6 Best Tips to Know While Designing Your Mobile Website


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This PDF file includes the six best tips while designing a mobile website and it has been created by http://www.web-design-expert.com/. Thank you for reading this information.

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6 Best Tips to Know While Designing Your Mobile Website

  1. 1. 6 Best Tips to make yourmobile website more user-friendly. Web Design Expert http://www.web-design-expert.com/
  2. 2. About Mobile Website• Mobile websites are specially designed to view website contents on your mobile phone.• Mobile website design have gained a lot of importance and popularity among people due to widespread use of I Phones and other mobile appliances with surf-friendly interfaces. As a result, mobile websites are more important as well as widely accepted as it gives a mobile friendly alternative to current website. • The mobile friendly webpage is a new sphere of online technology which can be accessed from different mobile phones with various operating systems and wireless Internet connections. • Your mobile friendly webpage is the gateway of your company, which allows your customers to get hold of what you are going to provide them.
  3. 3. Comparison between Mobile Website and Website Mobile Website Website• Mobile website is portable. • A website can only be A mobile website can be accessed from fixed devices accessed anywhere, anytime. such as desktops and laptops.• Mobile Web page and content • Website content is not a is made smaller to fit onto such problem in monitors as it small screens. normally have a larger display.• Faster Download Speed • Comparatively download speed is slower than mobile website.
  4. 4. 6 Best Tips are…  Make your mobile webpage look simple  Understand your Customers  Keep content as concise as possible  Help Readers to scan your WebPages quickly.  Apply Colors to your Mobile Webpage  Test the Usability of your Mobile Website
  5. 5. Make Your Mobile Webpage Look Simple Your Webpage should look simple and direct so that customers do not get lost within the pages. So, it is advisable to opt for KEM Technique that is Keep Everything to a Minimum Technique. Customers should get all their desired information from the website without much wondering.
  6. 6. Understand Your Customers It is recommendable to understand the need of your customers first. You should know the need of your customers so that you can provide them with the most appropriate information on your pages .
  7. 7. Keep content as concise as possible It is very well-known that web browsers have very short attention span and they don’t read long articles thoroughly, where as short articles enhance readability. So, it is highly advisable to make your webpage concise and easy so that everyone can understand it.
  8. 8. Help Readers to scan your WebPages quickly It should be noted that web visitors should be able to surf through the pages and links of your mobile webpage as smoothly as possible. Every bit of information should be easily available in the hands of customers without much wandering.
  9. 9. Apply Colors to your Mobile Webpage Background colors play an important role in highlighting materials on a webpage. So, it should be keep in mind while designing your mobile webpage so that it looks eye- catchy and not dull and loud.
  10. 10. Test the Usability of your Mobile Website Regular testing and discussions on the features of your mobile website makes it more user-friendly. Even the feedback of your customers should be keep in mind and the website should be modified accordingly. In this way, the best look of the website can be offered to your visitors and customers.
  11. 11. For more Information, please feel free to visit at our Corporate Office Web Design Expert Y8, Block - EP Sector V, Salt Lake Kolkata - 700091 INDIA Ph: +91-33-40200838 email : info@web-design-expert.com