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Nbaonline Proposal 6.1
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Nbaonline Proposal 6.1


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No notes for slide
  • Talk about the Live team and the direction going forward withShort self intro on work performance, and education background
  • Positive attitude introducing these points
  • Briefly contrast this slide and the next slide
  • Understand why they think this way
  • Talk about how Yao Ming and Yi JianLian are big influence in China
  • How to bargain with Chinese
  • Jay Chou with Yao Ming Pepsi commercial -
  • Jay Chou with Yao Ming Pepsi commercial -
  • - Chinese people are not really creative, but they are really good at copying, and embrace it to the next level- Chinese way of thinking - I need to be having fun playing your game at the same time, I need to get something out of it (reward) - Goes back to chinese people want to think they had the better deal Expand the wants and needs if possible, what else they might want and how our game can fulfill that- Cultural reference, how can our game related to the CBA? Is it possible to work with the CBA for a mid/long term plan?
  • the gaming industry culture to a step furtherHard Fun – ChallengesEasy Fun – ExploringSerious Fun – Altered StatePeople Fun – Multiplayer
  • Takehiko Inoue – Character Design of Lost Odyssey – 0.8 M copies
  • Spec: Memory, graphics, etc.Restriction: Keyboard, etc.[Dunk] button combine with alley-oops[Lock on defence] combine with turbo
  • Spec: Memory, graphics, etc.Restriction: Keyboard, etc.
  • Locker Room, Trophy Display, Who’s Online, Club
  • Possibly look at East vs West kinda like the All-stars to let people choose sides to form a kind of large scale community (Also in the mid/long term goal) 
  • Hint about having a more detailed long term plan if they are interested
  • Transcript

      Game mode ideas with Chinese cultural relevancy
      Jason Lin
      Peter Yu
    • 2. Understand Chinese mindset via..
      • Stereotype of Chinese
      • 3. Chinese media culture
      • 4. Basketball related icons
      Game mode ideas walkthrough
      • The 4 fun keys to more emotion
      • 5. Short term, mid term, long term goals
    • 6. Stereotype of Chinese people
      Good at math
    • 7. This is what Chinese think of themselves
      Huge population
    • 8. Chinese Media Culture
      Government controls the news in media
      Media mainly use for entertainment purpose
      Media platform:
      PPS – video streaming program
      BT – Torrent downloading program
      Pirate version of CD, DVD, Games
      PC online games
    • 9. Chinese Media Culture
      Chinese people only PAY when they think they have better deal
      Why pay MORE when you can pay LESS?
      Why PAY when you can get it for FREE?
    • 10. Basketball & Cultural Related Icons
      Slam Dunk (1990 ~ 1996, Japan) – Takehiko Inoue
      Kung Fu Dunk (2008, Feb)
      Drama Series:
      Hotshot (2008, July)
    • 11. Basketball & Cultural Related Icons
      Chinese fans remodel NBA 2K9’s player head
      Slam Dunk characters in NBA 2K9
      Hot Shot Online
    • 12. Summary
      Chinese people’s wants and needs:
      Entertainment that they can relate themselves to
      A platform that they can be creative
    • 13. Game Mode Ideas Walkthrough
      The 4 fun keys to more emotion
    • 14. Game Mode Ideas Walkthrough
      Short term goals (6 months ~ 1 year)
      Establish a People Fun Game by making NBA Live Online a stand alone Online game
      Build a step by step tutorial for new user to let them be familiar about NBA Live basketball game
      Ship with a game with what we already have, and make minor changes
      Takehiko Inoue to design preset players for our create player
      Evaluate tasks priority (add/remove game elements)
    • 15. Game Mode Ideas Walkthrough
      Short term goals (6 months ~ 1 year)
      Design focus priority:
      PC Spec, PC restrictions
      Memory, graphic, keyboard
      Online fantasy team
      Make All-Star Weekend an online mode
      Virtual item and unlockable rewards
      Create player with preset basketball players
      Need to have more Asian style preset characters
      Outdoor courts
      New control scheme for keyboard
      Balance the gameplay intensity
    • 16. Game Concept Flow Chart
    • 17. Game Mode Ideas Walkthrough
      Mid term goals (1~2 years)
      Design Focus Priority:
      Build a solid fun gameplay (NBA Live 10)
      Build a game based on player experience
      Character development
      Sign/Trade NBA players
      Adidas Live Run style 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 Game Mode
      Create a better NBA atmosphere (crowds, secondary characters)
      Face gen for create player
      Unique art style and special effects
    • 18. Game Concept Flow Chart
    • 19. Game Concept Flow Chart
    • 20. Game Mode Ideas Walkthrough
      Long term goals (2 years +)
      Convert NG (G4) engine onto PC
      Enhance user experience with Synergy Sports Technology
      Design Focus Priority:
      Expanding market
      Provide better service than the competitors
      Respond to community wants and needs
      More challenges levels
    • 21. Q & A
      End of Presentation