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  • Euronappytheboney

    1. 1. NAPPY A bone to pick with you!
    2. 2. Born to lower-income but well- respected Corsican aristocrats
    3. 3. Attended French military schools
    4. 4. Liberated Toulon with artillery
    5. 5. Wife Josephine Resistant to Napoleon at first, but succumbed to his naive charm eventually Probably saw potential for greatness in him Well-connected rich widow in upper-levels of society Had affairs on the side with prominent men who furthered her husband’s career
    6. 6. Defended Directory with a “whiff of grape-shot”
    7. 7. Invaded Italy and Austria
    8. 8. The Rosetta Stone and Joe “greenhouse gas” Fourier
    9. 9. Nelson catches up!
    10. 10. Supporting Fleet at Aboukir Bay
    11. 11. Abbe Sieyes get “Boney” to coup!
    12. 12. Beat 2nd Coalition at Marengo, 1802 UK Austria Russia
    13. 13. New three-person Directory Napoleon later becomes “First Consul for life” in plebiscite Until 1804 when he becomes.....
    14. 14. Emperor!
    15. 15. Napoleonic Code Established property as a male- dominated right, but allowed for divorce First organized and established legal world-view since “Ancient Regime”
    16. 16. Concordat of 1801 reestablished relation with Catholic Church and Pope Pius VII Allowed Emigres to return to France in peace. Buys Louisiana to build new empire, but sold it to Jefferson after Haitian revolt destroys plan
    17. 17. Beat 3rd Coalition at Austerlitz UK, Austria, Russia, Sweden
    18. 18. Invasion of England
    19. 19. Trafalgar, October, 1805
    20. 20. Married Marie Louise Daughter of HRE Francis II Made himself into royalty, and also grand-nephew by marriage of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI!
    21. 21. Beat 4th Coalition UK Prussia Russia Sweden
    22. 22. Peninsular trouble Napoleon made his brother, Joseph, King of Spain, but he was unpopular Spanish nationalists rebelled as guerillas, “little warriors” English help was important
    23. 23. Wellington Anglo-Irish military commander Incredible able on attack and defense Undefeated in Spanish campaign Drove French out of peninsula
    24. 24. Continental System Tried to strangle Britain with a blockade, and make France the center of European trade Failed due to non- compliance from countries like Russia
    25. 25. Invasion of Russia, 1812 Went in with about 600,000 French-allied troops Russians denied Napoleon a battlefield victory Scorched Earth policy kept allied troops starving and frozen
    26. 26. Size of army dwindles
    27. 27. Leipzig, 1813
    28. 28. Exiled to Elba as Emperor
    29. 29. 100 Days Louis XVI’s brother, Louis XVIII placed on throne Unpopular and ultra- conservative Refused to pay Napoleon’s salary as Emperor of Elba Napoleon returned to France and displaced Louis
    30. 30. Last Campaign Tried to split Prussians and British, Prussians temporarily retreat eastward Battle of Waterloo against British
    31. 31. Waterloo
    32. 32. Cameron Highlanders
    33. 33. St. Helena