The three amigos
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  • 1. Oh no, a squirrel has dared to enter the backyard! Alert the forces! Muhahahaha!!
  • 2. Have no fear, the dogs are here!
  • 3. Let’s check out their resume… Name: Cookie Zorro Midgley Gender: Male Age: 6 Likes: Cookies! Food! Cookies! Long walks in the park. Playing fetch. Hugs and kisses. But mostly food! Dislikes: When food givers are absent. Specialty: Drooling and snuggling. Life Goal: To enjoy each day to the fullest!
  • 4. Next dog, please… Name: Oreo Cookie Midgley Gender: Male Age: 7 Likes: Licking! Sniffing! Chasing squirrels! Dislikes: Doors that hold me back from chasing squirrels. Specialty: Alerting other dogs of intruders. Escaping any type of built-in fence. Life Goal: To protect the household from intruding squirrels.
  • 5. And finally… Name: Shadow Bear Midgley Gender: …. Male? Age: 7 (but acts at least 4 years older) Likes: Sleeping. Being in charge of other dogs. Ear rubs from humans. Pretending to be aggressive. Dislikes: Exercise! Bath time. Not being in charge. Specialty: Being a PillowPet! Guarding front door from other dogs and welcoming visitors. Life Goal: To have control over everything!
  • 6. Now, back to the story…
  • 7. Oreo is first to arrive on the scene…
  • 8. Oreo has alerted his amigos and all are wary of the squirrel invasion..
  • 9. Shadow comes up with a plan on how to get outside…
  • 10. Shadow attempts to win over thehumans with his irresistible puppy eyes…
  • 11. But what sounded like a great plan turned into an hour long photo shoot…
  • 12. And now Shadow’s wiped out…
  • 13. So, Oreo comes up with a plan…
  • 14. Oreo decides to use his specialties of licking and barking to try to get the humans to open the door… Hear me roar!
  • 15. But unfortunately, all the puppies inthe neighborhood mistook his calls for play time and the rest…
  • 16. … is history
  • 17. While Oreo was in distress, the humans were loving it!
  • 18. Even Cookie was becoming distracted…
  • 19. Oreo reminded Cookie to stay focusedon the situation especially as they had lost a member to sleep…
  • 20. So, finally, Cookie came up with a plan…
  • 21. “Maybe I can pretend to be a human and THEN they’ll let us out”…
  • 22. But Cookie was too convincing andbefore he knew it, it became a dress up party!
  • 23. Even Shadow and Oreo were lured into the charade…
  • 24. The dogs became discouraged.They thought that they’d never get to the squirrel…
  • 25. So the dogs lay down and decided to have a rest…
  • 26. The squirrel noticed the dogs hadgiven up and realized he was actuallylooking forward to a thrilling chase…
  • 27. So being the ninja squirrel that he is, he simply opened the door for them…
  • 28. The dogs ran free!
  • 29. But where did the squirrel go? Come and get meh!
  • 30. “Oh, wait… Squirrels climb trees.”
  • 31. “I love messin’ around with them dogs!” “Until next time Three Amigos!”
  • 32. That’s enough exercise for me today!Ugh, well, I’m pooped… Again! Again!
  • 33. Stay tuned for their next episode with special guest BUCK the DEER MOO!