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  • 1. Toys and Treats Name: _____________________________________ Colored Pencil Still Life Drawing Block: _________________________ Studio Art Dorofy/Duckworth/Gordon/Sanders Completion of Requirements (1pt. each) ____ Toys and Treats still life created ____ Viewfinder created & used appropriately ____ Colored Pencil Art Card completed and attached Composition/Application of Elements & Principles Does the design and arrangement of your treats and toys composition/sculpture work together as a cohesive whole? Does your eye flow effortlessly through the piece? Does your piece appear cluttered or empty? Creative Problem Solving Did you take the scope of the assignment and bring new and interesting thoughts and visual imagery to it? Since you had to complete a value drawing of a pasta sculpture you designed, were you successful in creating a visually interesting 3D composition that would translate into a 2D value drawing? Application of Materials & Processes Is your Toys and Treats drawing created using the colored pencil techniques taught in class? Did you use the various effectively demonstrating the techniques taught? Did you make use of multiple techniques? Did you use the colored pencils to create large ranges in value through color (tints, shades, tones)? Craftsmanship Are there obvious signs of care and quality in the production and creation of your piece? Does your piece meet conventional standards of craftsmanship? Comments: Criterion below will be evaluated on this 12-point scale: 12. Exceeds Expectations 9-11. Meets All Expectations 6-8. Meets Most Expectations 1-5. Meets Few Expectations /12 /12 /12 /12
  • 2. Name:______________________________________________ BLOCK :______ Toys and Treats Reflection What do you think the most successful part of your piece(s) is and why? (2 pts.) What do you think you could do better next time? What might you change? WHY? (2.5 pts.) Why did you choose the viewpoint or composition that you chose? (2.5 pts.) Through the still life work-time and demonstrations, please tell me one concept or idea that you learned from this project. (2.5 pts.) Reflection: ______ / 10 TOTAL: /61