JUNIOR HIGH ART DEPARTMENT: ART 8 SYLLABUS                                       TEACHER: Mr. Dorofy                      ...
DETENTIONDetentions will be served during your lunch period. If lunch detention is skipped, the consequence mayincrease. V...
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Syllabus art 8 2012 13


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Syllabus art 8 2012 13

  1. 1. JUNIOR HIGH ART DEPARTMENT: ART 8 SYLLABUS TEACHER: Mr. Dorofy JH ROOM 137GUIDELINES & EXPECTATIONS:WHAT TO BRING TO EVERY CLASS ∇ Wooden Pencil (NO MECHANICAL) Tip: Buy a pack and leave them in your portfolio!! ∇ ART FOLDER – You may leave it in the art room at all timesCLASSROOM EDIQUETTE & RULES 1.) Come to class with a PENCIL, ON TIME 2.) Always check for an arrival objective/warm-up 3.) Use and take care of materials correctly and appropriately 4.) Be courteous of others 5.) Use appropriate language, both in regards to each other and when discussing artwork 6.) Artwork stays in the art room until the end of the semesterORGANIZATIONYou are responsible for keeping and maintaining an art portfolio and sketchbook at all times. Studentswill review their portfolio contents with Mr. Dorofy at the end of the semester. This means keepingeverything here in the art room until the end of the semester is huge.Maintaining an organized and clean environment is essential for not only you as an individual but alsothose that you share the space with. The best artwork is created in a comfortable environment. Duringclass time this means respecting the workspace of others, and returning the art room to its original stateafter each and every period.LESSONSIf you are scheduled to be somewhere else during Art 8 please: 1. Come to art first. Students that do not check in may be marked absent. 2. If there is an assignment due, hand it in. 3. Let me know you are leaving. If you are missing something that needs attention before the next class, I will let you know before you leave.THE CLASS AFTER AN ABSENCEPlease wait until work time has begun and we have finished all instruction and demos to ask about whatwork was missed this way I can give you 100% of my attention to get you caught up.LATE TO CLASSIf you arrive late to class without a pass it will be noted. Professionalism points will be deducted in theevent that tardiness becomes a habit.
  2. 2. DETENTIONDetentions will be served during your lunch period. If lunch detention is skipped, the consequence mayincrease. VCS JH rules state that students who skip two lunch detentions will receive a referral.PASSING THIS ART COURSEYour grade for Art 8 is a numerical grade. All project concepts and curricula are state mandated. Allclass work will be graded objectively not on skill or lack of skill. Instead, assignments are graded onfulfillment of creative objectives, using time wisely in the art room (“professionalism” grade),submitting the project on time, and completing a written reflection.RUBRICSAll projects are graded using a Rubric received before or shortly after starting a project. Therefore, youwill know exactly what is expected in order to receive the best mark possible upon completion. Ourprojects can take weeks to complete so a rubric can be very helpful to remind you of objectives andexpectations.The rubrics for each assignment change throughout the course of the semester. However, each rubrichas a few criteria that will remain constant: Craftsmanship – the student will create and store artwork with care. Each student will create aportfolio in the first few days of class to help preserve the artwork over the course of the semester. Professionalism - the student will follow classroom etiquette and procedures at all times.Professionalism is all encompassing and applies to instructional, demonstration, work and clean-up portionsof each period. Purpose/Plan – the students will focus on the outlined concept as well as the elements andprinciples out lined in the objectives and rubric. The target elements and principles may change.Universal Rule: No generic peace signs, hearts, smiley faces, MAC symbols, etc.DEADLINESWork will be completed on time to receive the highest mark and truest reflection of your hard work andideas. Late work will accumulate 1 negative point for each day that the work is late. Every day betweenthe due date and your next art class counts. Artwork that is turned in after the 2-week mark will begranted a 65 – no more, no less, unless special circumstances create an extension scenario. Artworkmust be turned in for a grade; artwork that is not turned in will be a zero. Projects must be turned inbefore the 10-week mark. Zeros will remain zeros after the close of a marking period.Dear Students,Together, I look forward to building upon your knowledge in the visual arts and your appreciation forthe beauty and aesthetics that surround and affect each of us. By signing this packet you are vowing tothe VCS Art Department that you respect not only the cleanliness of the room and the community thatshares its use, but also respect all of the materials within the room in how they are used.Dear Parents and Guardians,This Packet of information has been created so that you may be thoroughly familiar with the JuniorHigh Art Room expectations and performance standards. Your child’s participation and effort alongwith your support will be instrumental in helping them to reach their full potential. All projectscompleted this semester will be kept by your child in a portfolio at school, which they will present foryour viewing at the end of the 20 weeks.Please do not hesitate to leave a phone message or write me through e-mail. I am very quick to respondthrough e-mail. In addition, some information may be found at my website. Feel free to use this as aresource. Sincerely,