Media in society


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This presentation is part of a news story on the failure of the media and media bias. You can read the article on Blue Collar Chronicle here:

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Media in society

  1. 1. A presentation by Jason AbstonNEWS MEDIA IN SOCIETY
  2. 2. Purpose of News Media The news media plays two primary roles.  Inform the people of the actions of government  Inform people of issues affecting them
  3. 3. Hold Government Accountable The news media must inform the public of the actions of its government.  A free press in a free society
  4. 4. Issues Affecting the Public The news media also plays a role in informing the public on other issues.  Health and Safety  General Interest
  5. 5. General Interest
  6. 6. The Journalist A journalist is the lookout on the bridge of the ship of state. He peers through the fog and storm to give warning of dangers ahead… -Joseph Pulitzer
  7. 7. Role of a Journalist The journalist is the link between the public and the story.  Collect information  Organize information  Decide what is relevant  Make a narrative report
  8. 8. Media Bias Bias within the news media exists in several forms. There are two main areas that have the most influence upon the industry.  Financial influences:  Advertizing  Bandwagon stories  Political agenda:  Liberal vs. Conservative  Personal agenda
  9. 9. Advertizing The potential loss or gain of revenue will often dictate the type as well as the content of news stories.  Loss of advertizing  Potential gain of advertizing
  10. 10. Bandwagon Stories Prior to 2001, the public was becoming more aware of the need for shark conservation, But the summer of the shark changed all that. ... Public perception took several steps backwards to the Jaws mentality. -Marine Biologist George Burgess
  11. 11. Political Agenda In May 2004, the Pew Research Center , The Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Committee of Concerned Journalists conducted a survey.  34% identified themselves as liberal  7% identified themselves as conservative
  12. 12. Liberal vs. Conservative Liberal:  Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. Conservative:  Disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
  13. 13. Effects of Bias Media bias can dramatically influence the perception of a particular issue.  Support for an issue or candidate  Opposition for an issue or candidate  Change peoples’ perception of an issue
  14. 14. Conclusion The news media plays a vital role in society. The journalist is the link between the story and the public. News media bias can affect the views of the public on issues.
  15. 15. Resources Media Research Center:  Project for Excellence in Journalism:  Society of Professional Journalists: 