Group One Health Source Presentation for Kansas City User Meeting


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Presented by Jessica Houseman, GroupOne Health Source

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Group One Health Source Presentation for Kansas City User Meeting

  1. 1.  GroupOne Health Source is a full-service medical billing, transcription, technology and consulting firm. GroupOne is also a top reseller of the EMR eClinicalWorks During the past twenty years, GroupOne has provided services across the nation to medical practices ranging in size from 1 to over 400 providers. GroupOne has 200+ employees located across the US and India
  2. 2.  GroupOne’s search for a CRM started in 2009 while using ACT!. ◦ ACT! did not have the ability to pull reports or track our leads and opportunities like we needed. After watching a demo of Salesforce we were sold and ready to make the switch. We started with the roll out of Sales then decided to move our Support over to Salesforce and now we are working our way into the final departments of GroupOne Since 2009 GroupOne has attended all 3 Dreamforce Conferences and we continue to look forward to what Salesforce will do next and how it will help transform our company
  3. 3.  Number of Full License Users : ◦ 83 active Salesforce users ◦ Activating another 41 licenses to our remaining India teams this quarter Departments on Salesforce: ◦ Sales, Support, Billing, Coding, Human Resources, Project Managment, Training, Accounting, Credentialing Type of Licenses: ◦ Salesforce Enterprise ◦ Chatter Only Chatter Users: ◦ 239 total Chatter users across the USA and India offices currently utilizing Chatter in our organization
  4. 4. We use Cloud2You for Sending Greeting Cards, postcards, brochures, etc through Salesforce with the clickof a button. We use this app for many promotions,thank you cards or holiday greetings.Docusign is used for all of our contracts. Wehave our providers electronically sign eachcontract and it is sent back to the office to beelectronically approved and then stored inSalesforce. This has helped save our office andsales team so much time! Used for contacting our prospects and for the use of landing pages for gathering leads. Liveperson is used on our website to navigate traffic and answer questions about our services through Live chat.
  5. 5. iContact is used for managing our marketingcampaigns and mass emails sent to leads andopportunitiesTeamSupport is utilized within our PatientAccounts department as a ticketing systemto track all patients tickets and solutionsWe currently started using JobScience forour recruiting/HR department The Appirio cloud sync app is used to set up a bi-directional sync for our Gmail Calendar and Salesforce calendar
  6. 6. Formstack has helped to improve efficiency within our office bygathering data through electronic forms and pushing the info intoSalesforce CRM.We have utilized Formstack for:*Obtaining New Client Practice Info*Company Evaluations*Internal employee surveysWith Formstack the data is accurate and pushed directly intoSalesforce fields for employees to access immediately.Formstack saves us from sending out multiple pdf documents to befilled out and faxed back.This tool has proven to be worth every single penny.
  7. 7.  We have 259 Chatter Users throughout our US and India offices, 39 active Chatter Groups, and have utilized Chatter for projects such as : ◦ Document Sharing ◦ Internal Task Force collaboration ◦ Planning GOHS Christmas Party 2011 (& other company events) ◦ Sharing company wide KUDOS / Acknowledgments ◦ Notifications and updates about GroupOne
  8. 8.  User adoption ◦ Getting everyone to see the benefits of data quality and to take responsibility Measuring User Adoption & Holding everyone accountable for updated information Getting management to Champion the Salesforce movement and excitement
  9. 9.  We have many projects on our roadmap that will continue to unify GroupOne tools ◦ We just moved our Project Management department over from Basecamp to a Salesforce app- Milestones PM . Since 2009 Salesforce has brought GroupOne Health Source into the cloud and simplified processes and collaboration within our organization.