What is JibberJobber


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This short presentation shows how JibberJobber complements what career experts advise us to do, so we can manage our own careers.

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What is JibberJobber

  1. 1. What is JibberJobber?
  2. 2. To learn more, jump on a user webinar: http://www.jibberjobber.com/blog/free-webinar
  3. 3. JibberJobber is a career management tool. It was originally designed to replace the job search spreadsheet . Since then, it has become a tool to help you with the rest of your career.
  4. 4. Career Experts tell you to network your way into your next job, right? JibberJobber helps you network. This features shows how wide and deep your network is, visually!
  5. 5. Career Experts tell you to have target companies . Put your target companies into JibberJobber to keep track of them, and how you network into them.
  6. 6. Career Experts tell you to track where you send your resume . The Document Manager easily helps you know where you sent your resumes, so you can follow-up better.
  7. 7. Career Experts tell you to follow-up . Action Items are in front of you when you login, and if you have upgraded to Premium, you get them emailed to you.
  8. 8. Career Experts tell you to nurture relationships . Just collecting names and numbers isn’t networking. How strong is your relationship with each person?
  9. 9. Career Experts advise you to have different e levator pitches . The Interview Prep area allows you to record as many responses as you need…
  10. 10. Career Experts tell you to prepare for your next job search. When you are in transition again, will you start at square one? With JibberJobber, start where you last left off: with a great network!
  11. 11. Career Experts tell you to customize your resumes and cover letters. Put those in the Document Manager, and keep track of where you send them.
  12. 12. Job seekers know keeping track of a job search is a lot of work. It’s easy to manage a few contacts. But in an active job search, it can get out of hand quickly. Even with a spreadsheet!
  13. 13. Job seekers know we can be in a search for a long time . One month for every $10k in salary? Have fun with that. The more time goes on, the more complex the management becomes.
  14. 14. Job seekers know we want to be better prepared . Use JibberJobber to be prepared for this job search, and the rest of your career!
  15. 15. JibberJobber is the tool to help you manage your career. http://www.JibberJobber.com Free account for life. Optional upgrades available.