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Leadership Short


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Spiritual Leadership
      • 4 Questions
      • Am I convinced that knowing God is the most important job I have?
      • Am I convinced that God desires me more than my work for Him?
      • Do I, above all else, desire to live in close proximity to Him?
      • Am I, as a leader, truly living the kind of life that I’m inviting others to live?
    • 2.
      • Spiritual Leadership
            • Oswald Sanders contrasts natural and spiritual leaders:
      • Self-confident Confident in God
      • Know People Also know God
      • Make their own decisions Seek to find God’s will
      • Ambitious Self-effacing
      • Originate own methods Find/follow God’s methods
      • Enjoy commanding others Delight in obeying God
      • Motivated by personal Motivated by love for God concerns & people
      • Independent God-dependent
    • 3. Leadership is… Influence (J Oswald Sanders & John Maxwell) Leadership is… Follower-ship 1 st – I Cor 11:2; John 15:5 for me, most of my life has been an experiment to prove John 15:5 wrong Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God’s agenda (Henry Blackaby in “Spiritual Leadership”) Spiritual Leadership is… Leading Like Jesus led as… Priest (Atoning Sacrifice for our sins + bridge to God) Prophet (Teacher + Speaker of God’s Truth) King (Wisdom, Discipler, Great Commission Director)
    • 4.
      • Spiritual Leaders
      • 1. Have a passion for Christ (Priestly role)
      • That leads to compassion for people and that has the courage to make changes to make a kingdom difference
          • NCD – Passionate Spirituality, Loving Relationships
      • 2. Have a vision of what God wants done (Prophetic role)
      • That’s embraced by the people as their mission and that results in teamwork toward shared goals.
          • NCD – Empowering Leadership & Gift-based Ministry
      • 3. Have wisdom (Kingly role)
      • To develop disciples and deploy resources so that there will be the right support structures and right leaders to get the job done and make an impact for the kingdom
          • NCD – Gift-based Ministry, Functional Structures, Wholistic Small Groups
    • 5. Leadership 1. The Passion for Christ How do you develop it – a 360 degree leader (Hybels, Courageous Ldrshp) Must first lead themselves (lead “in”) Spiritual passion & discipline Must lead “up” (north) Team players, influence the organization Must lead “down” (south) Who are you discipling as new leaders? How are you expanding the leadership “base”? Must lead “east” & “west” How are you caring for & influencing your team?
    • 6.
      • Leadership -- The Passion for Christ
      • Growth Process: Life in Relationship with God
      • Growth begins Which initiates a lifestyle of Wherein I grow in
      • Believing God >>> 2. Seeking God >>> 3. Knowing God
      • Heb 11:6, Jn 6:29 Jer 29:13; Ps 105:3-4 2 Pet 1:3; Phil 3:7-11
      • Resulting in an increased
      • Desire & ability to live a
      • Life of… Thereby centering our life around
      • 5. Obeying God <<<<< 4. Loving God
      • Jn 14:21-23 & I Jn 2:3-5; 5:3 Eph 3:18 & I Jn 4:16-19
      • More than ‘trust & obey’ dev by Craig Mayes, MTS & KCC
      • We slander God by our very eagerness to work for Him without really knowing Him. Oswald Chambers
      • Authority in spiritual leadership derives from a life in the Spirit and the individual’s on-going encounter & relationship with God. D. Willard
    • 7. Leadership Your passion for Christ must lead to compassion for others with the courage to make changes to make a difference for Christ. - Love for others: I Corinthians 13:1-3 - Love for the lost: Luke 19:10 - Love for the sheep: Matthew 9:36 - Love that’s willing to lose your life for the Gospel Matthew 10:38-39 - Love that’s seen by others as authentic: John 10:10 - Love that incarnates the Gospel as “good news” Matthew 10:42 cup of cold water - Love that’s compassion in action: James 1:22 Leaders who have Character & Chemistry (not just Competence, Hybels) Leaders who “love well” & “lead well” (not just “preach well,” Walter)
    • 8. 2. Leadership – the Prophetic Role Vision that can paint a picture of God’s preferred future - a painting that others can see and understand - a vision that is compelling - a vision that’s embraced as the mission by the people. How do you gain “ownership” from the people?
    • 9. 3. Spiritual Leadership: The Kingly Role That has the wisdom To develop disciples, raise leaders and create structures… - how do you find & develop new leaders? - how do you train them? - what are the sequential steps? - how much of this is “information” transfer and how much is “formation” in relationships? - how do you recognize & place them in the right ministry - how do you care for and feed them? - how do you listen to them (ministry feedback & personal)?
    • 10. Leadership That develops disciples & deploys resources to build the kingdom - How do you care for and feed your leaders? - SALT, SOAR, Diesel, Overflow, Pulse - Community at the leader level. So they can feel the comradeship (like the 12). - Insider Information - Helping diverse teams strategize based on a common “battle plan” - Recognizing and thanking leaders (unpaid servants) - Telling the compelling stories of life change - Inspiring to serve
    • 11. BUILDUP . . . BREAKTHROUGH Level 5 Leadership First Who … Then What Confront The Brutal Facts Culture Of Discipline Hedgehog Concept Disciplined People Technology Accelerators Disciplined Thought Disciplined Action The Hedgehog Concept Wisdom from Jim Collins, Good to Great Flywheel “ Enduring great companies preserve their core values and purpose while their business strategies and operating practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. Takes Courage, Focus, and Persistence
    • 12. Three Circles of the Hedgehog Concept Things About Which You Are Deeply Passionate Things at Which You Can Be The Best In The World What Drives Your “ Economic” Engine (Need all three to be great.) Vision, Mission, Core Values – i.e. God’s CALL to your church! Key Ministries that meet real needs in your Mission Field! Spiritual Life-Change: calling for it and celebrating it!
    • 13. Culture of Discipline
      • Disciplined People, Thought, Action
        • Environment of freedom circumscribed by a culture of discipline.
        • Combining a culture of discipline with a spirit of entrepreneurship creates success.
        • Discipline is as much about saying “No” to temptations that are not one’s core business as it is about saying “Yes.”
    • 14. Leadership To develop disciples & deploy resources to impact the kingdom - How do you develop stewards (managers)? - Whole life stewardship of Time, Talent, Testimony, Treasure - How do you raise capital for buildings? - How do you invest in mission?
    • 15. Benediction
      • May your church be developing Spiritual Leaders – who have a Passion for Christ that leads to Compassion for People, who have a Vision of what God wants done that’s embraced by the people as their Mission, and that have the Wisdom to develop disciples and deploy resources to get the job done and make an impact for the Kingdom!