The Hottest Positions For Female Orgasm
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The Hottest Positions For Female Orgasm



It's a fact that only 30% of women actually climax through vaginal intercourse. The other 70% have orgasms through clitoral stimulation. To work around this limitation, there are specific sexual ...

It's a fact that only 30% of women actually climax through vaginal intercourse. The other 70% have orgasms through clitoral stimulation. To work around this limitation, there are specific sexual positions to ensure female orgasm no matter which side of the statistic your partner resides on.



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The Hottest Positions For Female Orgasm Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Hottest Positions for
  • 2. Penetration During Oral Sex While you are going down on her, be as gentle as possible. Direct clitoral stimulation is too sensitive for most women to handle right away. Instead, tease your partner by slowly caressing your tongue around her vaginal lips. Work from the outside in repetitive, slow strokes of the tongue. Once you're a couple of minutes or so into this, she'll be begging for you to start on her clitoris. Don't spoil the momentum by attacking this sensitive bud of skin. Be cautious and gentle as you begin to lick her clitoris using long, slow strokes.
  • 3. Penetration During Oral Sex A woman's clitoris has far more nerve endings than the head of a man's penis. It's super sensitive. Go slow and her quivers will let you know when it's time to speed up your stroke. As your pace increased , wet your fingers in preparation for penetration. Ensure she is very lubricated at this point. You'll want to start by using one finger to gently penetrate her while you continue caressing with your tongue. It's a very unique feeling for women as they're unable to duplicate this kind of sensation through masturbation. By stimulating her clitoris AND gently penetrating with your fingers, she'll be overwhelmed by pleasure in no time.
  • 4. Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl Whether, a woman is riding her lover cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl, being on top allows her to choose the depth of penetration as well as the speed of thrusting. She's in control. If something feels good, she'll let you know. For guys, you'll be able to relax a bit. You won't need to support yourself with your arms as you normally would during missionary position. With both your hands free you can stimulate her clitoris or sit back as she massages herself into an earth-shattering orgasm.
  • 5. The Cowgirl Variation This is a variation of the cowgirl position. However, rather than settling down on her knees, the woman will rest on her feet and squat down on the man's penis. The major difference between normal cowgirl position is the variation of angle . Lean forward and create just the right depth and thrust to stimulate your G-Spot . Lean back and place your hands on his legs for support. The new angle will spread your vaginal lips allowing you to feel the thrusting vibrations move all the way up to your clitoris. It's a titillating tease the will entice you to thrust harder and faster until inevitable climax.
  • 6. The Sidewinder (oh yeah!) This one works best if she's got one leg pushing against a wall for thrusting support. It does take a little bit of flexibility so take your time figuring out where your legs go the first time around. Both lovers should face each other on their side. The woman's bottom leg should be wrapped around the man's waist. Her other leg (the top one) will be propped up by his arm as he wraps his hand around her thigh. Here's how it goes…
  • 7. The Sidewinder (oh yeah!) The man will gently begin pulling her by her top thigh onto his penis, starting shallow at first. All this time, the woman has a free hand to reach down inside and begin fondling her clitoris for an explosive orgasm. His other arm (the one on the bottom) is free to caress her face, hair or just hold on to the sheets for grounding.
  • 8. The Doggy Style Variation Ladies, assume a normal doggy style position but make sure your forearms are flat on the bed. In this position you can arch your back up or down, changing the depth of his penetration. The arch also raises the angle of your pelvis to his thrusts Once you're fully warmed up, you may find that your arms are getting a bit tired. Put a pillow under your pelvis and lay flat on the bed with your tush pushed upwards. He'll follow suit by laying on top of you and gently continue his thrust. You'll love this position as he'll be rubbing your G-Spot with his penis perfectly.
  • 9.