Our 50 states
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Our 50 states






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Our 50 states Our 50 states Presentation Transcript

  • I chose these 10 states carefully because Iwanted to learn a little more about statesthat the common person doesn’t reallyknow much about.
  • United we stand, Divided we fall• The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City• Missouri is the 24th state in the united states• The right section representing the United
  • o The three stars on the flag represent the three different land forms in Tennessee.o Tennessee’s state flower is an irisThe state’s motto is Agriculture and Commerceo The capitol of Tennessee is Nashvilleo Tennessee is the 16th state in the united states
  • • The state motto is “forward”• wisconsin’s state flower is the “wood violet”• Madison is the capital of this state• Wisconsin is the 30th
  •  The capitol of this state is Atlanta Georgia is the 4th state in the united state Thirteen stars surrounding the seal denotes Georgias position as one of the original thirteen colonies• Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation is Georgias state motto• This states flower is the Cherokee rose
  • Illinois is the 21st state in the united statesThis great state’s flower is the Purple VioletState Sovereignty, National Union is thisstate’s mottoThe capitol of this great state is SpringfieldIllinois is nick named the “Prairie state”
  • This states flower is the beautiful magnoliaBaton rouge is the capitol of this magnificentstateLouisiana is the 18th state in the united statesUnion, justice, and confidence is this greatstate’s mottoLouisiana is nick named the “pelican state”
  • The capitol of this state is LansingMichigan is the 26th state in the united statesThe apple blossom is this state’s flower If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.Wolverine state and the great lake state are thenicknames for this state
  • oThe capitol of this state is  The capitol of New York is AlbanyAlbany  This state is the 11th state in the united stateso New Yorks state flower is the of Americarose York’s state flower is the rose  Newo This is the 11th state in the  This state is nick named the “Empire state”united states  Excelsior is New Yorks mottoo New York is nick named theEmpire stateo “excelsior” is this state’s
  •  The capitol of this state is ColumbiaSouth Carolinas state flower is the Yellow Jessamine South Carolina is the 8th state in the united states The mottos are “prepared in mind and recourses”/ and“while I breath, I hope” this state’s nick name is the “palmetto state”