Realizing the True Potential of On-Demand IT: Enterprise Cloud Architectures


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  • We’re excited today to announce 5 core solution areas that are new with the v10.2 product portfolio release. Each of these individually, as we will show, are incredibly valuable. But together they represent how F5 is executing toward our vision of truly enabling On-Demand IT through a Dynamic Services Model. But before we begin, we need to put this into the context of why we’re executing on our vision in this manner.
  • What customers are seeking is the control that their traditional infrastructure provides and the simplicity that outsourcing provides. But how do you bridge that gap? It’s what we call a dynamic services model.
  • What’s needed is a Modern IT Delivery Model – one that is Dynamic Fluid and App/User CentricIt must respond to a world with Unknown Users Resources and Applications out of our control.
  • F5 has been working toward a unified architecture for some time. Something we pioneered called the application delivery network beginning with our BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager product, an advanced application delivery controller to the most recent announcement of our BIG-IP Edge Delivery Controller, the first advanced ADC focused on converging and consolidating edge application delivery services. Over the years we’ve built out a rich product portfolio focused exclusively on the successful delivery of applications and data to end users regardless of where they are coming from, what device, and where the application and data resources may live. Today, we’re announcing several key functions of our architecture and product portfolio that leverage enterprise’s existing infrastructure extending and reusing what they already own to enable a common cloud architectural model regardless of where those resources may reside. Whether internal to the enterprise or taking advantage of external cloud services.Enterprise first! Design internal enterprise resources for on-demand mobility, orchestration, and automationLook to outsource infrastructure, platforms, or applications but never outsource enterprise controlThe cloud is simply an iteration of a platform and operational model
  • Realizing the True Potential of On-Demand IT: Enterprise Cloud Architectures

    1. 1. 1<br />Realizing the True Potential of On-Demand IT:Enterprise Cloud Architectures<br />
    2. 2. What’s New in BIG-IP V10.2, April 26<br />New Virtual Application Delivery Controller<br />BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Virtual Edition (VE)<br />VM Network Orchestration and Dynamic Services<br />New management plug-ins for HP, VMware, and Microsoft<br />Long-Distance and Optimized VMware VMotion<br />BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and WAN Optimization Module<br />Enterprise to Cloud Access Control and Acceleration Services<br />BIG-IP Edge Gateway<br />Enterprise to Cloud End-User Performance SLAs<br />Auto-instrumentation for 3rd party Web Performance Management through BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager<br />
    3. 3. Virtualization to Cloud Maturity Model<br />Separate<br />Consolidate<br />Aggregate<br />Automate<br />Liberate<br />Self-Managing Datacenters<br />Server Consolidation<br />Test and Development<br />CapacityOn Demand<br />Enterprise Computing Clouds On and Off Premise<br />Public<br />Private<br />Or<br />Here<br />Or<br />Here<br />Or<br />Here<br />You Are Here<br />Enterprise Objective: An IT Services On-Demand Platform<br />
    4. 4. What the Market is Seeking<br />Simplicity / Flexibility<br />Dynamic Services Model<br />Outsource <br />Everything<br />Lack <br />of Context /Control<br />Context & Control<br />Traditional<br />Infrastructure<br />Complex / Inflexible<br />
    5. 5. What’s Needed<br />Users<br />Dynamic Services Model:<br />Reusable services that understand context and can provide control regardless of application, virtualization, user, device, platform or location<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    6. 6. F5’s Dynamic Control Plane Architecture<br />Users<br />Dynamic<br />Control<br />Availability<br /><ul><li>Scale
    7. 7. HA / DR
    8. 8. Bursting
    9. 9. Load-Balancing</li></ul>Optimization<br /><ul><li>Network
    10. 10. Application
    11. 11. Storage
    12. 12. Offload</li></ul>Security<br /><ul><li>Network
    13. 13. Application
    14. 14. Data
    15. 15. Access</li></ul>Management<br /><ul><li> Integration
    16. 16. Visibility
    17. 17. Orchestration</li></ul>Application and Data Delivery Network<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />Cloud<br />
    18. 18. Problem: Cloud-Based Load-Balancing and Traffic Management<br />Users<br />Limited:<br /><ul><li> Different models per cloud service
    19. 19. No commonality with enterprise
    20. 20. LB scale can vary dramatically*
    21. 21. Limited control content / app switching
    22. 22. No transaction integrity / persistence
    23. 23. Very limited security
    24. 24. Limited network / application acceleration
    25. 25. No user context to apply policy
    26. 26. and on and on…..</li></ul>Flexibility, Context,and Control in the Enterprise<br />…but not in the Cloud<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />*Rightscale White Paper: Load-Balancing in the Cloud<br />
    27. 27. F5 Solution: Extend Enterprise-Class ADC to Internal / External Cloud<br />Users<br />Enterprise Ready Cloud:<br /><ul><li> Common / shared architectural model
    28. 28. Predictable, High Performance LB Scale
    29. 29. Rich content switching
    30. 30. Full transaction integrity / persistence
    31. 31. Superior security
    32. 32. User and application context
    33. 33. Network and application acceleration</li></ul>Flexibility, Context,and Control in the Enterprise<br />….and the Cloud<br />BIG-IP LTM <br />Virtual Edition<br />BIG-IP LTM <br />Virtual Edition<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    34. 34. Problem: Costly Provisioning /De-Provisioning of Virtual Machines<br />Users<br />Limited Flexibility, Context,and Control in the Enterprise<br /><ul><li>Highly manual process
    35. 35. Costly opex
    36. 36. Can be disruptive if done incorrectly
    37. 37. Exponentially more complex as you add sites and external cloud services
    38. 38. Slower service delivery
    39. 39. Add new VM
    40. 40. Add to pool
    41. 41. Raise destination ratio
    42. 42. Lower origin ratio
    43. 43. Disable VM in origin
    44. 44. Bleed connections
    45. 45. Invoke storage Vmotion
    46. 46. Migrate VM
    47. 47. Remove from origin pool</li></ul>Traditional Load-Balancer or <br />Application Delivery Controller<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    48. 48. F5 Solution: Rapid Provisioning/De-Provisioning of Virtual Machines<br />Users<br />Flexibility, Context,and Control in the Enterprise<br /><ul><li>Automated workflow
    49. 49. Integration with enterprise management ecosystem
    50. 50. Lower opex
    51. 51. Faster and predictable delivery services</li></ul>BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager<br />BIG-IP LTM <br />Virtual Edition<br />Microsoft <br />Virtual Machine Manager<br />HP<br />Operations Orchestrator<br />VMware<br />vCenter Orchestrator<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Cloud<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    52. 52. The Promise of Live VMotion: Mobility and Capacity On-Demand<br />Users<br />Flexibilityand Control in the Enterprise<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    53. 53. Problem: Network Limitations Prevent Benefits of Live VMotion<br />Users<br /><ul><li>Slow transfer rates
    54. 54. VMotion failures
    55. 55. Forced network changes
    56. 56. Disrupted users
    57. 57. Inflexible and unpredictable</li></ul>Limited Flexibility, Context,and Control in the Enterprise<br />User Traffic<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    58. 58. F5 Solution: Fast Non-Disruptive Live Migration<br />Users<br />MaximumFlexibility, Context,and Control within the Enterprise and to the Cloud<br />Fast transfer rates<br />Reliable Live VMotion<br />No network changes<br />Uninterrupted users<br />F5 VMotion Services:<br /><ul><li>Ether/IP Tunnels
    59. 59. Migration Keep-Alives
    60. 60. iSessions
    61. 61. WAN Optimization
    62. 62. Encryption
    63. 63. Live-Migration Virtual Location Monitor
    64. 64. Integration with BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager</li></ul>BIG-IP LTM <br />Virtual Edition<br />User Traffic<br />Resources<br />Private<br />Public<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    65. 65. Problem: Access Control & Acceleration Across The Maturity Cycle<br />Users<br />No context<br />Difficult change control<br />Error prone<br />Costly<br />Licensing / vendor management issues<br />Compliance problems<br />Limited control<br />Lack of Simplicity, Flexibility, Context,and Control for the Enterprise<br />AAA x 10<br />AAA x 5<br />AAA x 2<br />VPN<br />Web Accelerator<br />WAN Optimizer<br />DNS Bind Server<br />Vendor A<br />Vendor B<br />Vendor C<br />Open Source<br />?<br />Resources<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AD<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />CA<br />AAA<br />Private<br />Public<br />TAM<br />AD<br />AD<br />OAM<br />LDAP<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    66. 66. F5 Solution: Extend Next GenAccess & Acceleration to the Cloud<br />Users<br />Simplicity, Flexibility, Context,and Control for the Enterprise<br /><ul><li>Unified access & acceleration model
    67. 67. Simplified change control and auditing
    68. 68. Flexible access policies
    69. 69. Context-aware: user, device, location, and application
    70. 70. Control remains within enterprise</li></ul>Secure Optimized Session<br />AAA<br />BIG-IP Edge Gateway<br />BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager<br />User Requests<br />Optimal Gateway<br />VPN<br />Web Accelerator<br />WAN Optimizer<br />DNS Bind Server<br />Vendor A<br />Vendor B<br />Vendor C<br />Open Source<br />Resources<br />Secure Optimized Session<br />AAA x 5<br />AAA x 2<br />AAA x 10<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AD<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />AAA<br />CA<br />AAA<br />Private<br />Public<br />TAM<br />AD<br />AD<br />OAM<br />LDAP<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    71. 71. Problem: Consistent Real-Time End-User Performance Measurement<br />Users<br />Can only instrument external web performance management for those applications where you can modify code and tag. <br />Limited Flexibility, Context,and Control<br />For those applications you can modify, maintenance and management can explode with virtualization. <br />With multi-site and inter-cloud architectures it becomes exponential impacting flexibility and simplicity.<br />For those applications you can’t instrument, you lose all context and control to measure real-time performance SLAs.<br />Resources<br />T<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />Custom<br />Custom<br />Custom<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />X<br />Private<br />Public<br />T<br />X<br />X<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />
    72. 72. F5 Solution: Real-Time End-User Performance SLAs from Enterprise to Cloud<br />Users<br />Complete Flexibility, Context,and Control<br />Auto-inject instrumentation code in a strategic point of control. <br /><ul><li>Simplified maintenance and management regardless of legacy infrastructure or virtualization.
    73. 73. Flexible and simple model applied across multi-site and inter-cloud architectures
    74. 74. Enterprise context and control to measure real-time performance SLAs.</li></ul>Tag<br />Resources<br />Tag<br />Custom<br />Custom<br />Custom<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />T<br />X<br />Private<br />Public<br />T<br />X<br />X<br />T<br />T<br />T<br />Physical<br />Virtual<br />Cloud<br />Multi-Site DCs<br />