Handy Fb (Gesture recognition and facebook manipulation project)
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Handy Fb (Gesture recognition and facebook manipulation project)



Used gesture recognition to perform events like " chat, write on wall , like this and poke" on face-book look alike page.

Used gesture recognition to perform events like " chat, write on wall , like this and poke" on face-book look alike page.



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Handy Fb (Gesture recognition and facebook manipulation project) Handy Fb (Gesture recognition and facebook manipulation project) Presentation Transcript

  • Handy Facebook (Hand gestures to manipulate social networking website)
  • Team Members
    • Jaskaran Uppal (0419)
    • Sandeep Mallela (9769)
    • Darpan Dhamija (0550)
    • Rahul Perhar (4562)
  • Project Objective
    • Identify hand gestures in front of a webcam
    • Navigate the website depending on the gestures recognized
  • Tasks to be performed
    • Making of gestures in front of the camera
    • Gesture detection at a suitable frame rate
    • Capturing the gestures and storing them in a .jpg file
    • System training to recognize the gestures with a low error rate
    • Execution of events upon the successful gesture recognition on the webpage
    • Notification to be sent to the user
  • Gesture Making
    • Usage of a small set of gestures (fingers).
    • Every finger raised will perform some predefined navigation of the webpage
    • System capabilities can be programmed to accommodate other human gestures as well
    • Error in detection can be reduced by training
  • Gesture Detection
    • Gestures are detected at a suitable frame rate.
    • The camera captures the hand gesture and we apply canny edge detection algorithm to store the gestures in the following format
  • System Training
    • System training is done using “Neuroph” an open source Image Recognition tool that takes images as input and produces a neural network.
    • This Neural network can be trained to recognize the gestures
    • This can be used with Java Classes to be integrated in our application, using plug-in provided with the tool
  • Website Navigation
    • The default page shown to the user
    • User makes gesture
    • System recognizes
    • Website navigates
    • Facebook profile loaded
    • Furthermore the user can use other gestures to navigate though additional WebPages
  • Website Navigation Contd.
    • After initial gesture recognition, user is navigated to a personal profile page where he is given additional options
    • The user can make gestures to perform either of the actions
    • Chat
    • Write on wall
    • Like a post
    • Poke a person
  • Implementation Details
    • The application is implemented using the following:
    • OpenCV libraries for gesture recognition code
    • Using Java to capture the image and convert it into a BufferedImage for easy processing
    • Neuroph tool is used to train the system
    • The output from Neuroph is the recognition of Gesture upon which we have actions defined
  • Results
    • Home Page
  • Results
    • Personal Page of a user
  • Results
    • Opening Chat for a user
  • Results
    • Writing on the wall of a user
  • Results
    • “ Like” a user post
  • Results
    • “ Poke” a user
  • Limitations
    • The Limitations to the system includes the following:
    • The error rate in gesture recognition is persistent
    • It is a Lo-Fi prototype of what can be done on a larger scale further improvements can be done
    • Gesture recognition is dependent upon on available light.
  • Future Additions
    • Improvement in Hand gesture recognition. Making the system more refined and gestures easily recognizable
    • We can Integrate this into a number of applications like Google maps to get the address of a particular place.
    • A lot more different gestures can be used and trained in the system
    • We can have a real chat window in the future
  • Credits & References
    • Prof. Suya You, for all the support and knowledge of various User Interface Designs
    • Vijayakumar Gopalakrishnan, TA for giving an initial idea and helping us in realizing the project till the completion
    • Neuroph and related documentation for gesture recognition ( http://neuroph.sourceforge.net/documentation.html )
  • Thank You