WebSphere Portal | The Front End Of SOA


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WebSphere Portal | The Front End Of SOA

  1. 1. IBM WebSphere Portal: The Front End of SOA
  2. 2. Portal Principle  Combines portlets (application user interfaces and/or content) together into one unified presentation  Delivers a highly personalized experience, considering role, personal settings, and device settings  Separates site design, site/page assembly/administration, from application design  Provides application integration, collaboration, single sign-on services and much more 2
  3. 3. WebSphere Portal We provide a framework, for delivering role based, context composite applications and/or process driven, composite applications role-based that make people more process- productive, driven in the context of what they do everyday in context IBM WebSphere Portal 3
  4. 4. Service Oriented Architecture: the blueprint for change An on demand business is an enterprise whose business processes — integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers—can respond with speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. Why SOA?  Flexibility  Facilitates re-use of existing applications  Supports effective business process implementations  Designed for change Aligns Business and IT goals to grow revenue and contain costs 4
  5. 5. SOA Entry Points Getting Started with SOA  Extend the ability to collaborate inside & outside  Enhancing people to people collaboration  Support multi-channel delivery Business model & process innovation Seamless coordination between automated and people/information driven business processes Increase organizational effectiveness  Leverage information for business optimization  Deliver trusted information real time and in context  Reduce risk and improve visibility into business operations 5
  6. 6. A Business Problem The Call Center  Info from call Router portlet can populate the call center employee’s desktop   Jake Neuman  Productivity is Cindy Neuman improved by integrated disparate applications and allowing focus to remain on the Special Offers customer High Speed Internet Access Local/Long Distance Bundle Calling Services  A Composite Application 6
  7. 7. New Business Requirement Increase Sales  Add the needed component   Jake Neuman  “Wire it” into the Cindy Neuman application Special Offers Special Offers Special Offers High Speed Internet Access High Speed Internet Access High Speed Internet Access Local/Long Distance Bundle Local/Long Distance Bundle Local/Long Distance Bundle Calling Services Calling Services Calling Services  Composition instead of programming 7
  8. 8. An Example of Collaboration in Context  Use Sametime from within a component   ‘Buddy’ is in context of application, not people you Special Offers High Speed Internet Access actually know Local/Long Distance Bundle Calling Services  User stays focused on the application 8
  9. 9. People, Process and Information People Portal Travel Approval Process Approve Travel Create Book Process Proposal Travel Create Notify Request Traveler Travel Services Travel Budgets Budget Air Hotel Info Car Travel Policies Information Hotel Airline Policy Policy 9
  10. 10. Approver can see the information via a form. How does the approver know if they can afford to approve this? 10
  11. 11. You can create a travel budget view portlet and wire it to the the form to make this common ‘subtask’ more efficient 11
  12. 12. Portal allows you to iteratively add helper applications as you think of process improvements such as providing access to experts, the traveler or the travel booker, all in context 12
  13. 13. And no matter what else comes up, Portal can help you integrate that into the context of any of the steps of the business process. • Siebel to show Opportunity? • Domino to show corporate travel policy? • RSS feed to show travel advisories? 13
  14. 14. Components can be built with a variety of tools, and developer skills. Components can be built independently from assembly. WSRP Producer WebPage/WebClipping Portlets Workplace Dashboard Portlet Framework Catalog Gadgets & iWidgets E-form built with JSR 286, Workplace Forms 168 Designer Component built with WSRP v2.0 Portlet Factory 3270 and iSeries screens can be Visual Studio Developed Eclipse component built converted to Apps with Mainsoft (IBM with Rational RAD portlets via HATS Business Partner) 14
  15. 15. The Structure of an E-form Presentation Layer Precision appearance/layout (replicate paper forms) Sophisticated data types supported Presentation formatting of data Business Logic Capture forms processes in the form Guided-interview, or wizard, driven Integrate business process workflows Data Instances Based on W3C XForms specification Multiple XML payloads for integration Validate against external XML Schemas File Attachments Capture complete transaction Supplemental or associated eForms Office documents, videos, faxes, etc. Digital Signatures Protect presentation, logic, data and attachments Sign multiple, overlapping sections or complete form Use built-in signing, digital certificates or signing pads 15
  16. 16. Lotus Forms and Portal Integration  All the value of eForms Reduce human data entry errors  Digitally sign content  Exchange form data in a  structured, standardized format 16
  17. 17. IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory IBM WebSphere® Portlet Factory is a dedicated portlet creation environment for WebSphere Portal that simplifies & accelerates the development, deployment, maintenance and reuse of custom portlets – including SAP, Domino, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Web Service, Business Process portlets.  Automation  Change  Reuse WebSphere Portlet Factory applies software automation (builders, models and profiles) to capture design patterns and automate the creation of code. Models combine profiled builders to create portlets. You can extend Portlet Factory with your own custom builders. 17
  18. 18. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) WebSphere Portlet Factory features a Data Services Layer - providing full support for the service provider & consumer paradigm required in an SOA environment. It enables the definition of clean, well defined service interfaces that separate the user interface from back end data. Key Benefits Use one data service to  Enables reuse of existing drive display of multiple assets across projects and portlets departments  Automates back end Reuse same connectivity UI with different data services Reuse  Speeds creation of new existing assets applications  Flexible applications 18
  19. 19. Unlimited Variations Without Maintenance Overhead Create highly customized portals with WebSphere Portlet Factory software’s patented automation and profiling technology. For example, portals can adapt their structure, presentation, flow, and access rights depending on the role and personal preferences of the user, without any additional coding by reusing existing portlet models. Sales Mgr Sales VP Regional Mgr 19
  20. 20. IBM Travel Information 20
  21. 21. Fires, Customers, Agencies and Vans… Fred’s Insurance Agency Friendly Insurance Inc South West Homeowners Home and Office Agency 21
  22. 22. Portal Content Services  Web Content Management Simplify content create for the  portal using authoring templates  Personalization (rules and collaborative filtering)  Feeds Present content using   Search presentation templates 22
  23. 23. New WebSphere Portal Accelerators Speed Time to Value Introducing new Business Accelerators… Integrated packages that easily snap-on to WebSphere Portal to deliver rapid time-to-value for specific business challenges. Accelerators are integrated packages that easily snap-on to Portal to deliver rapid time-to-value – Highly flexible, configurable, and scalable 23
  24. 24. Key Value Propositions “I need my teams to work together “I need to deliver low touch more effectively and efficiently, while “I need to increase the or no touch processing of easily accessing relevant corporate value of my website by transactions – to applications” delivering real-time, customers, partners, or personalized data based employees.” on user attributes” “I need to track my “I need to expose business organization's goals and processes in context of the performance against them information, applications, to more effectively drive and data that line of results” business needs to make decisions.” “I need a cost effective way to deliver personalized, online “I need a flexible IT platform where I can training “just in time” within pick and choose those key accelerators the context of my needed for delivering my portal intranet, employees’ ongoing extranet, or internet site.” activities.” 24
  25. 25. IBM Dashboard Accelerator: Cutting Costs and Driving Revenue  Drive Alignment around a common, visible set of performance goals  Automate today’s manual or resource-intensive processes with personalized, graphical UI tailored to each job role  Access performance information wherever it resides with integrated, real-time views  Take Action Intuitive views enable proactive response to issues via WebSphere Portal’s rich collaboration and workflow integration. Dashboard Accelerator includes Lotus ActiveInsight and no charge access to the Dashboard KPI Catalog for licensed customers 25
  26. 26. More Speed with Dashboard KPI Catalog* Sets of pre-built dashboard services (portlets) to accelerate deployment of specific dashboard solutions. Example Content:  Configurable portlets display best practice Key Revenue Scorecard Sales: Revenue Performance Indicators Rep Performance Top Opportunities (KPIs) Opportunities Opportunities by Stage Opportunities by Product  Ability to browse by Customer List Customer Details horizontal segments and by Customer Satisfaction industry Total Warehouse Hours Manufacturing:  Built on flexible automation Total Production Yield framework + SOA Total Shipped Percent Accurate Total Open Orders Percent on Time  Includes sample users and Inventory Shorts and roles, HTML, style sheets, Damages WIP Status setup scripts, data Inventory Levels definition files, etc.  Government Specific KPI Available NOW * No charge to licensed customers 26
  27. 27. IBM Content Accelerator  Easily manage Web content – in real time! Rapidly develop sites through reusable out-of-the-box SOA  components, which helps improve TCO and speed ROI Keep intranet, extranet, Internet websites and portals up-to-  date, accurate and in control Able to leverage existing enterprise content repositories   Improve productivity & relevance 27
  28. 28. IBM Self-Service Accelerator Streamlines employee and manager HR  activities through an intuitive self-service front end Brings the power and flexibility of WebSphere  Portal, SOA, and Lotus to SAP HR Increases efficiencies – enables a lower ratio  of HR administrators to employee. Enhances ability to focus on strategic HR  initiatives for growing and retaining talent. Planned to IBM Self-Service Accelerator includes Lotus include a flexible life and events  Workforce Management framework and easily customizable out-of-the- box portlets for self-service tasks like updating personal information, managing taxes, onboarding, job transfers, etc. 28
  29. 29. IBM Collaboration Accelerator IBM Collaboration Accelerator includes the capabilities of Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, and Lotus Quickr- optimized for use within WebSphere Portal. Capabilities of IBM Lotus® Quickr™ Capabilities of IBM Lotus® Connections Activities Communities Profiles Manage ad-hoc Bring together people with Connect team members collaborations common interests to their profiles for Bookmarks expert location Blogs Complement Quickr contextual team Tag content, events, wiki blogs with personal blogs pages, tasks, etc... Fastest way to share everyday business Capabilities of IBM Lotus® Sametime® content with your teams… • Presence awareness and enterprise • Facilitates communications and collaboration with instant messaging supports real-time secure, role-based team workspaces. business • Providing rich set of collaborative content and • Web conferencing helps users to team services integrated with entire IBM portfolio collaborate faster and smarter 29
  30. 30. IBM Learning Accelerator  A software solution that helps organizations provide a cost effective way to deliver personalized, online training “just in time” within the context of employees’ ongoing activities 30
  31. 31. The Problem: Beyond the classic PC, reality is complex…  Symbian V6, V7  Palm V4, V5  PPC2002, 2003  Smartphone  WAP 1.1, 2.0  320x200  640x480  200x400  120x120 31 
  32. 32. The Infrastructure Challenge : define a Mobile Application Platform How do you solve an expanding quot;M x Nquot; matrix? M applications... N devices 32
  33. 33. The Infrastructure Challenge : Defining a Mobile Application Platform How do you solve an expanding quot;M x Nquot; matrix? M applications... WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal N devices 33
  34. 34. A Business Process Example  Streamline Workflows  Automate Business Processes 34
  35. 35. Simple Loan Process Receive Receive Mail Scan the Continue Determine Loan Disclosure Disclosure form processing… Eligibility Application Form Form Two Days One to Two Weeks 35
  36. 36. Improved Loan Process Receive Receive Web Based Scan the Continue Determine Loan Disclosure Disclosure form processing… Eligibility Application Form Form One to Two Days 36
  37. 37. Then later on, the head of loans is looking at her dashboard.. 37
  38. 38. Drills down and finds the issue is that the lenders aren’t getting the disclosures signed in time 38
  39. 39. 39
  40. 40. The Lender looks at her dash board, and notices the alert 40
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. Before sending the email, she checks to see what the preferred contact method is 42
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. Mary can go to the site and read the disclosure (and any targeted ads that you want to put on that page) 46
  47. 47. 47
  48. 48. 48
  49. 49. IDC Buy vs Build Study Summary (Dec 2007) “An Evaluation of Build Versus Buy for Portal Solutions” http://www-306.ibm.com/software/info1/websphere/index.jsp?tab=landings/portalbuzz&S_TACT=103BEW01  WebSphere Portal based solutions had on average a 29% lower 5- Year TCO as compared to in-house developed portals  Labor costs to deploy portals and applications with WebSphere Portal were 38% lower than with in-house developed solutions  Every $1 spent in WebSphere Portal software yielded on average $4.80 in IT labor avoidance  Initial deployments of portals developed on WebSphere Portal were 45% faster to market  Portal applications developed on the WebSphere Portal platform had a 78% faster time to market 49
  50. 50. Why WebSphere Portal?  We are the best portal available Vision with the proven ability to execute   We sell more portal than Microsoft, BEA, and SAP combined (IDC, 2007) Standards based, wide choice of platforms, integration options  50
  51. 51. Questions & Answers Thank You! Jason Faszholz Rob Will Portal Sales Executive, West Region Chief Architect Ixion, LLC an IBM Premier Partner IBM WebSphere Portal jfaszholz@ixiononline.com willrc@us.ibm.com 51