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Jack Daniels presentation Jack Daniels presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Fine Tennessee Whiskey By Jason Kinsella Jason Kinsella B00053838 1
  •  History Making Jack Daniels Interesting facts Jason Kinsella B00053838 2
  •  Founded in Lynchburg TN by Jasper Newton Daniel or Jack Daniel (nickname) Registered 1866 (oldest registered distillery) Gained world recognition in 1904 Jason Kinsella B00053838 3
  •  Jack Daniel Dies in 1911 Business Left To Nephew Lew Motlow Brewing Cessed During Prohibition in the 1920/30 And During World War 2 Jason Kinsella B00053838 4
  • 4 Stages: 1. Fermentation 2. Distillation 3. Charcoal Mellowing 4. Barrel Aging Jason Kinsella B00053838 5
  •  Water, Corn, Rye and Barley Malt Are Mixed to Form a “Mash” Cooked at 220 Degrees Yeast Added, Converts Sugar and Starch To Alcohol Jason Kinsella B00053838 6
  • Jason Kinsella B00053838 7
  •  The “Mash” is piped through a system of heated plates that evaporates the alcohol. As alcohol vapours rise they are collected and cooled in a condenser turning it back to a liquid. The now clear whiskey, at this stage is 140 Proof Alcohol. Jason Kinsella B00053838 8
  • Jason Kinsella B00053838 9
  •  Once distilled, the 140 proof whiskey is filtered drop by drop through 10ft barrels of sugar maple charcoal. This gives Jack Daniels its defining colour and taste. This process distinguishes Jack Daniels as a whiskey rather than a bourbon Jason Kinsella B00053838 10
  • Jason Kinsella B00053838 11
  •  Stored in new barrels made from oak. Oak adds to taste and colour Aging of the whiskey is determined by master brewer by means of colour, smell and taste and not by years. Aged barrels are then sent for bottling. Jason Kinsella B00053838 12
  • Jason Kinsella B00053838 13
  •  Is stilled brewed in a dry county. All process in making Jack Daniels takes place on the Lynchburg Site, which also was documented on the Discovery Channels Mega Factory Programme. Jeff Arrnet, Master Distiller, is the only man legally allowed to drink alcohol in public. Jason Kinsella B00053838 14
  •  History: Registered 1866, World Recognition 1904, Affected by prohibition of 1920/30 and still today. Brewing Stages: Fermentation, Distillation, Charcoa l Mellowing and Barrel Aging. Jason Kinsella B00053838 15
  • Thank You Jason Kinsella B00053838 16
  •  http://www.tennesseehistory.com/class/JD.htm http://www.jackdaniels.com http://lautertu.ehost.com http://www.instructables.com/id/distilling-basics/ http://www.instructables.com/id/distilling-basics/ http://jackson-lowery.blogspot.com/2011/06/tennesseein- is-tennebelievin.html Jason Kinsella B00053838 17