I Just Got Fired

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I got let go, and then started my own business. This explains how I got there, and what it is.

I got let go, and then started my own business. This explains how I got there, and what it is.

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  • Hard to fire someone I guess but didnt feel good when the Hartford Group came in and did it . Although it did spare hard feelings. www.thehartfordgrouponline.com if you are meeting with one of them, kiss your job goodbye.
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  • The simplicity captivated my attention which given my disposition can be extremely short so that is a bonus of sorts. I am a creative who was in his own business and has spent the last 10 years (that's a 1000 in internet timescale) re-inventing or attempting to find a way of replacing an 18 year created income so can identify with the whole concept of 'job' loss.
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  • Great slide show, Jason! I love the complex simplicity :-)
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  • 1. I just got FIRED!
  • 2. Fired, laid off, downsized… Such ugly, scary words
  • 3. Reduction in force, terminated, streamlined… Whatever you call it, I’m now looking for another job.
  • 4. Will you please join me? In my job search?
  • 5. At least during this slide show. Then you can go back to your “safe” job…
  • 6. So here you go, you’ll need this to get started… What are you waiting for? Click to the next slide!
  • 7. Pink Slip You may have been employee of the month… but we don’t need you anymore. Bye!
  • 8. Just so you know, I really was downsized. It happened over the phone.
  • 9. The next week, about ½ the company was let go. None of us were prepared for a job search.
  • 10. I started my job search somewhat excited… I knew my next job was going to be way better than what I had just left.
  • 11. After all, I had all the right things on my resume! Big job titles. Quantifiable results. MBA. Bilingual. Leadership galore.
  • 12. The hardest part of my job search would be… Turning down great job offers, as I was sure to have many great offers!
  • 13. But my job search went on for weeks. Months. It really sucked.
  • 14. I hated being a third-class citizen. Even dogs get more respect than job seekers.
  • 15. Recruiters and HR… they had it all! Software! Power (to hire me)! P aychecks!
  • 16. I just wanted some respect, like I had before. I was General Manager! People laughed at my jokes! People returned my calls!
  • 17. One day a recruiter called to make an appointment.
  • 18. I opened my Excel spreadsheet to make a note. So I wouldn’t forget the appointment, even though it didn’t sound very good.
  • 19. And it hit me… like a ton of bricks… What if….?
  • 20. What if the job seeker, the 3 rd class citizen , had … (the suspense is killing me!)
  • 21. A real tool… not an Excel spreadsheet. Not a spiral notebook. Definitely not 3x5 cards!
  • 22. I used to have real tools… when I had a job. Back when I was a 1 st class citizen.
  • 23. What if I could have my old CRM functionality CRM = Customer Relationship Management
  • 24. But without all the sales jargon? And sans sales reports (!!)
  • 25. Relationship management for my job search! {brilliant!}
  • 26. It would be a website, so I could access the info from Anywhere!
  • 27. Instead of sales jargon, it would have career stuff…
  • 28. Advice from career coaches, resume writers, “ nurture network relationships” “ keep track of where you apply” “ make sure you follow-up!”
  • 29. Networking experts,… all the stuff they say to do… “ do this!” “ do that!” :: lots to do – hard to manage ::
  • 30. I would be able to DO IT ALL in this website! How cool would that be?
  • 31. And it would live forever, so I could ignore it for a while… You know, if I got wrapped-up while I was in-between job searches ;)
  • 32. But come back to it when I really needed it. Like, in the next job search?
  • 33. But wait… my next job won’t be my last?? The gov’t says I’ll be in transition every 3 to 5 years. YUCK!
  • 34. And I hear about 80% of jobs are found through networking. Maybe between 25% and 80%, depending on (a lot of things).
  • 35. What if my job search tool was really a career tool ? A long term tool, not a band aid solution.
  • 36. What if this tool helped me even when I had a job? Even… if I was happily employed? (gasp!)
  • 37. What if I could be way more prepared for the next search? This means nurturing my relationships. All the time …
  • 38. That’s it. I decided to move forward. I could figure it out. It’s just a simple web-based CRM suite that is optimized for professionals to manage their careers, right?
  • 39. As I continued my job search, I started what would become At least, I thought it would become…
  • 40. A passive revenue stream. Good = Multiple streams of income
  • 41. I didn’t want an employer to have 100% control over…
  • 42. My income. Anymore. That would be like putting all my eggs in one basket!
  • 43. Once I got started, I was hooked. I was in my comfort zone – doing web stuff again like a 1 st class citizen!
  • 44. It didn’t help that I got such great feedback. College career centers. Job search coaches. Resume writers. THEY LOVED IT!
  • 45. We came up with a catchy name. It wasn’t cliché. In fact, it broke the rules of good domain names (it’s too long).
  • 46. Instead of calling it CareerHelper.com … Or JobSearchTool or CareerWolf or CareerTiger or any of those other easy-to-think of names.
  • 47. We named it JibberJobber.com (thanks Tige ;))
  • 48. We launched JibberJobber.com on May of 2006. That’s like 200 years ago , in Internet Years! So, we’re 200 years old (?).
  • 49. And we’ve been called a lot of things. Our favorite is “The Gold Standard in Career Management Systems.” Or, Career Management 2.0.
  • 50. We’re not a social network. Nope. There are enough of those in this world.
  • 51. We are a tool for you . Unless HR is managing your career. (we don’t recommend that strategy)
  • 52. So come on over… get a free account, and get started. Free = free for life With an optional upgrade ($9.95/month is inexpensive!)
  • 53. Just go to JibberJobber.com And click on the red button to sign up for your account.
  • 54. And start managing your own career. Because no one else really cares. Except your spouse. And maybe your parents ;)
  • 55. Seriously. Head on over. Start managing your career! http://www.JibberJobber.com This presentation was created by someone with no creativity. You may have to add your own.