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This presentation is a guide for anyone who want to join Oriflame Pune and be a successful Oriflame Consultant in Pune. Oriflame beauty products sell a lot in Pune. To join Oriflame Pune contact number is 93377630607. There is a lot money for Oriflame distributors. Pune is a growing city. Its a best place for Oriflame dealers. Pune is a city where new people come from different parts of India to study. You can make 10,000 or more by working part ime in Oriflame Pune. India is proud of the Consultants of Oriflame in Pune. For Rs 299 you can get Oriflame Membership. Pune is full of call center, IT companies and working couples. They need Oriflame products. Pune is a place to grow in Oriflame India, Pune is full of opportunities for Oriflame Consultants. Pune is where I reached Seniro Manager level in Oriflame. I have a big team in Pune and I continue to guide them. This presentation has tips and success formulas for Oriflame consultants in Pune.

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Oriflame Consultants in Pune

  1. 1. Oriflame Consultants - STT Oriflame is a great opportunity because people need our products Many people want to look young and beautiful Mrs Jashmi Oriflame We help people to look good, feel good Director jashmiw@gmail.com and to make lots and lots of money!Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  2. 2. Earn Cash Daily... Oriflame business is based on customers. Just show the catalogue to 3 new customers everyday and recommend them products based on their needs Mrs Jashmi Oriflame Some customers will want to join Oriflame so Director jashmiw@gmail.com help them join Oriflame and teach them what you have learnt from me. This way you start progressing in OriflameJoin Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  3. 3. Earn Cash Daily... Keep adding new customers to your list. You will get repeat orders from customers for daily use items like shampoo, face wash, cream, soap, deo, perfume, talks etc. Mrs Jashmi as well as lipsticks and make up products. Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.com Be in touch with customers, inform them of new offers and give them a copy of the latest catalogue each month.Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  4. 4. Earn Cash Daily... Always buy 20 Catalogues of next month in advance so you can give to customers and new consultants who join your team. Ask your customers: Mrs Jashmi 1. Who do you know who can benefit from Oriflame Oriflame products? Director jashmiw@gmail.com 2. Would you like get your products for free by becoming an Oriflame Consultant?Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  5. 5. Earn Cash Daily... Organize a Beauty Party at home by doing any of the following activities: Facials, Make up, Hair Spa, Nail Art, Etc. Invite customers and ask them to bring their Mrs Jashmi friends with them! Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.com Place order one a week. Decide a day and let your customers know it.Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  6. 6. Earn Monthly Cheque...Do 150 points or more yourself & be Qualifiedfor Business Class offer each month.Recruit 1 new Consultant per week and teachher everything you know, step by step. Mrs Jashmi OriflameBuild a team of 6 or more Consultants and Director jashmiw@gmail.comthen teach them how to do the same.Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  7. 7. Earn Monthly Cheque... Once you reach 3%, call me for a 15 min. Business Planning session on phone for reaching 6%, 9%, 12% and higher levels. Get qualified for Managers Seminar ( I will Mrs Jashmi guide you) Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.com I will give my 100% if you are serious and willing to give 1-2 hours a day for Oriflame.Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
  8. 8. Earn Monthly Cheque... Write down your dreams and goals for the next 1, 2 and 5 years. Write down when you want to be a Manager (12%) and Senior Manager (21%) with Mrs Jashmi Oriflame Oriflame Director jashmiw@gmail.com If you write clear goals, I can guide you better.Join Oriflame: Call 9377630607
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