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Keynote address to PR and marketing execs from NASCAR and affiliated partners.

Keynote address to PR and marketing execs from NASCAR and affiliated partners.



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NASCAR Summit NASCAR Summit Presentation Transcript

  • Changing Relationships with Audiences: Social Media & Two-Way Conversations Prepared for PR group and its partners By: Jason Silverstein / Jan. 23, 2009
  • Presentation Notes • Many ideas build on others; I have learned from many • Photographs mine unless noted in appendix (Creative Commons) • Presentation to be posted on jasonsilverstein.com and observerinteractive.com
  • intro: information & trust First, put yourself in your audiences’ shoes. Then act.
  • Theme: Pace of Change The pace of change in information and supporting technologies today -- across industries and geographies -- is nothing short of an industrial revolution.
  • Media
  • Automobiles
  • Banking
  • Implications • Pace favors nimble & technical • Customers favor openness • Costs of business / real & imagined • Information increases competition • New biz models must occur
  • Theme: Online Communities are People Social and online media best practices are built on familiar offline principles of basic human interactions.
  • Let’s have a thought experiment.
  • Would you trust this (tired-looking) guy?
  • Now, let’s change the thought. (Yes, let’s!)
  • Today’s Speaker: Jason Silverstein • VP, Interactive Media largest news organization in the Carolinas • Seven years at One of internet’s top brands • Formerly at & • Constant knowledge seeker - started businesses and has three degrees • E-mail: jason@jasonsilverstein.com or jsilverstein@observerinteractive.com
  • What Changed? • Different information & presentation • Known Associations • Context understood • Appears more credible (trust?) • Contact information available
  • Making Interactions Trustworthy All successful on- or off-line conversations should be: • Authentic • Verifiable • Relevant
  • what is social media?
  • “Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings...” - Wikipedia
  • Additional Qualifiers • Can be product or feature • Anonymous vs. Verifiable • General and/or Targeted • Business and/or Consumer • Typically “unicast” vs. “broadcast”
  • Categories of Social Media Users* • Creators - the publishers • Critics - commenters • Collectors - RSS, taggers • Joiners - network joiners • Spectators - readers/watchers • Inactives - online, not social * Via BusinessWeek, as is graphic on following page: http://www.businessweek.com/ magazine/content/07_24/b4038405.htm
  • Different Interests in the Same Place
  • What is successful social media?
  • Success for Today’s Discussion • Each person/company must define success • Influence (one measure) • Can you shape the thinking of your customers / fans / audience? • Engagement (one measure) • Can you be a “real” person? (accountability) • Are you increasing customer interaction(s)? Sales? Etc.?
  • Success for the big players * • 100M videos/day on YouTube (!) • 346M people reading blogs/day • 3M “tweets”/day • 150M users total on Facebook • 63% twitter users are male * Source: http://thefuturebuzz.com/2009/01/12/social-media-web-20-internet-numbers-s
  • A Note of Caution (!) • None of the big sites are profitable • Gathering audience • YouTube bandwidth/day - estimated $1,000,000 • Twitter just hired its first product manager • flickr a loss leader for Yahoo!
  • changing media landscape What are media companies to do? Listen to your audience!
  • New Audience, New Attitudes “If the news is that important, it will find me.” “Finding Political News Online, the Young Pass It On” - New York Times. (Emphasis above on “find me” is mine.)
  • Newspapers
  • RSS / Mobile / Niche
  • Radio (Programmed)
  • TV News
  • Trusted Brands • “Short” window of opportunity - TBD time • Still needed (remember “verification”?) • Brand affinity not what it used to be; accelerating with web / “pace of change” • Some making great investments; other struggling with culture
  • media in another definition
  • Changing Web is Changing Entertainment • Phases of Engagement • Walled Garden (CompuServe) • Portal • Search • Community • Economies of Scale / Distribution
  • TV Shows
  • Path of TV • Broadcast Networks • Cable, then Satellites • VCRs, then DVDs • VOD • DVR • Internet TV
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Forget What You Know About Media • Broadcasting is moving toward live events quickly • HD/digital changes TV • If it’s able to be digitized, it will be • Time shifting • Two-way is the new “normal” • Net changes all paths (next slide)
  • power of social media
  • #motrinmoms
  • The Aftermath • Immediate and swift reaction • Demands from users • Commercial removed • Main website taken down • Apology • Lesson learned about online responses
  • FedEx/Memphis & Ketchum • PR rep on way to FedEx visit • Updates Twitter with Memphis remark • FedEx finds, takes offense to update • Irony: PR rep to discuss social media • Lessons: 1) It’s easy to listen/be heard & 2) Professional / Personal
  • AdAge’s Marketer of the Year iPhone screenshot courtesy http://dogearnation.com/
  • LASIK • Our dev manager updated status • Included LASIK • Replies back from unconnected people • Lesson: Mine data for your use, add value
  • getting started
  • Internally • Identify who and what • How will you use your brand? • Separate personal from professional where possible (execs can not) • Be ready to see the bad, the worse, and the ugly • Be cool
  • listen to your audience
  • Externally • Don’t react (aka “Be Cool,” again) • Pace is the trick • Find your friends, connect • Super friends take up for you • “You can’t win them all.”
  • managing info overload
  • Finding Tools Right for You • Google Reader • Technorati • Twitter searches • Social bookmarking sites • more...
  • in conclusion
  • • Pace of Change • Social media = offline mirror • Audiences choose convenience over quality most of the time • Media world dictated by users • Step out there!
  • additional info
  • Pace of Change influences These books and online research have influenced my thinking.
  • Social media influence These books and online research have influenced my thinking.
  • Credits • Image with Wikipedia definition - kara by john curley - http://flickr.com/photos/jay_que/ 2501197232/ • Image for “Automobiles” - IMG_7055 by i_am_lee_sam - http://flickr.com/photos/leesam/ 3207747285/ • Book covers from Amazon.com. • All other images (c) Jason Silverstein. • Other sources cited throughout.