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The chisholm trail



PowerPoint of The Chisholm Trail for Sam Houston's Travel Texas class.

PowerPoint of The Chisholm Trail for Sam Houston's Travel Texas class.



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The chisholm trail The chisholm trail Presentation Transcript

  • THE CHISHOLM TRAIL A Travel Texas Project by Michelle Martinez
  • CHISHOLM TRAILCROSSING The Chisholm Trail Crossing Park provides visitors with a simulated scene of Round Rocks historical role in the Chisholm Cattle Drive. Commemorative plaques in the park tell of the history of Round Rock. The bronze sculptures of 4 steers and pioneer woman, Hattie Cluck, and her son, Emmitt, were commissioned by the City through generous donations from Round Rock residents. The sculptures depict Round Rocks history as a crossing location along the Chisholm Trail. The famous round rock is near the park in the Brushy Creek. The limestone crossing is marked with ruts from the wagons that crossed while on the cattle dive. Round Rock, Texas
  • Goin’ to Water by Jim ThomasThis sculpture was donated by the Torres family in honor of their familyheritage on the frontier. Both of their parents were immigrants fromMexico. They came to America in the 1900’s but their families traveledwith the cattle drive in the late 1800’s. They chose the longhorn torepresent their agricultural background in their ancestor’s frontier life.
  • The Bell Steer by Jim ThomasThe lead steer would wear a bell that let the herd and cowboys knowwhere the head of the herd was in the dark and bad weather. Thesesteers were often led back to Texas at the end of their trail to lead anotherherd of cattle on the drive back to Kansas.
  • The Pioneer Woman and the Pioneer BoyHattie Cluck and her family were one of the first families to travel theChisholm Trail in 1871. Hattie was the first woman to travel the trail fromTexas to Kansas. Once they made it to Kansas, the family came back andsettled on Brushy Creek. Her son Emmitt was also on the trail, along withtwo other siblings.
  • The Round RockRound Rock is named after this rock. It marked a low-waterwagon crossing for settlers. The community was originallycalled Brushy Creek, but Postmaster Thomas Oatts suggestedit be renamed after the round rock in 1854.
  • Wagon Wheel TracksHundred year old wheel tracks are still visible in theriverbed of Brushy Creek. The rocky stream bedalso building stone for Pioneer homes.
  • Standing in the Tracks of the FrontiersIt was an amazing feeling standing in the tracks of the frontiers.Wheel tracks have worn away over time, and stones have beenadded to complete the trail. If you look closely, you will see thatthe wagon wheel track is wider than where I am standing.
  • Wagon Wheel Trail MarkerThere is a walking trail along the bank of BrushyCreek. This wagon wheel marks the spot where thewagon trail starts in the bed of Bushy Creek.
  • Brushy Creek
  • CHISHOLM TRAILMURAL Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth is rich in Western history and lore. During the great cattle drives of the late 1800s, Fort Worth was one of the major stops on the legendary Chisholm Trail. Cowboys on the trail would visit downtown Fort Worth for some much needed recreation. The downtown area was filled with saloons, gambling parlors, shooting galleries and dance halls, which attracted a rough mix of gamblers, cattlemen, outlaws, and lonesome doves. Fort Worth, Texas
  • Chisholm Trail Mural by Richard HaasThe mural was added to the southern side of the Jettbuilding in 1985 commemorating the Chisholm Trailcattle drive from 1867-1875.
  • The mural includes false architecture and stainedglass windows. It depicts a small herd of longhorncattle seeming to step through the archway in 3-D.
  • TEXAS RANGER HALLOF FAME & MUSEUM The official museum, hall of fame, and repository of the Texas Rangers in Waco, Texas. Waco, Texas
  • The Fence Cutting WarsThis display features a Ranger stopping someone from cutting abarbed wire fence that belongs to a rancher. In the 1880’s, the fencecutting wars were between ranchers, Indians, cattle drives, andrustlers. Many people thought the range should be kept open, butranchers felt the need to put up fencing to keep their cattle in and to
  • The Texas Cattle DriveThis is a drawing that was featured in Harper’sWeekly, May 2, 1874. The drawing was submittedby Frenzeny and Tavernier.
  • BELL COUNTYMUSEUM The Chisholm Trail passed through Belton, Texas along Nolan Creek from 1867-1887. t.html Belton, Texas
  • Chisholm Trail MonumentThis monument was added to the Bell CountyMuseum in 2007. It was sculpted by Troy Kelley.
  • From 1867-1887, over 14 million head of cattle weredriven north from Texas along the Chisholm Trail toKansas.
  • This teepee is an ongoing exhibit, part of theChisholm Trail exhibit.
  • Chisholm Trail MonumentThe Chisholm Trail Monument features 17 panels ofsculpted scenes from the Chisholm Trail based onlocal stories.
  • Scene of a Cowboy
  • Driving the Herd
  • Jesse Chisholm
  • BOSQUE COUNTYMUSEUM The Chisholm Trail passed directly through Clifton, Texas along the Bosque River. Clifton, Texas
  • On the Trail in Bosque CountyThis is a picture of a cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail inBosque County.
  • Camping on the TrailHere is a picture of a camp on the trail. During the cattle drive, they wouldset up camp for a night or two to give the cowboys and the cattle a rest.They would all stay together to keep a better watch from Indians andcattle rustlers.
  • Family BackgroundWhile at the museum, I found a picture of some of my family. TheBernhardt’s were one of the founding families of Womack, Texas. Here isa picture of the Bernhardt Band, all of which are my relatives.
  • WILLIAMSON MUSEUM The Chisholm Trail passed through Georgetown, Texas along the San Gabriel River. This museum is set up more for children. This portion of the presentation will have a more personal note. Georgetown, Texas
  • Life as a Pioneer WomanIn this exhibit, pioneer clothes were set up ina trunk for kiddos to play in. Sophie lovedwearing the bonnet and apron.
  • CottonSettlers that didn’t finish the cattle drive oftentimes become cotton farmers. Sophie isfeeling the different kinds of cotton on
  • The Spinning WheelThis spinning wheel was set up for kids topractice spinning cotton. Sophie had funmaking it spin by using the foot pedal.
  • On the TrailThis exhibit is set up for kids to pretend theyare on the cattle drive. Sophie is pretendingto ride a horse.
  • Cooking LunchThe chuck wagon was set up with cookingutensils from the late 1800’s.
  • Making Corn BreadThe chuck wagon was set up around a littlecampground to give kids an authentic feel ofthe Chisholm Trail.