Vemma's lucrative business side
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Vemma's lucrative business side



I covered every aspect of Vemma's business side. There is nothing fraudulent about this business. Not only that, the drinks are delicious and nutritious!

I covered every aspect of Vemma's business side. There is nothing fraudulent about this business. Not only that, the drinks are delicious and nutritious!



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Vemma's lucrative business side Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Vemma’s lucrative business model By: Jasmin Grady
  • 2. Introduction I noticed that many people on/off the internet have been calling Vemma a scam and pyramid scheme. I created this presentation to clear this up. Vemma is 100% legit and I know of real people who make a great living with this business.
  • 3. Let’s discuss the early Vemma business stages.
  • 4. The early stages ● When you sign up for Vemma, you’ll get a $4 check in the mail within the next few months. ● The purpose of getting this small check is to let you know that Vemma does pay. ● Don’t worry. It’s a cashable check. When I got it after a few months, I had no problem cashing it.
  • 5. The early stages (To be continued) ● The first thing you need to do is thoroughly study the entire Vemma system, mainly the compensation plan. ● After studying the entire system, go out and promote your new business.
  • 6. This is the perfect time to cover the advertising policy
  • 7. Advertising policy ● Vemma has a strict advertising policy to prevent spam. ● You’re allowed to use email marketing and social media marketing. ● Sign up with an email marketing program that allows you to use their services to market this business first.
  • 8. Advertising policy (to be continued) ● Make sure to get the permission of your target audience before emailing them. ● Taking this precaution will protect you from spamming accusations. ● If you want to use social media marketing, use the same precautions you’d use with email marketing.
  • 9. Advertising policy (to be continued) ● Rule of thumb. Don’t go on any social networking sites to advertise on other users profiles and/or inboxes. ● That is a recipe for a disaster because that’s like mowing someone else’s lawn without their permission. This is the perfect way to receive the “spammer” label.
  • 10. Advertising policy (to be continued) ● Vemma has no tolerance for spamming. ● If you get reported for spamming and you have no evidence to prove you didn’t do that, get ready for the consequences. ● The consequences are: Permanent termination from Vemma and blacklisting along with getting reported as a spammer to your Internet Service Provider.
  • 11. Now that I’ve covered the advertising policy, I’m going to cover the compensation plan.
  • 12. Vemma’s compensation plan
  • 13. Vemma’s compensation plan (to be continued) ● Vemma tries to encourage everyone to constantly promote the program by offering incentives. ● In order to remain active with Vemma and qualify for a payment, you have to have at least 120 QV (qualifying volume) points.
  • 14. Vemma’s compensation plan (to be continued) ● Vemma has a two-tier program. ● The first tier is your “Left Team” and the second tier is your “Right Team.” The left team is the team you created with your efforts.
  • 15. Vemma’s compensation plan (to be continued) ● The right leg consists mostly of your Upline’s enrollees and a few of your own. ● As long as you continue to work on your business, you will qualify for the bonuses coming from your Upline’s efforts.
  • 16. Vemma’s compensation plan (to be continued) Here is an illustration of the two-tier program:
  • 17. Looking back ● I addressed the scamming accusations. Accusations is what they are, not facts. ● The early stages of Vemma consist of learning and earning. ● The advertising policy is strict to fight against spam. ● The compensation plan is packed with incentives to provide encouragement.
  • 18. How do you feel about Vemma’s business model now? A) Ready to join and transform my life from A through Z! B) I am interested, but I want to learn a bit more about Vemma first.
  • 19. If you’re ready to join and turn your life around or want to learn more about this business, contact me as soon as possible. Here is my contact information: Jasmin Cell phone: (702) 741-9817 Vemma website: