Church Planter Cohort Gatherings 05 29|30-2013


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Handout from the 05-29|30-2013 Regional Cohort Gatherings for church planters on the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Church Planter Cohort Gatherings 05 29|30-2013

  1. 1. Regional Cohort GatheringsWed May 29, 11:00am - 2:30pm | NY/NJ CohortThu May 30, 11:00am - 2:30pm | New England Cohortand joining us both days, the newly planted... | Mid-Atlantic Cohort!Contact & Quick Infolinks are clickable in the post and pdf at www.jasoncondon.comContact & Quick Infolinks are clickable in the post and pdf at www.jasoncondon.comJason R. CondonAssociate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting,East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church•• (860) 479-2020• handouts and resources posted here)••• covchurch.orgQuick-Start Guide to ECConf Church Planting• "Understanding Church Planting on the East CoastConference" (or -seminar handout introducing concepts & strategy• "What Are We Looking For in A Church Planter?"(or ) - an overview of what we value in achurch planter and his or her ministry• "Church Planter Identification Process"(or - an overview of how we assesschurch planters and pursue church planting within theEast Coast Conference and the CovenantWelcomePurpose: “encourage, equip, and multiply church planters for a sustaining church planting movement”• Open in Prayer• Super-Quick Intros:• your name• ministry setting• why you’re here today• Lunch: we’ll grab lunch whenever it’s ready or convenientRegional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 1 of 6
  2. 2. NY/NJ OnlyBirthing Stories | Our Newest Church PlantersKim Wright, Church of the Resurrection• Project Start: July 1• Model: “2.0” Church Plant/Adapted 4-Stage LaunchEli Hernandez, Promised Land Baltimore• Project Start: TBD• Model: New Church Plant/4-Stage LaunchDon Schiewer, Blacksburg VA• Virginian Tech College Town• Project Start: TBD• Model: Discipleship-Driven/Missional CommunitiesGrowing Pains | Financial Challenges (both kinds!)Jose Humphreys, Metro Hope• challenges faced, challenges given, lessons learning• Q&A DiscussionRegional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Greater Boston/New England OnlyCongregational Vitality - Kreig, Q&A, and Discussion:Leadership without a Plan:Leadership Without a PlanStartingpointLeadership with a Plan:Leadership with a planStrategic Ministry Planand ImplementationArticle: “Why Your Church Will Die (But That’s Okay)”• Surratt: “The reality is that all churches have a life cycle.They go from birth to maturity to decline and eventually death.”• Stage 1: Birth• Stage 2: Child• Stage 3: Adult• Step 4: Parent• Step 5: Grandparent• Stage 6: DeathRegional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 3 of 6
  4. 4. A Family Heritage | Churches Planting ChurchesEvery church was once a church plant, so how might every church continue that blessing?• Parent Church: the primary source of Launch Team members and “Third Stream” of outside funding• Partner Churches: 3-5 churches that join together to provide Launch Team members andcollectively the “Third Stream” of outside funding (helpful framing: “tithing” of members and money)• Support Churches: additional churches that come alongside the project at a variety of levelsPartnered in Planting | New City Boston Project PartnershipsT.C. Moore, New City Boston•• Project Start: Oct 1, 2012• Planting: Fall 2013• Model: New Church Plant, 4-Stage LaunchLarry Kim, Cambridge Community Fellowship Church• 234 Franklin Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 |• Hosted T.C.’s Residency, now his Coach. Instrumental in initiating the partnership conversations• Planted: 1996Fred Elliot-Hart, Covenant Congregational Church• 455 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130 |• Planted: 1881Eugene Lee, Cornerstone Community Church• 41 Berkley Street, Boston, MA 02116 |• Planted: 2004Story, Q&A, and discussion•Parenting Possibilities | “I think we’re pregnant…”Brian Estrella, Riverside Evangelical Covenant Church• 165 Rounds Ave, Riverside, RI 02915 |• Planted: 1881 (transplanted from Providence in 1968)Story, Q&A, and discussion•Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Back to BasicsDiscipleship | Discipling Disciples who Disciple Disciples who…(Last time we discussed “Outreach & Evangelism” -see & Natural Pathways *“In your church, what are Normal and Natural Pathways to Make Disciples that are maturing in Christ?”• What will the disciple making process look like in this new church?• What are the characteristics of a Christ-follower that you want to see produced in people who are a part ofyour new church?Discussion & Notes:* full document for Normal & Natural Pathways at:• What’s your history of success and setbacks with these efforts?• Reflections from Exponential Retreat, theme: DiscipleShiftGoing Deeper | Cohort “Series” on Discipleship Starting in Aug• Future Travelers Covenant Cohort (details still being worked out, hope to invite two or more planters)• Potential Topics: Discipleship approaches (3dm, T4T, missional communities), discipleship metrics,APEST environment (Eph. 4)• Features: reporting back from Future Travelers, significant peer-led componentsRegional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Mark Your CalendarComing Events | subscribe now at Cohort GatheringsChurch Planter Training Intensive• Tue June 4, 6:00pm – Sun June 9, 12:00pm• Minneapolis/St. Paul MN• for new Covenant Church Planters(“Recommended”, still pre-Launch Stage)Covenant Annual Meeting (Detroit)• Thu, June 27, 2013 – Sun, June 30, Cohort GatheringsFamily Camp at Pilgrim Pines withChurch Planter “Magnet” Weeks• contact Dave Cairns for these or other openspaces for the special offer of free family campweek to first-time church planter families•• July 6-13: Jason, Lisa, Jaron (15), and Bryn (12)• July 27 - Aug 3: Michael Carrion’s FamilyAugCohort Gatherings - best dates & locations?SeptCohort Gatherings - best dates & locations?Sept 1 Deadline: COMS Paperwork• Contact Alicia:• (See Oct “COMS Interviews” for more details)Assessment Center (Denver CO)• Wed Sept 18, 8pm - Sat Sept 21, 12pm• Invitation Only: for church planter candidatessufficiently advancing in assessment processOctNO Cohort GatheringsPotential: Exponential WEST• Mon Oct 7 – Thu Oct 10• I’m considering this as a mini-retreat for thosewho missed Exponential in Orlando.Same theme and same or similar speakers:“DiscipleShift”. Anyone interested? :)• www.exponential.orgCOMS Interviews• Tue Oct 16 – Wed Oct 17, 2 hours in Berlin CT• Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS) isnecessary for those new to credentialing process,3 year check-ins for those just “licensed”, final-prep for those nearing OrdinationFall Ministerial Retreat (Ashram)• all Church Planters expected to attend• Sun Oct 27 (Evening) – Wed Oct 30 (Morning)• Pilgrim Pines, Swanzey NHNovCohort Gatherings - best dates & locations?•Church Planter Training Intensive• Tue Nov 5 – Sun Nov 10• Oklahoma City, OK• for new Covenant Church Planters(recommended and pre-Launch)DecNO Cohort GatheringsCoaches Training• Tue, Dec 3 – Thu Dec 5• Dallas TXRegional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ & Greater Boston/New England (+ Mid-Atlantic) May 29 & 30, 2013 | page 6 of 6