Mental Toughness for Success in Oriflame


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Mental Toughness is a concept form sports psychology that is applicable to businesses. Oriflame Consultants who are mentally tough make it to the top faster than others.

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Mental Toughness for Success in Oriflame

  1. 1. Mental ToughnessIt is very important to developyour Mental Toughness forSuccess in the Oriflamebusiness. Negative peopleand situations will have noeffect on you when you keepbuilding your mentalToughness.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  2. 2. Dealing with Negative People!Some people like to put others down.They make fun of people who are up tosomething great in life.They do this because they are jealousand they can see that if you keep doingwhat you are doing you will be moresuccessful than them so they want tostop you from achieving your goals.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  3. 3. Dont listen to negative peopleDont listen to people who stop you fromdoing what you intend to do, people whodiscourage you, criticize you or put youdown.Be fully focused on your goal like anOlympic sports person. Focus onrecruiting, training and developing yourgroup.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  4. 4. Benefits of Mental ToughnessWhen you are mentally tough, yourperformance increases, you are able to domore work in less time, you do qualitywork, you are effective and powerful.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  5. 5. Dealing with difficultiesWhen dealing with difficult people orsituations, recall a time in the past whenyou demonstrated mental toughness anddealt with the situation effectively.Just by doing this your body and mind withalign themselves to bring about the samelevel of effectiveness to deal with thepresent situation.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  6. 6. Develop Mental Toughness1. Be Persistent to build your mentaltoughness. Always be in action. Keepdoing this that help you progress towardsyour goal in all situations.2. Keep in touch with people who arementally tough and learn by observingthem. Notice how they overcome obsticlesand difficulties. Notice how they keepworking even when they are underpressure.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  7. 7. Develop Mental Toughness3. Read something positive everydaybefore you go to bed. Read anautobiography of some who inspires you.Read a book on self improvement.4. Use auto suggestions to stay mentallytough all day long. All successful peopleuse auto suggestions. Auto suggestionsare positive statements like I attract highquality people in my business, that yourepeat in your mind & that gives youimmense power.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  8. 8. Develop Mental Toughness5. Anger is a very powerful emotion whenit is used correctly. Use anger to buildyour mental toughness. When you getangry, your body gets full of energy. Usethis energy to get into action and progresstowards your goal.6. Visualize your goals. In your mindcreate an image of your goal achievedand notice your feeling. Declare yourgoals to everyone. This leaves you nooption but achieve it.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  9. 9. Develop Mental Toughness7. Stick pictures, drawing, sketches aboutyour goals all around you. Make posters inyour own words and post it where you cansee them daily. This will reinforce yourmental image of success and help youreach your goal faster.8. Live your dream. Think, act, dress, walkand be the kind of person you want to be.This way people see you as that kind ofperson and you become that kind ofperson.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  10. 10. Develop Mental Toughness9. Play the game to win the game. Befocused on the goal. Keep taking action.Think victory, Think success. Be positive.See your goal achieved. Play the game tillthe last ball of the over. Keep bringingyourself into the game with more andmore power. Do what ever it takes toreach your goal. Make it happen.Mrs JashmiOriflame Directorjashmiw @gmail.com09377630607
  11. 11. Mrs Jashmi is one of the fastestgrowing Directors in Oriflame. Shecoaches, trains and supports her teamto become successful in Oriflame byusing the Oriflame Training System.Do you have a Question? - write to me