s. 4rnW?, FeoStuSg. f,D€z- *r-g7AQ 80 SirT Iltlnir{tnd on o eositnnPaper: Surigao Dauao tustal Rnd 4 |
  • 3. 81. Lfntt W s7.0nvirshan AnohnS82. ,{irtl,- e8. Buogie Arwbrnl (.83. f,,*, t; furv7yr4, A/,/sn. lV,*; 0. Lprct?vat;1a,,84. (,*{f, p,*,nn-ftWftl loopB4[ fLM d(. U85. Anl,ern e*^y h 101 0, fflll4lfiy FUm86. Q*,,ffi 102 vt-trhAVt fr87. &,&M^-( 103 nlltl MW1U/*{LId ,n JttttT {p,*-ArL.-6<-- .^. ti^ UtYkcr ?14e88. Jq 104. Du rntxtYJ w^ il ,* >^ Chori shno.,Llrhrto^dn8e. 105. Wd fu *"t/^bffieo.,ry*u& i 106 WWvel. UfraP f@ g;r"Y; LA7. fefu f 4 {i-4,r, s2. ArLt cE 7co&dAo 108. ,f^ /n* ?-Ko/* le3 flftrtLfd, a Sk{j 109. W !Jnru<^^s4. tvtu rnna> N. Tc,nLJ ,il,* Y,rt 110.es.Lo da ? Yq 111. f, f ^H .o u)e6hc,-aqn hnnlorry 102. R L) ri o,-4{ nosm, Papr: Surigao Dauao Rnd Cmstal S I
  • 4. ,l103. f {, f r ip^ - - fs {i 119. vwy { & d,d&Er(f,"[*/104. 120, 4n"nW105. !zL. /ub *y*106. M Lzz.F.rrt wri( Ln{ AL07. Wr7lq,A L23. fvl t-4l-<-4 L24. N#t OLKry,N t25. dt) G r*s ttYvr:*r; 4x;/*110. the+r r€-razaxnA L26. TliartEtn 6 L (" E6&4L r 11"4 o111. fl/*nsr* L27. GFlhr,n* 0ot ?rkLLz. tttu veT !Ve"/**aN ,J*..,tr-L A:L,r,urctt 128. ^.L113. 5 inro* ulr* l4far*t>t> L29. t=t#r ttrLL4. Jua*"$i {u6"n{* 130. Wr) H-frb"t*11s. 131. ywr* t-.^+gv1-*--- PtrlpdFelT(Nnft116. !,wtffi;A^tcALL7 :fttt.*^4 t{.4f, , { .,4/i","" n l:- eosi,tnnPapr: SurigaoDavaoCnstal Rnd 6 |