Oriflame Cosmetics how to do 150 points every month


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This is a Training for Oriflame Consultants on how to do 150 points every month.

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Oriflame Cosmetics how to do 150 points every month

  1. 1. Oriflame TrainingLearn how to develop a strong customerbaseLearn how to do 150 points or more eachmonth Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorLearn how to be a role model in retailing JashmiW@gmail.comand teach your team how to duplicate the 9377630607same
  2. 2. What is Retailing?Retailing means building a strongcustomer base and servicing them, monthafter month.A strong customer base is the foundation Mrs Jashmiof our business because you get orders Oriflame Directorcoming in every month.. JashmiW@gmail.com 9377630607It makes your business more profitable.
  3. 3. Build your customer baseStart building your customer base fromyour friend circleExpand the circle with references fromexisting customers. Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorKeep building your list of customers. jashmiw@gmail.com 9377630607
  4. 4. Be a Consultant, not sellerGain trust of your customers byrecommending products based on theirneeds and help them get results.Good results and personal service makes Mrs Jashmithem buy from you again and again Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comKeep expanding your product knowledge 9377630607by studying the new products in thecatalogue
  5. 5. Use Oriflame – Head to ToeBe a role model for your customers.Use Oriflame products to fulfil all yourdaily needs like shampoo, shower get,cleanser, moisturiser, make-up, Mrs Jashmicosmetics, toiletries, soap, hair oil, etc. Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comWhen you use products yourself you can 9377630607recommend to others more confidently.Try 1-2 new products yourself as soon asthey are launched in a catalogue
  6. 6. Educate your customersBuild your customer list till you have 100customers and show them the newcatalogue each month.Remember the products your customers Mrs Jashmihave used and remind them to buy more Oriflame Directoras soon as their stock is over. jashmiw@gmail.com 9377630607Find their other needs and recommendproducts based on their new needs.Circulate and re-circulate 20 cataloguesevery month in your circle.
  7. 7. Work 2-3 hours per dayTalk to 3 new people each day forproducts and for joining.Write down and practice your opening talkin front of the mirror and feel comfortable, Mrs Jashmiconfident and natural. Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comExpress your passion for Oriflame 9377630607products, share your experience, tell howyou joined Oriflame, why you like Oriflameproducts and create curiosity for becominga Oriflame consultant or buying products
  8. 8. Recruit or RetailFirst ask people if they are interested inextra income and if they say yes, sharethe Oriflame opportunity.If they say no, then show the catalogue, Mrs Jashmiask them few questions about their skin, Oriflame Directorthe products they are using currently and jashmiw@gmail.comthen recommend Oriflame products. 9377630607Share with them your personal testimonialof using Oriflame products, how you feeland look after using them.
  9. 9. Give Personalized ServiceCreate an intention of serviceSpeak from the heart and be in thesharing mode and speak about thebenefits Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorWhen you meet someone melt the ice, jashmiw@gmail.comfind their problems and give the solution 9377630607Show 1-2 products as sample – egcleanser or scrub or a cream to give anidea of the product qualify
  10. 10. Know your customers needsRecommend different types of creamsbased on skin type and ageRecommend different types of shampoosbased on hair type and problem Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorRecommend different types of perfumes jashmiw@gmail.comand deos based on their fragrance – 9377630607floral, spicy, woody,Tell the facts that you know, if you dontknow something tell them I will check andget back to you.
  11. 11. Help them take a decisionAsk for the order at the end of yourpresentation or catalogue sharing andtake out your order book and pen to notedown the order. Mrs JashmiGet a clear commitment and dont be Oriflame Directorattached to get a yes and thank them at jashmiw@gmail.comthe end for their time. 9377630607Inform the total amount, and collect sometoken amount as advance.
  12. 12. Give after sales serviceDeliver the product and give cleardirection for usage and get commitmentfor using for 3-6 months.Recommend them to drink lots of water Mrs Jashmiand give some tips for health skin. Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comFollow up with customers on phone, ask 9377630607them if they are using it regularly asrecommended.
  13. 13. Follow up for repeat ordersAsk them to notice positive changes asthey use Oriflame productsMake sure you help them order beforetheir products are over. Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorAsk for the next order, show the latest jashmiw@gmail.comcatalogue and ask for reference 9377630607Remind them that they can also start theirbusiness with Oriflame.
  14. 14. Use Retail income to grow fastUse Oriflame products daily to build yourbelief and confidenceIf you have a customer base of 60-80people you can have good retail income. Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorRetail income gives you cash to cover jashmiw@gmail.comyour expenses. 9377630607Follow the system, step by step to savetime, energy and money.
  15. 15. Oriflame is for daily useDo cross sellingIf customer is buying cosmetics only, getthem to buy skin care products Mrs Jashmi Oriflame DirectorIf customer is buying skin care only, tell jashmiw@gmail.comthem to try hair care products. 9377630607Recommend shampoo, soap and otherdaily use items to every customer
  16. 16. Teach Retailing to NewbiesTeach retailing to everyone who joins yourteam.When your consultants learn retailing theywill have lots of customers and they will Mrs Jashmiorder every month Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.comYour group points will grow continuously 9377630607and help you reach higher level.