Agency Organization Development


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Agency Organization Development

  1. 1. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age “Burnham Marketing was established to help companies expand their digital marketing knowledge, capabilities, resources, and bandwidth in order to manage the complexities of the fragmented media marketplace.”Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 1
  2. 2. Jason Burnham Over 15 years of digital marketing experience Co-founder of Ad Age Top 25 Digital Agency, Mass Transit Interactive Sold Mass Transit Interactive in 2005 to Horizon Media; the largest independent media buying company in the US (now known as Horizon Interactive) Planned and managed over 2,000 digital media campaigns for both B2B and B2C advertisers, across a dozen industry verticals A primary contributor for the development of the IAB/AAAA’s Industry Standard Terms and Conditions and US Measurement Guidelines Awarded B2B Magazine’s Best and Brightest Media Strategist Award Awarded Media Magazine’s Media Planning and Buying Award Former Board of Directors for 212 New York’s Interactive Ad Club Advisory Board of Directors for Association for Downloadable Media Frequent speaker at major industry conferences; AdTech, iMedia, DPAC, OMMA, DigiDay, Association of National Advertisers, 212 NY Ad Club Contributing writer for leading digital trade publications Industry educator for leading training organizations; Upstream Habitat, 212, private corporate training Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 2
  3. 3. Michelle Burnham Over 12 years of digital marketing experience Held a variety of agency positions; Account Manager, Media Planner, Assistant Media Director, Director of Publisher Relations, Director of Campaign Management, Director of Operations and Training 24/7 Real Media, Mass Transit Interactive, Horizon Interactive Specializes in digital media work flow and ad operations Advisory board for Doubleclick DART for over 8 years A primary driver of the development of Billing Best Practices, Creative Delivery Guidelines, Ad Discrepancy Resolution for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Widely recognized as a leader in ad operations among digital peers Industry educator for AdMonsters’ Ad Operations Training Group, AAAAs, private corporate training Active participant in the Media Ratings Council (MRC) Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 3
  4. 4. Agency Clients Over the past five years, we have helped a variety of agencies with bandwidth and resource limitations, refine their process and workflow, provided training and development, and develop their digital capabilities. ID SOCIETYThis list only represents the agencies we’ve provided specific organizational development services under Burnham Marketing.Throughout our careers we have worked with dozens of full service agencies to provide digital media services. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 4
  5. 5. How We Can HelpStrategic Development & Communication PlanningDeveloping an effective digital communication channel strategy is necessary for building and maintaining long term customer relationships. Leverageour extensive experience with dozens of industry verticals to create a digital marketing plan that will be the foundation for your future digital programs.This is a necessary step for building a highly efficient and scalable digital marketing program against high value consumer segments, utilizing each digitalchannels unique benefits.Media Planning & BuyingWhether you are in need of planning and buying services on an ongoing basis or project-by-project, Burnham Marketing can provide the necessaryresources you are looking for. With extensive experience managing over a thousand interactive campaigns, across dozens of industry verticals, Burnhamcan easily satisfy your immediate needs. You will find our planning fees to be very competitive and more cost effective than hiring additional staff or out-sourcing to a partner agency.Ad Operations & Campaign ManagementThe greatest liability and exposure for a company resides within ad operations. Our extensive experience and expertise leveraging third party ad serversand managing hundreds of digital campaigns provides you with a resource to assure campaigns are being managed at the highest level to avoid costlyerrors and inefficiencies created by junior support staff.Project & Account ManagementOur approach to integrated project management allows us to effectively manage the wide array of disciplines needed to manage a multi-channel digitalmarketing program, at the same time, providing your company with the necessary resources to manage scale and alleviate bandwidth restraints.Persona Development & Consumer InsightsThrough our partnership with MindTime, Inc. we can provide the foundation for your persona development and audience segmentation initiatives. Byevaluating your high value prospects and customer’s key motivations, learning, and communication style, we can help you build marketing strategiesthat resonate with how your target audience thinks, what they believe, and how they make decisions, while providing context to all of your otherbehavioral and attitudinal data.Organizational Development & Process AuditingWhether you are a traditional advertising agency, a marketer who manages their media in-house, or a digital agency that is trying to create moreefficiency, Burnham Marketing can help improve the organizational development services required to improve work flow and establish processes tomaximize your digital operations. Our experience working with hundreds of different media and creative agencies, advertisers, and web developmentcompanies, has given us the experience that allows us to create operational efficiencies necessary for maintaining a profitable digital capability. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 5
  6. 6. Steps to Establishing Your Digital PracticeAdoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 6
  7. 7. Addressing Immediate Client Demands • Brand development Business • Fiscal goal setting and marketplace conditions • Consumer research and insights Strategy • Segmented messaging and communication • Budget allocation to support fiscal goals Marketing • Audience segmentation prioritization • Promotions calendar and campaign scheduling Integrated Project Management Parameters • Establish marketing and campaign objectives • Assessment of current and past initiatives Strategic • Creative and web development strategy • Identify key performance indicators Planning • Media selection and media weighting • Determine tactical executions • Develop testing variables Measurement • Implement necessary tracking tools/technologies • Build reporting templates and data sets (i.e. dashboards) Program • Create tracking process for media mix modeling • Media research Media • Identify media vehicles and content environments • Pricing models and creative executions Buying • ROAS projections and market penetration • Media contracting, trafficking, billing, and reconciliation • Cross tabulation of behavioral and attitudinal data sets Actionable • Multiple attribution engagement scoring • Quantify cross media effectiveness Analysis • Media Interpretation, optimization, and insightAdoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 7
  8. 8. Addressing Common Agency ChallengesManaging digital media can be extremely labor intensive and can consume much of an agency’s resources. Creating operational efficiencies isnecessary to sustain profitable margins. Many of the challenges that you may encounter typically reside within four key buckets:PROCESS SCALABILITY MANAGEMENT EDUCATIONAdoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 8
  9. 9. Understanding Each Person in Your Team As a species we’ve evolved our ability to imagine future possibilities and outcomes, to recall past experiences and learn from them to provide certainty, or to come up with strategies for managing things in the present and understand the probability of the outcomes of our actions. Although human cognition includes all three perspectives, individuals differ in thePROBABILITY degree to which they utilize each. It is the blend of these three forces that determine our need, perception, motivation, and behavior. This will impact team structure and collaboration, job function, project management, strategic and creative thinking, management styles, and every decision made by each person. Identifying a person’s thinking style provides the basis for all communication, learning, and relationship building. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 9
  10. 10. Challenges Are Caused by People!Aside from evaluating each person’s level of experience and expertise, we also assess each individual’s thinking style before hiring and assigning specific roles and responsibilities. The Force of Certainty : The Force of Probability : The Force of Possibility :Born of the concept of Past Born of the concept of Present Born of the concept of FutureWhat do I know about it? How can I do it? What can I do? Rational Organized Entrepreneurial Gathers evidence Executes Innovative Data driven Manages Problem solving Driven to understand Process Oriented Drives change Thinks deeply Thinks actionably Thinks quickly Avoids risk Manages outcomes Opportunistic Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 10
  11. 11. Building Your Digital Organizational Structure Different thinking styles are more conducive to specific job functions. The Force of Certainty : The Force of Probability : The Force of Possibility :Born of the concept of Past Born of the concept of Present Born of the concept of FutureWhat do I know about it? How can I do it? What can I do? Measurement Strategist Product Development Founder/CEO Media/Market Analyst Account Director Product Ideation Market Researcher Account Supervisor/Manager Creative Director Copy Writer Media Supervisor/Planner/Strategist Media Director Programmer Ad Operations Director Media Buyer Campaign Manager Graphic Designer Trafficker Producer Web Developer Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 11
  12. 12. Thinking Styles Impact Human Utility Understanding the group’s various thinking styles will allow us to determine whether or not eachperson is being utilized to his/her optimal potential, operating within an environment that leverages everyone’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and assuring that the team is properly structured. Powered by Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 12
  13. 13. How Will SmartSlicing Help Overcome Our Challenges? When a person is in the wrong job for their thinking style it takes more energy and time to deliver a lesser result. By identifying people’s thinking styles and the thinking style which would be most suited to a specific job, we can increase capacity and improve Role Fit on product quality. This would help to maximize productivity and ultimately reduce the amount of time thats required to complete certain tasks and deliverables, leading to an improvement in overall agency bandwidth. Job A person who is unhappy in their work, or lacks satisfaction is not going to invest themselves as fully in what they do. Measuring people’s job satisfaction can be a simple way to identify this potential for low productivity. We would look for any connection Satisfaction between job satisfaction and thinking style (there is often a connection between the two). Includes communication style, environmental needs, behavioral tendencies and management needs (and there are other more Work subtle needs such as self-esteem building). we can provide considerable insight into each person’s working style providing them with a clear picture of how (and why) they operate the way they do. After mapping an individual’s thinking style it’s a matter of one- Styles on-one coaching and awareness building for the individual and their manager. Poor communication between people creates mistakes and impacts how quickly things get done. By focusing on individuals’Communication thinking styles we can teach everyone within the organization to realize why they are having difficulties understanding the communication of others. We will develop a set of communication personas that can be used as a guide in developing custom Issues training programs and improving work flow. Individual Challenges affect individual and collective bandwidth, and need to be addressed individually. A person’s thinking style Individual presents them with both their ‘thinking assets’ with which they contribute, but it also presents them with challenges that they need to Challenges overcome when working with others. These can come in the form of resistances or miss application or misunderstanding of how to use their thinking style. We will assess the group’s transactional relationships. There can be so much wasted time and energy in simple day to day Team interactions and communication. By understanding people’s thinking , it is a very effective way to ‘see’ and predict the effectiveness of transactional relationships. By connecting this analysis to individual roles and responsibilities we can identify where Dynamics improvements in process and team structure can be implemented. Birds of a feather flock together. Put the right thinking styles in the room and you get a very productive meeting. Put the wrong Client ones in, and everybody may be very polite, but, nothing happens; there is no magic. And sometimes there are sparks. Building client facing teams is essential. A well rounded team is going to be more proficient at meeting the clients needs. The team should Management all be well versed in their colleagues thinking styles in order to maximize productivity. Ensuring that there is an awareness among managers and leaders of thinking styles at work, their impact on every aspect of agency Growing success, and what the implications are for cutting a member of staff, or adding one, is essential to success. We can provide the necessary intelligence to make decisions around cut backs and hiring. Mapping which thinking styles succeed in any given role and Pains which thinking styles manage that talent best is like having a road map to success. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age PROCESS SCALABILITY MANAGEMENT EDUCATION 13
  14. 14. Creating Leadership Teams and Department Pods PRESENT PAST FUTUREAdoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 14
  15. 15. Tackling the Logistics Once we have mapped the thinking styles of the company, we can begin to address the other variables that cause inefficiency and impact growth in order to provide a complete evaluation of the agency organization. PROCESS SCALABILITY MANAGEMENT EDUCATION• Assess agency operations • Organizational restructuring • Managing team thinking styles • MindTime Awareness Workshop• Refine process and work flow • Staffing requirements • Develop communication personas • Dynamics of digital marketing• Scope client projects / profitability • Job descriptions • Corporate positioning • Digital media management• Leverage team thinking styles • Establish strategic partnerships • New business approach • Ad operations / campaign mgnt.• Roles and responsibilities • Client presentations • Credentials and capabilities • Measurement and analytics• Individual (staff) assessments • Project management • Expectation management • Billing and reconciliation• Develop administrative documents • Freelance planning and buying • Staffing client projects • Custom training programs Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 15
  16. 16. What Can Be Achieved?  Maximize your investment in human capital  Team structure optimized based on individual strengths  Boost employee morale and minimize turnover  Institute an efficient process and work flow for digital media management  Establish clear delineation of roles and responsibilities across the agency  Client scope of work to be balanced with compensation models  Assure you conform to standard industry regulations and guidelines  Create a new structure that permits scale and cut backs as needed  Provide competitive service offerings that keep you ahead of the curve  Stay ahead of the competition with your knowledge of digital marketing  Increase revenue and sustain profitable margins  Provide greater value and support to your high value clientsAdoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 16
  17. 17. Case Study 1: Satisfying Specific Project WorkCHALLENGE “Jason and Michelle are certainly aDigital Pulp, The Vault, and ID Society are all web development and creative agencies. couple of the most knowledgeable online media professionals in theWhile none were interested in developing a digital media practice, they all identified the industry. Weve enjoyed nearly apotential for generating incremental revenue and to satisfy the media needs for their decade of working together and lookclients by offering digital media planning and campaign management services. forward to many more.“ - Ron Fierman,SOLUTION President, Digital PulpWe worked on a commission split or a set project fee, so that each agency could managethe costs of our services based on how they were being compensated by their clients.Each company introduced us as their digital media division. We worked directly withtheir clients and worked closely with their account teams to provide digital media projectmanagement training to assure there was seamless integration between creative and "These guys are firing on all digitalmedia, as well as quantifiable measurement across all of their digital marketing cylinders. Ahead of the curve?initiatives. They would handle the account management and we would provide the These guys invent the curve."media planning & buying, campaign management , and measurement & analytics. - Jon Paley, CEO, The VaultRESULTS Provided an incremental revenue stream Demonstrated greater overall value to their clients ID SOCIETY "I would highly recommend Burnham. Established deeper relationships with their clients They have been extraordinary to work with, both in terms of caliber of work Secured more business for core service offerings and in a partner relationship. They have Provided more efficient integration between media and creative an excellent knowledge base and provides stellar work promptly that delivers results." - Adam Berkowitz, CEO, ID Society Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 17
  18. 18. Case Study 2: Establishing Strategic AlliancesCHALLENGEMedia Options Inc. is a traditional media agency that did not initially want to build out adigital media practice. They really did not have enough revenue from digital to supporthiring a staff and was just looking for a freelancer who could satisfy smaller digital mediaprojects so that they would not run the risk of losing any clients to other full serviceagencies who offered digital media capabilities. “Burnham Marketing is a mostSOLUTION valued alliance partner company of Media Options Inc. Their currentWe worked purely on a commission split, so that MOI could manage the costs of our and collective wisdom, practicalservices based on how they were being compensated by their clients. Over the course application and management of ourof the past three years, we helped educate MOI and their clients how to fully leverage clients digital strategies anddigital media and how to build cross media strategies and perform media mix analysis. campaigns has producedWe provided full digital media planning and management services to their clients, as well significant measurable built out the measurement and reporting strategies for all media. User (client) friendly, availability, agency friendly, this team hasRESULTS served our increased digital needs on all aspects of the web and when Over a three year period, we helped to increased their digital billings from $300k presenting to our clients with us, they are seamless and absolutely per year to over $4 million by the end of 2010. at the top of the professionalism They have now decided to build out their own in-house digital media capability and chart." we are providing the necessary consulting and training to allow them to do so. - Philip Press, They have hired their first dedicated digital employee to plan and buy digital media, Chairman, Media Options Inc. while we satisfy the campaign management needs until they can properly scale. Additionally, we have introduced them to our search marketing and social media partners so that they can now provide those additional services as well. Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 18
  19. 19. Case Study 3: Refining Process & Work FlowCHALLENGETargetCast is a full service media agency with a 10-person digital division. They struggledto yield profitable margins on digital media and did not have the experience to properlymanage the digital team and to assess the efficiency of work flow and whether or not "Burnham Marketing provided aneach digital employee was best suited for their job responsibility and what their level of extensive audit of our digitalexpertise was to satisfy their current positions. They also experienced turnover from the division and determined how weDigital Director position every year, making it very challenging to properly manage the could improve our process anddivision as a whole. As a result, employee morale was low and their was a lack of work flow for managing digitalleadership an mentorship. media. Their consultation provided us with the necessary direction to refine our digital operations toSOLUTION become more efficient and profitable."TargetCast hired Burnham Marketing to provide an audit of their digital division. Thecontracted with us on a monthly retainer against a set number of hours each month. We - Steve Farella, Chairman & CEO, TargetCastinterviewed and assessed each employee, provided recommendation on how thedivision should be restructured, adjusted client compensation models based on scope ofwork, implemented process guidelines and streamlined work flow, and provided thenecessary training to get the team where their knowledge needed to be for the positionsthey were fulfilling.RESULTS Led to the dismissal of a couple of employees that were inefficient Have retained their current Digital Director for over two years (and counting) Created a profitable digital media division that is designed for scale An overall boost in employee morale has limited turnover Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 19
  20. 20. Case Study 4: Building a Digital DivisionCHALLENGESeiter & Miller is a full service media and creative agency, with the exception of havingdigital media planning and buying capabilities. The digital media agency they wereworking with resigned them as a client because their projects were too small and theywere not yielding profitable margins based on the amount of time each project required.This was frustrating for Seiter & Miller since the other pieces of client work yielded suchhigh returns and they did not want to risk losing any clients to other agencies who couldprovide the necessary digital media services. "Burnham Marketing is a great solution to add experience, intelligence and creativity to any digital program. We usedSOLUTION Burnham Marketing to act as our interactive agency, while they trained andSeiter & Miller hired Burnham Marketing to provide the necessary digital media services developed our own in-house satisfy immediate client demands. We worked on a hybrid compensation, based oncommission for digital media services, with a high enough margin that allowed for a set Today we still use Burnham in a consulting capacity as our programsnumber of hours each month to be allocated towards training and consultative services become more complex and build out Seiter & Miller’s own digital media practice. We would recommend them strongly." - Bob Rose, Partner and Director ofRESULTS Media & Marketing, Seiter & Miller Advertising Helped increase digital media billings to provide the necessary revenue to hire and support a digital media division Now maintain their own profitable digital media capability with minimal support from Burnham Marketing Only access Burnham on an “as needed” basis (less than 2 hours per month) Now being recognized as a digital leader in trade and media outlets Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 20
  21. 21. The Burnham Advantage Digital marketing veterans managing your day-to-day projects Leverage the experience of over one thousand digital initiatives Access to senior level relationships that date back as far as web marketing Extended term or project-to-project; based on your needs Your account is priority; others will service you based on your revenue More cost effective than hiring additional staff Can provide custom solutions to meet your unique hurdles Burnham’s alliance network provides immediate scale based on your demand Build your digital practice at your pace, your budget, and your resources We are more fun and loveable than anyone else you will work with! Adoptable Solutions for the Digital Age 21