St. Edward's University Fall 2011 Educational Gaming Workshop


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The 2011 St. Edward's University workshop on Educational Gaming, by Jason Rosenblum. This workshop is designed to offer a hands-on opportunity to explore educational games through play. Games and game authoring platforms are presented.

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  • St. Edward's University Fall 2011 Educational Gaming Workshop

    1. 1. 2011 Fall Ed. Gaming Workshop By: Jason Rosenblum Twitter: @jarosenblum Presentation @
    2. 2. Games & Platforms Available Global Social Real Lives Evoke Problems Fate of the World ofPeacemaker World WarcraftARIS Games Mentira eRepublik
    3. 3. Fate of the World• Designed to heighten awareness of systemic effects of environmental, political, and cultural choices on climate change. • Role play leader of a fictitious global environmental organization• Mission-based, progressive difficulty• Resource management and policy decisions• 
    4. 4. Real LivesFrom :
    5. 5. Real Lives• Real play by immersion.  Experiential learning through role play.• Build the life of a character and live that life making decisions and reaping the results of those decisions.  • • Database contains 200 indicators in over 4000 locations in 192 countries across the globe • Stats from the WHO, Index Mundi, census data with job information by region.  
    6. 6. Superhero Gaming to offer challenge-based approach to tackle serious social issues.
    7. 7. Global Social Problems• Local Action & Social Networks for Change• Undergrad Cultural Foundations course• Uses superhero gaming strategies & challenge-based learning approach.• Inspired by McGonigal’s idea of gameful action and her ARG, Evoke.•
    8. 8. Peacemaker• Simulation goal: to make decisions that will lead to Mideast peace• Role play Mideast leadership roles• Must balance complex social & political forces••
    9. 9. Balance of Power : Storytron• Text-based interactive fiction - can create custom stories• Balance of Power - a post 9/11 policy game•• Interactive Storytelling by Storytron•
    10. 10. eRepublik• Web-based strategy game•• Their Tagline: “What if the financial crisis REALLY goes bad?”
    11. 11. World of Warcraft• Can be used for Spanish Language immersion. Also see the MIT Education Arcade write-up• English & Spanish speaking Realms• Characters can’t cross over Realms• Free version is limited• Playing together in WoW• Game:
    12. 12. ARIS Mobile Games• Free Mobile Game authoring for iOS devices• Location-based games• Language learning, storytelling, Quest-based events, go-collect-learn-solve activities•• Lots of educational games - anyone can create
    13. 13. Mentira• Spanish Language Learning using ARIS• Designed by University of New Mexico: Chris Holden••
    14. 14. fin.