==== ====For step by step instructions on making money from homehttp://tinyurl.com/makemormoney==== ====In todays business...
Action Steps. Some contacts and resources to help you get started with your online marketing:Search engine marketing stren...
and most importantly, a real person.ACTION: For a low monthly fee, you can publish your own blog via sites like TypePad an...
build one thats engaging and easy to use. If you focus your Internet marketing strategy oncreating a positive user experie...
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Your Guide to Online Maketing Success


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For expert step by step guidance to earning money online check this out - http://tinyurl.com/makemormoney

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Your Guide to Online Maketing Success

  1. 1. ==== ====For step by step instructions on making money from homehttp://tinyurl.com/makemormoney==== ====In todays business world, online marketing isnt just effective; its essentialAt one time, business essentials were limited to business cards, yellow page ads and brochures.Newspapers, radio and television were used by cutting-edge businesses of yore and still reaphuge rewards for big-businesses today. Mass media are generally just not cost-effective for mostlocal businesses. In the 21st Century, its clear that the impact of these tools is diminished by theworld wide web. We search for products and services online from our desktops, laptops and cellphones. Yet most local business owners dont take advantage of the affordability and profitsavailable through online marketing.Like a business plan and a budget, an Internet marketing strategy is essential for modern-daysmall business success. While a website provides a good starting point, online marketing requiresmore than a couple of static web pages. Instead, a successful internet approach requires adynamic and well-rounded web presence that builds relationships in addition to sales, fans inaddition to customers.A comprehensive Internet marketing strategy replaces newspaper ads with banner ads, yellowpages with search engines, snail mail with e-mail, town squares with social networks and salesletters with custom content. The technology is as evolutionary as it is revolutionary, and smartbusinesses are taking advantage of current environment to trounce their competition.Tools and technology aside, there are dozens of reasons to engage actively and often in Internetmarketing. Here are a few of the most persuasive:1. When they need information, modern-day consumers go online; your successful internetmarketing program will make sure they find you when they are shopping for your product orservice.2. Online marketing has tremendous research potential; if nothing else, companies should engagein online marketing research in order to collect data about their customers, prospects andcompetitors.3. By marketing on the internet, companies can reach a highly targeted audience; whats more,they can reach it quickly, intimately and more cost-effectively online than traditional marketingapproaches.4. Online marketing lends itself to instant conversions. Customers can quickly and easily find whatthey want and immediately click through to purchase it.5. Compared with many traditional marketing vehicles, Internet marketing services are both moreaffordable and more effective.6. Internet marketing provides marketing power to local business owners; by marketing online,your company can enjoy big-business marketing exposure on a local marketing budget.
  2. 2. Action Steps. Some contacts and resources to help you get started with your online marketing:Search engine marketing strengthens your online marketing strategy.Once you have a website, Internet marketing via search engines will help your customers find it.Consider search engine optimization, which will improve your search engine rankings, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which markets your company via relevant, targeted search enginequeries.ACTION: Before you build a web site, use Wordtrackers free keyword suggestion tool to choosekeywords; use those keywords in your descriptions and meta-tags, PPC advertising via GoogleAdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search in order to build search engine traffic.Select appropriate display advertising and leverage online marketing toolsDisplay advertising, including banner ads, is a basic form of online marketing. Because youll payfor impressions - banner ads are usually priced using CPM, or cost per thousand impressions -make sure you place ads only on websites that your target markets visit.ACTION: Yahoo! Advertising provides Internet marketing services to design, purchase and placeyour Internet advertisementsPublic relations promotes your online marketing imageMarketing on the internet includes more than advertising; its also about public relations. Generatepublicity online and continually monitor, build and maintain your online reputation.ACTION: Include Google Alerts in your online marketing strategy. Use them to keep tabs onmentions of your name, your company and your products online; search Technorati for mentionsin blogs and social media. And, when you write press releases, distribute them via a newswireservice like PRWeb, which allows you to tag your release for exposure on social bookmarkingsites like Digg and Del.iciou.us.Engage e-mail marketing to reach your online marketPromotional e-mails, including targeted messages and periodic e-mail newsletters, are effective,opt-in tools for one-to-one marketing. Send news or send coupons, but whatever you do, dontspam.ACTION: VerticalResponse is a popular e-mail marketing vendor that can help you develop andexecute a one-on-one marketing strategy; browse its resources page for e-mail marketingresearch, tips and advice.Pursue affiliate marketing to leverage online marketing relationshipsA collaborative approach to Internet marketing, affiliate marketing consists of advertisements onother peoples websites. When a customer clicks on the ads and visits your website, your affiliategets a small commission. You can also reverse the process and get profits from promoting othervendors productsACTION: LinkShare and ClickBank are examples of companies that provide affiliate-focusedinternet marketing services, AffiliateScout.com and AffiliatePrograms.com are directories whereyou can search for affiliate networks based on location, industry, etc.Make blogging an integral piece of your internet marketing strategyBlogs offer business owners an affordable and personable way to connect online with customers.Blogging about your business, your industry and your life positions you as an expert, an advocate
  3. 3. and most importantly, a real person.ACTION: For a low monthly fee, you can publish your own blog via sites like TypePad andMovable Type; Blogger and WordPress, meanwhile, are free. Dont forget to market your blog viaRSS feeds; while most blogging software will create RSS feeds for you, online marketingcompanies like SimpleFeed can help, too.Get involved in social networks to broaden your online reachSocial networks are the networking component to your modern-day online marketing strategy;giving your company a presence on popular social networks especially engages youngerconsumers and turns them into brand evangelists.ACTION: While MySpace, Friendster and Facebook tend to be the most attractive social networksfor companies who are marketing on the Internet, other sites, such as Second Life and Twitter, arebecoming major players. Still other sites, like LinkedIn, are proving themselves important stompinggrounds for B2B marketers.Photos and video provide impact to your online marketingUse pictures of your business, staff and customers everywhere you can. Images touch usemotionally and convey messages quickly. Remember that surfers have short attention-spans.ACTION: Start taking pictures of your business world right now, poast them to your website andsocial sites, like your Facebook page.Release viral marketing to spread your online marketing messageWhether you send a viral e-mail, produce a viral video or build a viral website, Internet marketingof the viral variety spreads far and fast, allowing you to start small and finish big.ACTION: Consider uploading branded media to sites like YouTube, Revver or Flickr. A video orphoto that goes viral can attract heaps of new business.Generate online word of mouth with consumer-driven Internet marketing effortsInternet marketing is about interactivity. Give your customers a platform for expressing-andsharing-their opinions online in order to build buzz and goodwill.ACTION: Customer reviews provide credibility for companies that give consumers the power to dotheir Internet marketing for them; while many shopping cart solutions, such as Zoovy, now includebuilt-in customer review functions, companies like PowerReviews specialize in them.Tips & TacticsHelpful advice for making the most of this Online Marketing GuideoMore than advertising for your website, Internet marketing should provide you with an entireonline brand. Your Internet marketing strategy should go beyond just making sales and towardbuilding an engaging online web presence.oDont put all your eggs in one basket. When youre marketing online, reserve a portion of yourbudget for offline advertising, such as direct mail, which you can use to push traffic to yourwebsite.oKeep in mind that not all online advertising can be bought; a big part of Internet marketing isbuilding relationships and earning reputations.oWhether off-line or online, marketing requires a clear and comprehensive understanding of yourtarget customers. Find out who your best customers are and where you can find them online, thengo after them.oInternet marketing is about usefulness. Its not enough to build a pretty website; you must also
  4. 4. build one thats engaging and easy to use. If you focus your Internet marketing strategy oncreating a positive user experience, it will eventually be profitable to you.By Jack Duncan, internet marketing expert, Radiance Road Marketing, Lakeland, FLJack Duncan has more than 25 years marketing, advertising and public relations experienceconsulting for small businesses. He started Radiance Road Marketing to help Lakeland, FLbusiness owners profit from internet marketing opportunities. Visit his websitehttp://www.radianceroadmarketing.com to discover more tips, strategies and services to grow yourbusiness by marketing online or call him at (863) 668-1086 to ask questions.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=RJ_Duncan==== ====For step by step instructions on making money from homehttp://tinyurl.com/makemormoney==== ====