Using WordPress to power your non-profit website

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Presentation by Jason King at Making Links 2008

Presentation by Jason King at Making Links 2008

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  • 1. Using WordPress to power your non-profit website Presentation by Jason King at Making Links 2008
  • 2. You shouldn’t have to rely on a web designer to make content changes
  • 3. Nor do you need to learn web design
  • 4. Take control of your own website
  • 5. WordPress started out as a very good blogging tool…
    • Posts
    • Ordered by date
    • Archived by month and year
    • Organised by category
    • Performs well in search engines e.g. Google
    • RSS feed
  • 6. … and evolved into a capable content management system
    • Pages can be structured in a hierarchy
    • Plugins add new functionality
    • Customisable themes and templates
    • Built using popular technologies
    • Categorisation of content
    • Upload documents as well as images
  • 7. Why is WordPress a good CMS choice for a non-profit?
  • 8. It’s free
  • 9. It’s open source
  • 10. It’s built on popular, tried and tested technologies
  • 11. It’s evolving. New versions are published regularly, bringing improvements to functionality and ease of use
  • 12. Simplicity. Anyone can use it
  • 13. Documentation is better than many other open source CMS
  • 14. It’s very popular
  • 15. The WordPress forums have an active community of users
  • 16. WordPress is very flexible. Take a look at these non-profit organisations’ websites to see how different they are in content, layout and design…
  • 17. Children’s Rights
  • 18. Too Young to Work
  • 19. Greek Care
  • 20. Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • 21. What can you do in WordPress?
    • Publish your news immediately
    • Or schedule your announcements
    • Create and rearrange pages
    • Maintain a links page
    • Categorise your pages, posts and links
    • Publish a photo gallery
  • 22. Just for practice, you could get a free account with www.wordpress. com
  • 23. Host WordPress on your webspace
    • Download from www.wordpress. org and upload files by FTP.
    • Your hosting provider must offer PHP and MySQL technologies.
    • Some web hosting comes with one-click installation of WordPress (but check you’re getting the latest version)
  • 24. The famous “five minute installation”
  • 25. Despite the WordPress boast, installation takes more like an hour (halve that if you’ve done it before). But that’s still pretty quick!
  • 26. If you’re not confident, pay someone or get a volunteer to install WordPress for you
  • 27. You’ll need to install upgrades
    • WordPress is regularly improved, made more secure and new features added.
    • So upgrade several times a year.
    • Plugins also have to be upgraded but that’s a quicker, one-click task.
  • 28. Get a new look with a new theme
  • 29. Download a free or paid-for theme
    • Do you want a theme for a blog?
    • Or a CMS type theme?
    • Or a magazine style theme?
    • Download free themes from
    • You can also buy themes
  • 30. Design your own theme
    • If you can write semantic, standards-compliant XHTML and CSS… then you can learn to create a WordPress theme
    • There are lessons in the Codex
    • There are many tutorials on the web
    • Get help from the WordPress forums
  • 31. The motto of WordPress is that: Code is Poetry
  • 32. <p> The motto of <cite> WordPress </cite> is that: </p> <blockquote> Code is Poetry </blockquote>
  • 33. Hire a WordPress designer
    • Make sure your web designer has had WordPress experience
    • They should be able to create a theme from scratch, not just take the default Kubrick theme and change the header graphic
  • 34. You get what you pay for
  • 35. Want more functionality?
  • 36. A few plugins that make WordPress a better CMS
    • Search Everything - pages can be searched
    • SEM Search Reoaded - better search results
    • Breadcrumbs Nav XT - breadcrumb navigation
    • Dagon Design SiteMap - adds a sitemap
    • cForms - insert forms
  • 37. Resources
    • wordpress-developers-toolbox
  • 38. WordCamp Australia
  • 39. WordPress for Dummies
  • 40. Alternatives to WordPress
    • Blogger (if all you want is a blog)
    • Joomla (popular CMS, well supported)
    • Drupal (very complex, very flexible CMS)
    • Adobe Contribute (software for directly editing HTML on an existing static website)
    • Many, many others!
  • 41.