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  • Great presentation Jason! I liked how you had questions to ask because it gets the audience thinking. Well done!
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  • Jason, I enjoyed it. Although no sound. With the exception of what is your employment brand section. I can actually use this at my current command as we continue to integrate and become one command. Thank you
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HRD 880

  1. 1. Embrace the Future: CAPITALIZING ON THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORK Client Name, Presentation Name
  2. 2. How will these changes affect your organization, and what you can do to stay ahead?
  3. 3. The answers to four simple questions will gauge your organization’s ability to embrace these workplace changes.
  4. 4. 1. WILL YOU RECOGNIZE THE BEST EMPLOYEE? Evolve your concept of “the right fit,” and how work will get done. • Open your mind to different types of work arrangements and more varied populations • Be ready to acknowledge that not everyone you hire should necessarily remain with you forever • Adjust your screening criteria to identify potential hires based on abilities such as abstract reasoning, problem-solving and communication
  5. 5. 1. WILL YOU RECOGNIZE THE BEST EMPLOYEE? Questions to ask: • Has your recruiting strategy significantly evolved in the past 10 years? In the past 2 years? In the past 1 year? Rapidly changing markets require continuous strategy evolution. • Are you recruiting in new places with new messages? • Has your definition of diversity expanded?
  6. 6. TAKEAWAY: Promote inclusive advertising and adapt your recruiting strategies to understand and speak to the varied needs of this diverse talent pool. If you have “work,” you’re going to need to consider a variety of options for how to get that work done.
  7. 7. 2. WHAT IS YOUR EMPLOYMENT BRAND? Think like a marketer when recruiting, and find new ways to get your message out. • The most qualified candidate for your company is not necessarily looking for a job • Utilize new media and technologies to promote general brand awareness and your corporate culture • Use new media and technologies to create an authentic voice for your company
  8. 8. 2. WHAT IS YOUR EMPLOYMENT BRAND? Questions to ask: • Can you clearly and concisely articulate your employment value proposition/brand? • Is each employee (from leadership on down) clear about your employment brand, plus able and encouraged to share? • Have you identified new and innovative methods to promote your employment value proposition/brand to external audiences?
  9. 9. TAKEAWAY: A strong employment brand is crucial, but take note! It’s also critical that your brand is authentic. By promoting a sincere employment brand that people can connect with, you’ll make it easy for passive candidates to identify and seek you out.
  10. 10. 3. ARE YOU MEETING THEIR TECHNOLOGY EXPECTATIONS? Understand the important role that technology plays in the ongoing engagement of new generations of workers. • This expectation extends from pre-employment stages to the hiring process, straight through to day-to-day operations and communications • Use today’s technologies to speak to those generations who were raised on Nintendo
  11. 11. 3. ARE YOU MEETING THEIR TECHNOLOGY EXPECTATIONS? Questions to ask: • Have you surveyed current employees and newly hired employees to understand their perception as to whether or not your technology enables your business? • Do you know if new grads would be using technology equivalent to what they have used at home or in school? • Have you benchmarked close competitors to understand what types of technology they’ve implemented to enable business processes, solutions and ease of work? • Minimally, is your hiring process facilitated by technology?
  12. 12. TAKEAWAY: Be on the edge of technologies that will leave your existing ways of recruiting and working in the dust. Adapt to the expectations of younger generations as a necessity for keeping up with their employment needs.
  13. 13. 4. ARE YOU WHAT THE TALENT WANTS? Create a new and open employment environment that meets their needs and embraces new ways in which work can be done. • Upcoming generations are no longer willing to give up their personal lives for their careers • To keep employees engaged, allow them to create a path for growth throughout your organization
  14. 14. 4. ARE YOU WHAT THE TALENT WANTS? Questions to ask: • Can you and your employees point to programs and policies that demonstrate a commitment to your desired goals of work/life balance and rapid growth opportunities? • Do you have clear policies or opportunities for flexible schedules? Job sharing? Work from home? Free-agent or part-time employment? • If the top 10% of your employees wanted to adjust their work schedule or their relationship with you, do you have the motivation and the capabilities to facilitate this?
  15. 15. TAKEAWAY: Consider throwing out your old policies and adopting new ideas to create an infrastructure that supports a more open culture. Encourage an employment/work community that earns loyalty to the organization rather than demanding it.
  16. 16. EMBRACE THE CHANGE By understanding the forces behind these changes, and swiftly adapting the ways in which you approach the new world of work, you’ll do more than just keep up - you’ll get ahead. As an original founder, global leader and evolutionary driver of the staffing industry, Kelly Services can help.