The Best Communicators Start as the Best Listeners


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The benefits of social media monitoring as a brand, customer and public intelligence tool.

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  • Key take-out:How we as marketers, PR professionals (and whoever else we have onboard) can use social media monitoring to inform our marketing strategies, improve product development and manage our brand reputations.
  • People are talking about your brand right this second...
  • They could be “liking it” “digging it” “Googling it” “Yahooing it” or “Tweeting it”. Words we hadn’t even heard of 10 years now represent things we couldn’t live without. What did we do before we Googled it? And for brands and marketers this is more important than ever. It changes the traditional approach we took to target our consumers. Now they target us...anywhere, anytime.
  • Whether your a big brand or a small brand social media doesn’t discriminate. You will be talked about regardless.
  • Discuss the recent details between search companies and social networks
  • This is just to highlight to those people who haven’t seen how Google has integrated Twitter to see what it looks like.
  • - This only highlights just how much social Media is giving consumers a voice – causing brands to take responsibility!
  • We will now look at the steps to setting up social media monitoring to draw intelligence
  • The first step to uncovering insight is to stop and listen. But its not just about listening. Having an alert service that pulls through a feed of results is good but its difficult to really to anything with it. You need to be able to analyse the data in order to draw proper insight.
  • With Alterian SM2 the data goes back 3 years. By end of this year Alterian anticipate the data warehouses will at least double due to a new deal with platforms such as Facebook which will allow access to more information. The reach is huge and so is the opportunity.
  • Monitoring tools such as Alterian SM2 make listening and the process of uncovering insight and drawing analysis much more automated than DIY tools.
  • Then you need to prepare for engagement with your audience in the Social Media space. Identify influencers, manage issues before they go viral etc. If theres people talking about you in Twitter set up a channel...same goes for YouTube...find opportunities for your brand to engage online.
  • Once you have tapped into the right conversations you unlock the 3rd dimension of customer insight. You can use the social intelligence to gain valuable customer feedback on new or existing products (as was the case with Kraft!), you can manage your reputation and potentially see crisis before it comes to the surface e.g. Mainstream news headlines and you can use it to get new sales leads. These are just some of the ways our clients are using the tool.
  • Not just a listening tool its an analysis and insights tool. I have chosen the launch of isnack 2.0 to help illustrate some of the features and functionality of the tool.
  • Monitor the daily volume of search results to view when the peaks and troughs of activity occur. In the case of isnack 2.0 we can clearly see the huge spike of conversation that occurred when isnack launched. But interestingly the interest in social spheres hasn’t maintained over time.
  • You can break it down by media source so you can see where the conversation is taking place. In this instance it isn’t a surprise to see that microblogs/ twitter are the most popular area for discussion.
  • You can also create categories and then compare these categories against each other. In the example of isnack 2.0 I created a category for isnack which was the early campaign naming competition, isnack which was the chosen name and caused the most controversy and then the decision to move to cheesybite. We can see that although it caused a massive without it there would have been next to no discussion!You could also use the feature to compare competitors against your own brand
  • Snap shot of the key can see the standard brand related terms which we would expect but look a little deeper and you start seeing some interesting things emerge....Fat, Weight, Lose, Eat....people are obviously slightly concerned about the nutritional benefits of the spread. This is a good customer insight and if Kraft could debunk this or at least bring out a light version of the product then that’s drawing from a customer insight.
  • Drill down into the top domains to see exactly where you are being discussed and pinpoint potential media opportunities. In the example of isnack we can see that there were lots of conversations on weightloss forums and also on new mum or mum to be forums such as Bub Hub. This further highlights the insight I showed on the previous slide about weight being a key theme.
  • Delve down even further to see more information about the conversations. Bub Hub even ran a poll which we picked up...what better way to gain customer insight? And you didn’t even have to pay for it!
  • Look even further to see user comments...
  • To determine the sex the tool uses a dictionary of common male and female names...age based on what people publicly put on social profiles...
  • Sentiment shows you what the tone of conversations in relation to your brand or product were. In the case of isnack 2.0 we can see a mixed sentiment with a key towards negative
  • Edit results, view full details, mark as spam...view the popularity of the contributor
  • This is your chance to identify potential brand influencers and monitor them ongoing...what is driving the sentiment of this result? As we can see from this author he is Australian based
  • Click down into the analysis even further to review the users bio, see there blog and find out their popularity ranking.
  • Use the workflow interface to assign results to team members to follow up. Great for following up on customer service enquiries.
  • Use these keywords to gain an understanding of how customers are referencing your brand or organisation or products. They may be calling it something you didn’t even realise...”vegefail?!”You can also use these words to information your SEO or SEM strategies...remember these are the terms peop0le will use when they are searching for you.
  • See the spread of conversation from a global perspective. Click on the green pins to see exactly how many conversations are taking place in certain areas.
  • Summary of what Kraft may have learned. Please note the Kraft example was used because it was a good example of an issue that erupted in social channels and it was a good way to illustrate some of the features of Alterian SM2.
  • The Best Communicators Start as the Best Listeners

    1. A brand, customer and public intelligence tool<br />Claire Cooper<br />Senior Client Services Manager<br />
    2. agenda<br />Social media landscape<br />Drawing brand/ product insights from social media monitoring<br />Case study: Using Alterian SM2 we will review what took place in social media when Kraft launched their vegemite skew isnack 2.0<br />
    3. Someone is talking about your brand right now.<br />
    4. Tweet<br />Just Google it<br />Like<br />Bookmarklet<br />I digg you<br />Yahoo<br />Original image from<br />
    5. 1,733,993,741 people are now online. That’s over a quarter of the entire population and usage is growing at 380%. Social media creates a level playing field globally (Internet World Stats)<br />Photo from Getty Images<br />Original image from<br />
    6. 25% of search results for the worlds top 20 brands are links to user-generated content <br />(Marketing Vox and Nielsen BuzzMetrics SES Magazine, June 8, pp 24.25)<br />Photo from Getty Images<br />Original image from<br />
    7. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey July 2009)<br />
    8. Uncovering social intelligence for your brand.<br />
    9. #1 SET UP A LISTENING POST<br />
    10. Collect<br />Alterian SM2 indexes the entire social media universe, across the globe and across all platforms. <br />#2 collect and analyse the conversations<br />Store<br />Created in 2007, Alterian SM2 contains over 3.5 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations. <br />Understand<br />The Alterian SM2 User Interface enables clients to visualize, analyze, communicate and share findings. Turn content into actionable insight. <br />
    11. #3 draw insight from the data<br />Alterian SM2 provides visibility into social media: <br /><ul><li>Who's talking: gender, age and location
    12. What they're saying: sentiment analysis, and discussion clustering
    13. How popular are they: ranking
    14. Where they're talking: blogs, social networks, microblogs...all of social media</li></li></ul><li>#4 PREPARE TO engage<br />I love comments<br />or<br />
    15. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE allows you to draw deeper customer insights<br />Original image from<br />
    16. Intelligence tool demo:Alterian SM2case study on isnack 2.0<br />
    17. See when events spike with the daily search volume graph<br />isnack launch<br />
    19. Isnack was talked about more widely than cheesybite<br />
    20. Fat and weight are key topic themes when talking about isnack<br />Fat<br />Weight<br />
    25. There was a lot of negativity surrounding isnack 2.0<br />
    26. View all results individually<br />
    27. Analyse the result in detail<br />
    28. SO WHO IS S_DOG?<br />
    29. Assign results to team members for follow-up<br />
    31. See who is talking about you globally<br />
    32. SO WHAT WOULD KRAFT HAVE LEARNED FROM THIS?<br />Conversations peaked around the launch of isnack 2.0 but this wasn’t maintained longer than 3 months<br />Twitter was the most popular platform for discussion at launch<br />Weight loss and Baby forums were also popular discussion areas. This highlights possible new strategies:<br />Campaign focused on the health elements of the product with placement on media channels such as <br />If the health benefits don’t stack up this builds a business case for a light variant of the product<br />Campaign focused around it being a great family snack targeted towards baby/ parenting forums such as<br />Identification of potential brand advocates<br />Pinpointing of negative conversations highlighting opportunities for Kraft to respond<br />
    33. E:<br /> : @ccoops<br />W:<br />