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Русский алфавит Русский алфавит Presentation Transcript

  • Русский алфавит (russki alfavit) Russian alphabet
  • • Don’t worry if you don’t absolutely master reading the letters quickly, as long as you can look at a letter and tell what it is, especially the 2nd group of letters (look different, sound the same).• Also don’t be concerned with memorizing every word on the lists, there are quite a few and it’s just to help know letters
  • Letters that are (almost) the same• Аа• Кк• Мм• Оо• Тт
  • Аа• “ah” as in father• Папа (papa– dad)• Там (tahm- there)• Cобака (sobaka- dog)
  • Кк• The same sound as “K” in English• Кот (Kot- male cat)• Кто (Kto- who)• Пока (poka- bye)
  • Мм• The same “m” sound as in english• Мама (mama- mom)• Музыка (muzika- music)• Метро (myetro- subway)
  • Оо• Usually like “o” in “bore”, but can sometimes sound like “ah” or “uh”• Что (chto- what)• Плохо (plokhuh- bad)• Хорошо (Khahruhsho- good)• Note that «хорошо» incorporates all three tones
  • Тт• Same sound as English ‘t’• Сто (sto- 100)• Ты (Tiy- you)• Такси (Taksi - Taxi)
  • Russian letters that look like English letters, but sound different• Вв• Ее• Нн• Рр• Сс• Уу• Хх
  • Вв• “v” sound• Вот (vot- here)• В (to, in)• Виргиния (Virginiya- Virginia)
  • Ee• “yeh” as in “yet”• Нет (nyet- no)• Девочка (dyevuchka- girl)• Беларусь (byelarus’-Belarus)• This is the “y version” of Ээ (I’ll explain later)
  • Нн• “N” sound as in “never”• Не (nye- negation word)• День (dyen- day)• На (nah- on)
  • Рр• Rolled “R” as in Spanish “perro”• Русский (russkiy- Russian)• Говорить (govorit’ – to speak)• Кристофер (Kristofyer- Christopher)Note: does not form a blend as in English “tree”..Would pronounce t & r separately
  • Сс• “S” sound as in snake• С (with)• Сказать (skazat’- to say)• Если (yesli- if)
  • Уу• “Oo” as in ‘Joop’• У (by/with/of)• Друг (droog- male friend)• Уилл (Ooill- Will)
  • Xx• Hard “ch” sound like “Bach” or “Loch”• Хотеть (khotyet- to like)• Хороший (khoroshiy- good [adj])• Хотя (khotya- although)Make the sound from your throat, as in German
  • Letters that look unusual but have familiar sounds• Бб• Гг• Дд• Зз• Ии• Лл• Пп• Фф• Ээ
  • Бб• “B” sound as in “bird” or “Bill”• Быть (Biyt- to be)• Бог (Bog- God)• Бабушка (babushka- grandmother)
  • Гг• Hard “G” as in “God”• “V” sound if between two vowels (usually “e” and “o”• Где (Gdye- Where)• Говорить (govorit’- to speak)• Его (Yevo- his)• Never a soft ‘g’ like “George”
  • Дд• “d” sound as in “dad”• Дедушка (dyedushka- grandfather)• Да (da- yes)• Для (dlya- for/to)
  • Зз• Z sound as in zebra• За (za- behind, over, at, after)• Знать (znat’- to know)• Зебра (Zyebra- zebra)
  • Ии• Long “ee” sound as in “weed”• И (and)• Извините (Izvinitye- excuse me)• Ничего (Nichivo- nothing/don’t worry about it)
  • Лл• “L” as in “look”• Или (ili- or)• Человек (chyelovyek- person/man)• Лицо (litso- face)
  • Пп• “P” as in “pirate”• По-английски (po-angliiski- English language)• Правда (pravda- the truth)• Пират (pirat- Pirate)
  • Фф• “F” as in fu…fudge• Фылм (Fiylm- film/movie)• Флорида (Florida- Florida)• Фраза (fraza- phrase)
  • Ээ• “eh” sound as in Elephant• Shortened “Ee”• Это (ehto- it/that/ this)• Эффект (effekt- effect)• Электричество (elyektrichestvo- electricity)
  • New Letters and sounds• Юю• Яя• Ёё• Жж• Цц• Чч• Шш and Щщ• Ыы• Йй
  • Юю• “yoo” sound as in University• Юг (Yug – south)• Not super common, mostly in verb endings
  • Яя• “ya” as in yacht• Я (I/me)• Яблоко (yabloka- apple)• Татьяна (Tatyana- Tatyana)• It is just one sound ‘ya’, not ‘ee-ah’
  • Ёё• “yo” sound as in yoke• Not often used in typed language, usually replace with Ее• Всё- (vsyo- all/everything)
  • Жж• ‘zh’ as in ‘measure’• Sometimes paired with Д (Дж-) for a “j” sound as in John, for loanwords• Жёлтый (zhyoltiy- yellow)• Женщина (zhenshina- woman)
  • Цц• ‘ts’ as in ‘nuts’• Цветок (tsvyetok- flower)• Цвет (tsvyet- color)• Царь (tsar’-Czar/king)
  • Чч• Ch as in chandler• Sometimes soft like ‘sh”• Что (shto- what)• Час (chas- hour)• Ночь (noch’- night)
  • Шш, Щщ• Both a form of “sh” – «Щ» makes a “shch” like the middle of the words “fresh cheese”. A softer version• Шесть (shyest’- six)• Наш (nahsh- our)• Защищать (zashishat’ – to protect)• Помощь – (Pomosh – help)
  • Ыы• Deep ‘I’ sound from throat, almost forced like a “oowi”.. No similarity as in english• Вы (Viy- you (plural)• Ты (Тiy- you (singular)• Быть (biyt’- to be)
  • Йй• A sort of ‘y’ sound• Яйцо (yaytso- egg)• Русский (russkiy- Russian)
  • Pronunciation symbols• These letters have no sound of their own• Ьь- makes letter before softer• Ъъ- indicates slight pause in syllable, almost never used
  • Try to sound out these words (answers on next slide)• Кошка (female cat)• Мальчик (boy)• Здесь (here)• Чёрный (black)• Машина (car)• Ручка (pen)
  • • Кошка (Koshka)• Мальчик (Malchik)• Здесь (zdyes)• Чёрный (chyorniy)• Машина (Mashina)• Ручка (roochka)
  • • Я тебя люблю (I love you)• Я собираюсь в рестосан (I’m going to the restaurant)• Моя мама и мой папа живют в белом доме (my mom and my dad live in a white house)
  • • Я собираюсь в рестосан (ya sobirayus v restoran)• Моя мама и мой папа живют в белом доме (moya mama i moy papa zhivyut v byelom domye)