The Underground Railroad
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The Underground Railroad






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  • 1.Conductor use to signal that fugitive slvs arrved 2.escaping slaves 3.fugitvs to be expctd 4.Canada wmn who oprted urr and condctd escping slves  
  • 1. in wgon slves hdden undr farm prodce 2. trnsprting slves frm one station to nxt 3. The URR 4. Harriet Tubman 5.keeper of safe-house or 'station'
  • Source: Wikipedia Human trafficking  is the practice of people being tricked,  lured ,  coerced  or otherwise removed from their home or country, and then forced to work with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative

The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad Presentation Transcript

  • The Underground Railroad
  • What is it?
  • The Origin of the Term: Underground Railroad
      • Stars
      • Routes
    There were several ways a slave could escape using the URR. Here they are:
      • Conductors
      • Quilts
  • URR Quilt Symbols
  • Monkey Wrench: gather tools, mental and physical, for journey to freedom.
  • Wagon Wheel: Pack things that would go in a wagon 
  • Bear's Paw: Follow the bear tracks=water+food
  • Crossroads: Meet at the main crossroads of Cleveland, Ohio, to receive info
  • Log Cabin: a red center =a safe house or a warm hearth. black center=danger
  • Shoofly: Someone to be trusted or among friends.
  • Bow Ties or Hour Glass: Dress up in different clothing 
  • Flying Geese: Follow the geese northward in the spring 
  • Drunkard's Path: Walk in an unusual manner;  tracks difficult for slave hunters to follow
  • Tumbling Blocks or Boxes:  associated with "packing up and moving on"
  • Basket: Collect food items in a basket
  • Sailboat:Travels include crossing water
  • Stars
    • Drinking Gourd
    • a.k.a. 
    •    - Big Dipper
    • Drinking Gourd - > North Star
  • Conductors
      • Mail*
      • Walking
      • Water~*
    •                      or...
    • People in the URR would conceal them in ways like:
      • Mail
      • Wagon 
      • Sailboat
  • Reactions
    • Reactions to URR:
      • Slave Hunters
    • -Chase Run away Slaves
      • Law(s)
    • -Escaping Slaves not safe in North
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: Slaves escape with the help of people.
  • Terms
      • A friend with friends
      • Baggage
      • Bundles of wood
      • Cannan
      • Conductor/Agent
  • Terms
      • Load of Potatoes
      • Forwarding
      • Freedom/Gospel Train
      • Moses
      • Station Master
  • Slavery Today
    • Yes, it does still exists.
    • Slavery.
    • Here is how:
      • Human Trafficking
      • Forced Labor
    • Sources:
      • Wikipedia
      • Other assorted websites that I forgot to write down but give credit to.