Content is the new advertising for websites
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Content is the new advertising for websites



Bullseye's Managing Director Jason Davey shares his views from Kentico Connect in Sydney on how content is the new advertising for websites. For more on Bullseye visit

Bullseye's Managing Director Jason Davey shares his views from Kentico Connect in Sydney on how content is the new advertising for websites. For more on Bullseye visit



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  • I’ve been in the digital industry for over 20 years, and started out designing CD-ROMs, before the internet became a big ‘thing’. CD-ROM’s taught me the power of interactivity; the power of content; and the power of learning.In the mid-90’s I worked under global branding guru Martin Lindstrom, and his mantra was “brands are built by involvement”.Over the last 13 years, my agency, Bullseye has been using content marketing techniques to build our clients brands online. This presentation today will help you understand how you too can build your brand by using content marketing techniques.
  • I want to start out by asking two questions:How much advertising have you seen from Google? Is the next thing I show you content or advertising?
  • Is this content or advertising?It’s had over 39M views on YouTube alone.
  • So you can see that content can take many forms.However some content is more diifficult to produce.And some content delivers greater depth of engagement.
  • I like too describe the difference between advertising and content as the difference between:Talking the talk, and Walking the talk.Content allows you to demonstrate your affinity to your audience, by speaking authoritatively on a topic, in their terms.Lets look at some good content marketing examples.
  • AmEx created OPENforum aimed specifically at Small Business owners. Here’s a quick overview video:
  • Here’s another example.Bullseye has been working with Bayer Animal Health for the last 2 years.We created a content marketing strategy for Bayer aimed at Farmers. The site is call FarmAdvisor.
  • Can you see that the principals for success are the same?
  • And again….
  • A key pillar for content marketing success is a customer-centred approach.
  • Another important point is that you should develop your content strategy BEFORE your social strategy. Otherwise your social strategy will lack focus.
  • Here’s a great quote from Frank Strong.He speaks to the point that when your content is shared by others, it is ultimately successful and more valuable.
  • Now, I’d like to take you through the high-level stages of the content marketing lifecycle.These stages are critical components of your content marketing plans.
  • By measuring each of these metrics, you can identify any “break points” or “leaks” in your funnel.
  • You can also plan your content marketing results by using this simple forecasting model, using industry benchmarks to project your results in reach and engagement.Measuring your actuals against this will determine your own benchmark for further optimisation.
  • But remember, it’s really important to measure all aspects of your campaign in order to develop benchmarks for yourself and continually work on optimizing your results.Kentico provides you with the right tools for measuring your campaigns.
  • You can learn so much about youraudience by monitoring their interaction with your content….
  • Optimisation is simply about taking the best results (the proven) and trying new techniques. A/B and Multivariate testing are key functionalities to provide this.You take any new successes (the hits) and add them into your proven marketing formula. Any failures (the misses) are then chalked up as learning and removed from your mix.
  • And don’t forget this important point.The tighter you focus your content, the better the results – especially in SEO terms.
  • But I’m not here to say don’t use advertising.Advertising, when combined with a god content strategy, will actually improve your results.Advertising can accelerate the success of content marketing.
  • Here’s an example of the level of ROI that you can achieve with content marketing.(content marketing institute awards)
  • And another example.
  • So, in summary – the way it works is….Before I finish up and take questions, here’s a spoof ad, showing that “reality-advertising” is going too far……..

Content is the new advertising for websites Content is the new advertising for websites Presentation Transcript

  • Content is the New Advertising Jason Davey
  • $48B brand value - #2 ‘Best Global Brand’ 2013 *Interbrand and Forbes global brand studies
  • Talking the talk.
  • Why is this successful? • • • • • Clearly identified target market Relevant and quality content It’s not a sales pitch Shareable, all the way Linked content to product
  • Why is this successful? • • • • • Clearly identified target market Relevant and quality content It’s not a sales pitch Shareable, all the way Linked content to product
  • Westpac - Social Media Campaign • • • • • • $0 media spend Increased acquisitions by 40% 136,557 people reached 14,559 savings tips collected Mini-book giveaway 2012 ADMA Effectiveness Award
  • Why is this successful? • • • • • Clearly identified target market Relevant and quality content It’s not a sales pitch Shareable, all the way Linked content to product
  • CUSTOMER-CENTRED DIGITAL MARKETING + Content Engagement = Success
  • The currency of content “Content is currency — something we trade for our audience’s attention. That currency becomes more valuable every time it’s shared by someone other than ourselves.” Frank Strong, Copyblogger
  • 4 stages of the Content Marketing Lifecycle • • • Track each channel Track formats Measure the ‘funnel’ • • • Measurement • • • Engage social influencers Use paid media Explore different channels • • • Keywords targeted Content formats Multi-channel Planning Promotion Define audience Touchpoints and lifecycle Media types and budget Creation
  • Measurement metrics - the “funnel” Reach Engagement Conversion Page Views Time spent Purchase Clicks Pages/Visit Download Visits Referrals Social shares Registration Sources Repeat Visits Enquiry Click-to-call
  • Forecasting content “campaign” outcomes CAMPAIGN RESULT = Sum of engaged audience across the distribution channels DISTRIBUTION AUDIENCE CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT RATE AUDIENCE ENGAGED TRACKING CODE 5,000 x 15% 750 TRACKING CODE EMAIL 15,000 x 7% 1,050 TRACKING CODE CONTENT BLOG FACEBOOK 35,000 x 3.5% 1,225 TRACKING CODE TWITTER 10,000 x 8% 800 TOTAL 55,000 3,825
  • ACTIONABLE DATA WHO WHERE 1. Demographics 2. Location 3. Topic / Task WHAT 4. Search 5. Time of day 6. Channel / Device CONTEXT WHEN HOW WHY?
  • Optimisation strategies multiply results Your plans must remain fluid and open to optimisation The Proven Traffic / sales goals The Hit Activity The Miss Time Up weight and expand on the proven as well as testing and incorporating the potential to continue building the mix long term
  • Content and SEO Relationship KEY PHRASE CURVE HIGH COST & COMPETITION Over 60% of Google searches use 3 keywords or more! 1-2 Word Phrases ‘holiday’ 2-3 Word Phrases ‘holiday queensland’ More Descriptive Phrases ‘Romantic island getaway queensland’ LOW COST AND RISK LOW PROBABILITY OF CONVERSION SOURCE: HIGH PROBABILITY OF CONVERSION
  • Advertising your content will accelerate growth Growth by advertising Growth by content marketing Growth by content + advertising
  • The ROI of Content Marketing Meagan Eisenberg Vice President – Demand Generation, DocuSign • • • • 65% reduction in churn rate 127% of sales targets reached Pipeline doubled – Q1 Pipeline tripled – Q2!
  • The ROI of Content Marketing • Thought Leadership campaign • Microsite, emails, e-book + social • $8M in new pipeline closed
  • Summary of the right approach CONTENT RELEVANCE Richmedia, Tools, Cam paigns and Community Your Business LEADS/SALES ENGAGEMENT Your Prospects
  • Any questions? @jasondavey