7 lies your seo content writers might tell you


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This pdf file contains complete details about the lies told by the SEO content writers. This pdf file is represented by http://www.content-writing-india.com/.

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7 lies your seo content writers might tell you

  1. 1. 7 Lies your SEO Content WritersMight Tell Youby Content Writing India
  2. 2. A brief Description About SEO Content WritingThe term „SEO ContentWriting‟ signifies the combinework of Search EngineOptimization with contentwriting . SEO content writerswrite relevant content withproper utilization ofkeywords. They plays a trickyrole while utilizing mostappropriate keyword for theircontent so that SearchEngine can easily crawl theirclient‟s website amongthousands of websites. Theyhelps to generate a largenumber of traffic for theirwebsite.
  3. 3. Difference between SEO content writers andContent writers A general content writer doesn‟t have knowledge about keyword utilization. They only write a relevant content. But without a proper utilization of keyword it will not reach your targeted audience. Professional SEO content writers are specialized in using keywords with valid content.
  4. 4. It is Really a Tough Job to Recruit SEO Content WritersBecause They Often Told the Lies Which is Listed Below.LIE - 1“I don‟t outsource anyof my content. I write itby own” It is often seen that theperson you haverecruited for writingarticle for yourcompany is not at allthe actually person whois writing the article. Heor she is outsourcingthe work from otherperson.
  5. 5. LIE - 2“I have never used articlespinners” Most of the time it isseen that your SEOcontent writers copyarticle from other websiteusing article spinner but atthe time of recruitmentthey give you a falsepromise.
  6. 6. LIE - 3“I used to do a lot of research work before writing an each article”For any content writers itis essential to study hardbefore writing a qualitycontent .But it have seenthat most of the contentwriters waste their timewithout proper researchwork .It resulted in a poorquality content writingwhich doesn‟t suits theSearch Engine.
  7. 7. LIE - 4“I should always submit the article at time.”Every SEO content writerspromise to submit theirarticle at time but most ofthe time it have beenseen that they fail to doso. This is only becauseof their negligence andimproper timemanagement.
  8. 8. LIE - 5“I should always maintain proper utilization of keyword without interrupting the flow of subject material.”Professional SEO content writersreally use the best effectivekeyword in their writing withoutinterrupting the natural flow of theirwriting .Most of the writers fail to doso. It is necessary at the time ofrecruitment to examine the writerscapability.
  9. 9. LIE - 6 “Content writing is my passion ,I don‟t write for money” Be aware of the above dialogue told by most of the SEO content writers. Don‟t believe in them.LIE - 7 “ I have lot of experience in this field” It have been seen that a SEO content writer, who is a fresher, at the time of recruitment represent him or her as an experienced person. As a recruiter don‟t believe in their words. Being a recruiter , it is very essential to remain always aware of the 7 lies which your SEO Content writers may tell you.
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