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Auckland airport webinar deck
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Auckland airport webinar deck


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Find out how Auckland Airport's digital strategy drove an online increase of 400% by using website personalisation, at this webinar recorded December 2013. If you are interested in Sitecore or what …

Find out how Auckland Airport's digital strategy drove an online increase of 400% by using website personalisation, at this webinar recorded December 2013. If you are interested in Sitecore or what goes on behind the scenes of a top quality CMS, this is a must! To listen in to the webinar visit

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Up, Up and Away! Auckland Airport Takes Off with Website Personalisation
  • 2. Housekeeping • We are recording today’s webinar and will share the recording and slides in the next 48 hours • Please ask questions! There will be time for Q&A at the conclusion. • Feel free to tweet at #SitecoreLive
  • 3. Featured Presenters Ajay Dutta Claire Stewart Online Manager Auckland Airport Digital Business Director Bullseye Hady Osman @hadynz Senior Digital Consultant Datacom
  • 4. Please feel free to post any questions in the chat box on your webinar tool bar.
  • 5. Overview 1. Project background 2. What did we want to achieve? 3. The Design Process: • Customer Experience and Visual Design • Personalisation & Engagement Plans 4. Under the Hood 5. Results & Key Learnings
  • 6. Project Background
  • 7. Auckland Airport Retail Retail Other
  • 8. Auckland Airport Retail The Goal: Convert Passengers into Shoppers
  • 9. The Challenge • There is a lack of awareness of the brands, products and range of shops available. • We are not the retailer - merely the shop window Retailer • • The old website was designed as an information and passenger facilitation portal and did little to raise awareness of our retail offering or to showcase the airside shopping experience Our existing Sitecore CMS platform was being under utilised
  • 10. The Opportunity • Increase awareness of available Products, Brands, and range of shops at the Airport • Prime shoppers for their Airport visit, so they make time for it.
  • 11. The objectives of the new website • Create an engaging experience that ultimately generates more leads for our retailers. • Design and Functionality should make it easy to search, browse, discover and share content. • The solution must have low operational overheads
  • 12. Customer Experience Design
  • 13. So where did we begin? Firstly we ran customer experience workshops where we defined our customer “stories”:
  • 14. We summarised our audience goals Outbound International Traveller: Robyn Goals - Pre travel • • • • • • • • • • • Demographics • • • 45 years old Business professional Lives in Auckland Motivations • Health • Friends • Holidays Goals - Post travel Influences • Word of mouth • Colleagues • Media Digital savvy 1 1 – lowest : 5 - highest Is it cheaper to get my duty free at the airport? Will the airport shops have the specific product I want, will it be in stock, can I pre-order it? What food options are at the airport? What shops are there beyond DFS/ Duty Free? How much duty free product can I buy? Remind me what the security requirements are for liquids, aerosols and gels. Can I get foreign currency at the airport (one thing I can do while I’m waiting to board) Can I get lounge access? Have I allowed enough time? Should I drive and park? How much will that be? What can I do with my friends before I go through customs? 5 • • • • Make it easy for me to plan my next trip to the airport. Tell me what product specials or offers are relevant to me. Let me provide feedback on my airport experience. Can I pick up my duty free on return?
  • 15. We planned where we wanted to be on the Sitecore maturity index 2013 2014 2013 On the Sitecore Digital Maturity Index the aim with this project should be to shift Auckland Airport closer towards to the tactical/optimising area through: - Multichannel - Analytics - Development of engagement plans - Rules based personalisation
  • 16. We undertook wire framing with DMS IN MIND • From the beginning we strategized about how the DMS would play a role in our redevelopment project. • Change content based on knowing a search term someone had put into Google. • Personalise content based on customer location (changing language based on IP). • Do multi-variant testing. • Personalise content for marketing campaigns.
  • 17. Visual Design
  • 18. The customer experience led the design
  • 19. A creative search solution
  • 20. A visual shop experience with category filters
  • 21. A mouth watering way to showcase food
  • 22. Flexible product and brand pages
  • 23. It’s all about tracking!
  • 24. Create personalised wish lists and share…
  • 25. Digital Marketing
  • 26. Live example: campaign personalisation • Personalised Benefit campaign page. Promoted after customers had read online advertorial for Benefit launch.
  • 27. Live example: campaign personalisation • Customers who clicked on our display advertising saw different on-site creative which matched the campaign.
  • 28. Search based personalisation
  • 29. Setting up campaign personalisation (high-level!) Site must be developed using the page editor Areas you want to personalise need to be pinpointed before development.
  • 30. Setting up campaign personalisation Set-up the personalisation condition by clicking on the people icon. Choose the condition you want and point it to the content
  • 31. Creating triggered communications • Utilizing the Sitecore DMS we set up two engagement plans. • Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Complex: high business value Car park Booking Engagement Plan Simple: quick business win Feedback Engagement Plan
  • 32. Car park engagement plan The engagement funnel: • A customer books a car park online • This information is fed into the CRM. • Sitecore picks up this information and places the customer into the car park booking engagement plan. • Sitecore now knows which car park was booked, if the customer is international or domestic, if they have booked the lounge etc. • 24 hours before they travel a reminder email with personalised offers.
  • 33. You can monitor where people are in the funnel
  • 34. Feedback engagement plan The engagement funnel: • A customer sends in a contact us request. • They get put into the Feedback Engagement Plan. • When 72 hours has past the customer gets a follow up email asking them to rate their customer service experience. • All information gets synced to the CRM system where feedback reports can be generated.
  • 35. Customer feedback drives business insight
  • 36. All this data syncs to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Single source of truth • Microsoft dynamics is the single source for all data whether it’s website enquiries, analytics, customer satisfaction feedback, car park booking etc. • This will be developed in future projects to be a repository of information used by customer service representatives.
  • 37. How is the ECM used? • For Auckland Airport the ECM is used to manage campaign email. • There is a distinct difference between campaign email and triggered email. • Triggered email comes from analysing customer behaviour and communicating with customers off the back of a known action e.g. as described in the car park engagement plan. • Campaign email comes from a customer subscribing to an email marketing list and in this instance engagement plans are not required (it’s a simple two set process).
  • 38. Moving towards better measurement • We are working on rolling out the ECM V2.0 which requires an upgrade to Sitecore 6.6 or higher (currently on 6.5) • This will provide a wizard campaign manager interface which enables easier management and review of email campaign.
  • 39. Messages are easier to manage
  • 40. Data is easier to analyse
  • 41. Technical insight of solution Under The Hood
  • 42. Data Structures • • JSON ZIP Sitecore Administrator HTML Retail Structures Retail Shops Location Products Brands Showcases
  • 43. Sitecore Item Metadata Search Chanel Title Body Images Sitecore Item JR Duty Free Title Body Images Keywords chanel
  • 44. Geospatial Personalisation Static Lookup Tables China Australia New Zealand … … … GeoLite Free Database
  • 45. Event Tracking – Google Analytics Phone Call Us Category=JR/Duty Free Action=Click Label=Phone Category=JR/Duty Free Action=Click Label=Website Category=JR/Duty Free Action=Click Label=Map Phone 0800 22 33 65
  • 46. CRM Integration Contacts Groups Sitecore CRM Connector Example Premium Travellers Contacts Marketing List All Users Who are Business Class Travellers Who have Covered Parking Who have travelled in the last 30 days
  • 47. CRM Integration Contact Us Other General Support Social Customer  Inquiry Email  CRM  Parking Booking Retailer Lounge Booking CSR
  • 48. CRM Integration Contact Us Other General Support Social Customer Inquiry CRM Email Parking Booking Lounge Booking Retailer CSR
  • 49. CRM Integration Contact Us Other General Support Social Customer Inquiry CRM Email Parking Booking Lounge Booking Retailer CSR
  • 50. Results
  • 51. Results Since launch, we have seen a 400% increase in referrals to retailer websites. Email leads to our retailers have also been on the rise. Do you sell? Email Enquiries to Retailers At what price? Can I reserve? May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov
  • 52. Results Event tracking setup across interactions within the retail section of the website gives us further insights around user engagement . Phone / Email referrals Sharing via Social or Email Wishlisted Products & Brands Top 10 Categories Browsed Keyword searches
  • 53. Results Content viewed within the retail section has increased by 84% Bouce rate reduced by 13%
  • 54. Key learnings • Having a digital roadmap in place along with how this project aligned with it, helped get buy in from stakeholders. • Design with Personalisation with Mind • Be customer lead and not capability lead • Strike a balance between your desired customer experience and overheads you are taking on when delivering it. • Do your research around Sitecore integrations with: • CRM connector • MTA • MaxMind • Track Everything.
  • 55. Questions?
  • 56. Reminder We have recorded today’s webinar and will share the recording and slides in the next 48 hours Enjoy your day!