Mobile retail summit 26 1-12 - incentivated


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Mobile retail summit 26 1-12 - incentivated

  1. 1. Integrating messaging and the mobile web to reach the in-store shopper Jason Cross 26th January, 2012Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  2. 2. Contents Mobile is a hot topic About Incentivated Messaging and sites Examples Top Tips Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  3. 3. Significant ‘triple peak’ opportunity on mobile Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  4. 4. State of the Nationœ  Over the last 12 months brands have started to offer what consumers were happy to do all the timeœ  With many sites looking the same, the opportunity now exists to: ˜  improve the UX/UI and so differentiate the offering ˜  offer implicit and explicit personalisation i.e. join up the web and mobile sites ˜  deliver e-commerce best practiceœ  Provide complete mobile integration Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  5. 5. Why invest in a mobile site? œ  To boost performance ˜  51% are more likely to purchase from retailers ˜  85% show increased engagement with a retailer œ  To keep customers ˜  40% would visit a competitor’s site instead because of a disappointing mobile experienceSource: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users”. March 2011 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  6. 6. Mobile users have high expectations 58% of customers expect mobile sites to load more quickly than a desktop site Mobile users value speed 38% of users are only willing to wait 30 seconds or less to complete a simple transaction.Source: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-users”. March 2011 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  7. 7. And yet… 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile- optimised siteSource: Google GoMo, Jan 12 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  8. 8. What does your website look like?Half of UK firms fail to check their own website from mobile devicesœ  Of those that have ˜  41% admit their website has a reduced appearance ˜  36% offer reduced functionalityœ  The survey ( from 1&1 Internet) also finds that 65% of firms have not optimised their websites for mobile usageœ  So… Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  9. 9. Contents Mobile is a hot topic About Incentivated Messaging and sites Examples Top Tips Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  10. 10. Incentivated - Mobile Specialistsœ  An independent technology company and marketing services agencyœ  10 years’ experience operating exclusively in the mobile marketing sectorœ  We help our international client-base deliver integrated acquisition, CRM and mCommerce campaigns and services through mobile Attract Transact (Acquisition ) Interact (mCommerce ) (mCRM ) Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  11. 11. Some of Incentivated’s retail & fmcg clients Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  12. 12. Full service mobile with deep experienceœ  Technologies œ  Needs ˜  5 mobile formats ˜  3 key areas of client activity Ù  EnterpriseMessaging (SMS, MMS etc) Ù  Acquisition Ù  Mobile Internet Ù  After Sales / CRM Ù  Apps Ù  mCommerce Ù  Short codes and QR codes Ù  Location marketingœ  Services ˜  2 consultancy offerings Ù  Creative Ù  Strategy Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  13. 13. www.incentivated.comVisit our website to for more detail, product summaries and white papers Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  14. 14. Contents Mobile is a hot topic About Incentivated Messaging and sites Examples Top Tips Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  15. 15. Why messaging?œ Easy & convenient for your customers ˜  Sending and receiving SMS is simple and familiar: an everyday habit for over 90% of the population Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  16. 16. Majority happy to receive 1 SMS per week 69% of those signed up to a 3rd party database would like to receive communication at least once a weekCumulative % Base: All respondents (1022) Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  17. 17. 75% will opt-in, given the right incentiveWhich of the following would make you more likely to opt in to “these type of services? % “Morrisons – their deals of the week – if you knew that week it [might] dictate where you “ shop” “ “It’s nice how they give “ advance notice [of sales etc.] because they know you’ve been there before” Base: Base: All respondents (1022) Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  18. 18. Once opted inPeople become more positive to messaging “ “ [Texts are] normally from people [companies] you want to hear from, so it isn’t a bane +217% +243% % % Not opted in Opted in Not opted in Opted in Messaging works best at grabbing your attention Messaging is the best way of receiving relevant and and making you want to know more about a brand, personalised information about brands, products company, product or service and servicesBase: Base: All respondents (1022)Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010     Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  19. 19. And people understand the advantages “ “ (For vouchers) there is less chance of forgetting when you go to the restaurant! I don’t have to print anything out ↑40% More relevant - I can choose to receive advertising that is relevant to my personal tastes ↑71% Not   opted-­‐ Location-based - I can receive advertising that is relevant to the area I am in ↑43% in Opted-­‐in Timely - I can receive advertising at a time which is useful to me ↑122% 10 20 30 40 50 60Base: Base: All respondents (1022)Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010     Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  20. 20. Messaging is immediate78% of people read messages within 5 minutes Immediacy   of   reading   text   m essages 41 Immediately % 30 People   you   know 37 Within   5   m inutes 32 People   you   dont   know 10 Within   10   m inutes 10 10 Within   an   hour “ “ 9 [If ] they are an alert they catch your eye – it 3 might be a friend – you always read to see Longer 8 what its about Delete   them withour   reading 9 Base: Base: All respondents (1022) Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010     Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  21. 21. Why messaging?No phone left behind > mobile allows optimised accessibility across all devicesœ  As part of the increasing move to digital service delivery, mobile improves accessibility across all demographic segments. Mobile overcomes the digital divide as mobile ownership surpasses that of PC – and even the cheapest, lowest spec mobiles these days have basic access to online services. Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  22. 22. Why messaging?œ  Puts your “Brand in the hand” of your customers Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  23. 23. Comparison of apps and sites Native app Hybrid app Web app Mobile site + Offline content + Offline content + Offline content + Access GPS + Access GPS + Access GPS + Access GPS + Do not have to + Control camera and use + Control camera and use + Functions just like an download app of other native features of other native features app but do not have to - Can’t use camera or any - Have to download app + Content easily download via app store - other native features updatable Can’t use camera or any - Have to download app other native features Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  24. 24. Things to rememberœ  Deep-link mapping from desktop to mobile site ˜  Don t *just* optimise your home pageœ  Integration with existing back-office systemsœ  Promote your site/appœ  Click-through from SMS using unique trackable link Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  25. 25. Contents Mobile is a hot topic About Incentivated Messaging and sites Examples Top Tips Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  26. 26. Click-through from SMS & MMS The campaign reaches out to those who sign up for picture (MMS) messages and text (SMS) alerts with offers, deals, promotions and news about M&S. This enables M&S to engage with their customers through mobile directly and use it to complement existing DM and email contact strategies. 2010 WINNER Most Effective Mobile CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign The ongoing campaign had recruited more than 700,000 opt-in customers to the mobile database with a minimal opt-out rate. Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  27. 27. Driving traffic in-store via SMSM&STreat yourself with theM&S Dine In For 2 for£10. See the menu at M&S M&S A little treat for you thisdine. Details in Make life easier with M&S Christmas from M&Sselected stores. Ends Christmas Food to Order M&S... Enjoy a special Spoil a loved one.Tues. To stop txt SMS service. Last chance to Save 25% on M&SSTOP to 65006 15% off M&S online womens cashmere order in store or online is until 20 Dec.  Enter knitwear, hats, 3pm on 15 Dec. T&Cs code at checkout XXXX- scarves & gloves! apply. To stop txt FOOD XXXXXX-XXXXXX. While stocks last. STOP to 65006 Restrictions apply. T&Cs in store. To stop txt MNA STOP T&Cs at to 65006 online To stop txt DEAL STOP to 65006 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  28. 28. Exclusive card holder messages/ rewards M&S M&S Celebrate the magic of Christmas at our M&S cardholder event on 10 & 11 1000 points worth £10 M&S Nov, at participating M&S stores. See when you spend £110 Love Lingerie? Get invite for details. Plus make your on M&S food & wine! weekend easier with the original M&S £5 off when you Show code 0858823 in Dine In for £10, in store from Thurs. spend £30 on Details in selected stores. Ends Tues. store. Ends 24 Dec. lingerie at M&S! To stop send MNS STOP to 65006 T&Cs at http:// Show code stop txt PTS STOP to 65006 09887145 at the till. Ends 13 Nov. T&Cs online. To stop send SMS STOP to 65006 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  29. 29. Increase SMS length through concatenationMaximise the information you can give to customers via SMSœ  Concatenation allows messages to be sent that are up to 444 characters long ˜  Regular messages only permit M&S Customer Services. Thank you for your recent flowers order. Unfortunately, we cannot 160 characters take payment or process your order. Please go on line or click here to visit our made for ˜  Customer receives just 1 (longer) mobile site: https:// message css/homepage and choose change payment method to resolve the issue.œ  Allows M&S to give the customer more information about their orderœ  More information could cut down on the number of ‘clarification’ calls to call centre Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  30. 30. M&S Customer Services SMS is a proven way of communicating quickly and efficiently with customersœ  Over 90% of M&S CS outbound messages reach customers handsetsœ  Where action is required SMS can deliver response rates of 70% and moreœ  You can now link customers direct to the mobilised customer service pages on your site ˜  Foreground this option to reduce call trafficœ  SMS helps create call centre efficiencies ˜  Provide more information within SMS ˜  Automate calls to landline ˜  Send SMS & email from a single platform ˜  Automate SMS/Email broadcasts High delivery rates, high response rate; SMS gets the message through Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  31. 31. Closing the mobile customer service circleLink customers directly to your mobile site – reduce call centre traffic M&S Customer Services. Thank you for your recent flowers order. Unfortunately, we cannot take payment or process your order. Please go on line or click here to visit our made for mobile site: https:// gp/css/homepage and choose change payment method to resolve the issue. Deep, trackable links to your mobile site delivers measurable responses Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  32. 32. Text to landline Automate outbound callingœ  SMS to landline delivers messages to the customer s landline numberœ  Message is read out to customer over phoneœ  Three main solutions offering different levels of branding ˜  1) Standard solution Ù  Network dependent Ù  High-volume supported Ù  Delivery receipt from operator ˜  2) Enhanced text-to-speech solution Ù  Receipt acknowledgement from customer Ù  Messages can be left on answer phones ˜  3) Pre-recorded solution Ù  Same customer journey as enhanced solution Ù  Pre-recorded templates using a brand voice Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  33. 33. M&S mobilises CRM activity with messaging alerts Business need The solution Results This was M&S’s first venture into mobile The M&S mobile database grew •  700,000 opted-in customers as of CRM. The aim was to increase their mobile significantly by exploiting various channels August 2010, exceeding the goal several database size and communicate with (press, in-store, direct mail, email, times over customers in a more relevant and timely magazines, and online) as well as text-to- •  Low opt-out rate of 0.61% way. win competitions. •  Weekly positive ROI •  Campaign triggered an increase in in- Using this database, the campaign reached store purchases out principally to customers who had signed up for text alerts, with offers, deals, promotions and news about M&S. This meant that M&S could engage with 700,00 customers through the mobile channelFrom M&S: directly and use this new method toPssst! Want great deals compliment existing DM and email contactacross clothing & home? strategies. 0The M&S Sale startstomorrow! Beat the new opted-incrowds & get all your Tailored messages were delivered to customersfavourites. To opt out,reply ALERTS STOP subscribers every other week, targeting M&S’s different segments, to drive footfallOPTIONS BACK in-store and therefore revenue growth. 0.61% opt-out rate Case study: Acquisition| CRM | Enterprise messaging Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011 Retail & automotive: M&S
  34. 34. Business need The solution Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  35. 35. Customer Feedback Send SMS to 88858 Receive invite to survey Receive acknowledgement Answer via SMS Answer via WAPsite Receive human 48 hours response Receive next question Reply / converse with human Receive thanks for participating STOP Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  36. 36. Results - Surveyœ  1. Would you have contacted the Helpline œ  4. To inform future service development, what online or by phone if texting was not would be most useful from the NSPCC now? available? -­‐ -­‐ More  texts -­‐ -­‐ Definitely -­‐ -­‐ A  call -­‐ -­‐ Probably -­‐ -­‐ Online  resources -­‐ -­‐ Probably  Not -­‐ -­‐ Posted  Informa<on -­‐ -­‐ NoSource: July – September auto reports from iris Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  37. 37. Targeted Advertising Lead Generation Billboard SMS / Mobileœ  Users text a call-to-action from OOH to Jaguar (524827)œ  Receive a automatic response with a link to the 2011 XJ mobile site, which contains an XJ 360 Spin with color configurator, photos, video, and ringtones Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  38. 38. Request a local test drive eBrochure sent to email Test Drive Request Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  39. 39. 2011 XJ Mobile Site Performance •  Real sales of cars tracked back to initial SMS requests and site visits •  Total of 3,751 mobile site sessions – for a luxury, high ticket item •  630 landing page forms completed with 499 ebrochure requests •  23% conversion of dealership location requests to actual test drives •  1st tracked sale within 30 days of campaign live Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  40. 40. Jameson’s – text and winMobile integrating with social media Promoted in-store Simple CTA Compelling prize - & instant win Viral element Linked to sampling exercise Data capture for follow-up Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  41. 41. Jameson’s text & win œ Facebook specific Keyword Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  42. 42. Business need The solution Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  43. 43. RBKC goes mobile in time for 2012 Olympic visitorsBusiness need The solution Functions A mobile internet site was required to To promote the Borough’s diverse retailers, •  Optimised mobile site with CMS provide tourist and visitor information for and as part of the Borough’s visitor strategy integration the Royal Borough of Kensington and in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic and •  Location-aware services Chelsea, particularly to support its strong Paralympic Games, we developed a mobile •  Advanced mapping solution with back- mix of retailers and for 2012 Olympic internet site for RBKC to raise awareness of end integration with desktop site visitors. its international tourist destinations. The mobile site is integrated with the desktop site’s CMS to deliver mapping and information services for the Borough’s five key tourist areas: Kensington; Notting Hill; Sloane Square / King’s Road; Holland Park and Knightsbridge. The mobile site also features a full list of attractions, events, museums, as well as a complete shopping directory and an interactive mapping solution. Users can also access a broad range of restaurants, bars, and hotels in the Borough. Inspiration guide: Acquisition | CRM | Mobile internet | Location marketing 2011 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012 Public sector: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  44. 44. Business need The solution Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  45. 45. Waitrose Christmas appBusiness need The solution Results To build an innovative ‘kitchen tool’ mobile Incentivated utilised Waitrose’s Christmas •  The first branded app to achieve “app of app, giving Waitrose customers a helping brand paper textures to add fun to the real the week” in both the Apple and Android hand in organising their Christmas. time animation. This element was designed app stores simultaneously to make the customer want to open the •  Featured in the Apple App Store for four app again and again. weeks and in the top 15 branded app charts for 2010 The app was designed to be useful and •  Over 90,000 downloads in one month not just a one-off download •  Recipes were viewed 500,000 times •  Turkey Timer helped with cooking times •  Canapé calculator for party perfectionists •  Big Day Planner helped organise the Christmas day activities •  Share recipes with Twitter, Facebook and email. 90,000 •  Gift finder with ‘shake for suggestion’ downloads in a month 10% 500,00 0 recipe views Case study: Acquisition| CRM | Apps Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011 Retail & automotive: Waitrose
  46. 46. Business need The solution Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  47. 47. Tesco to expand its reach with feature phone Clubcard appBusiness need The solution Functions To bring Tesco’s Clubcard mobile app to The suite of Clubcard mobile phone •  Reaches consumers who actively look to feature phone users, accounting for applications, which were previously only download apps for their phones, approximately 61% of Tesco’s UK mobile available on a selection of smartphones, improving brand recognition. subscriber database. now includes a Java version that runs on •  Encourages customers’ use of Clubcards almost all feature phones. to enhance loyalty. The Java app allows users to digitally display their Clubcard at purchase points in Tesco, as well as monitor their points balance and the corresponding monetary value of these points. Consumers can also receive an app download link via SMS by texting JOIN to 84420. This solution brings Tesco’s reach to potentially almost every mobile phone user in the UK. Inspiration guide: CRM | Apps Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011 Retail & automotive: Tesco
  48. 48. British Gas launches mobilised websiteBusiness need The solution FunctionsBritish Gas needed to optimise their Incentivated to transcode and optimise its •  Websitewebsite for mobile, after identifying an website to work on all mobile devices and •  HTML5ongoing increase in visitors using their provide mCommerce functionality. •  Re-directmobile phones. •  Transaction The site was launched in November 2011 – •  Revenue generationFollowing the earlier delivery of a mobile in time for the winter months, whenmicro-site for EnergySmart, BG has now Britain’s homes rely heavily on their boilermobilised its main site. and central heating systems to keep them warm and provide them with hot water. Phase two of the site development will include full mCommerce functionality allowing customers to order and pay for BG’s insurance products through the mobile site. Built using HTML5, it is directly accessible from a dedicated mobile address ( The website also has Incentivated’s phone detection API and a URL re-direct in place. So, the site not only looks elegant on high end smart phones, like the iPhone & Android, its design and user experience degrades gracefully to exploit available functionality without the loss of content or ease of navigation. Inspiration Guide: mCommerce | Mobile internet Telecoms & Utilities: British Gas
  49. 49. Amazon Price Checker Combating the in-store price comparison...?Amazon started the recent spate of promotional activity byoffering consumers a $5 discount to anyone who used its pricecomparison app while in a store.However, shoppers were already actively engaged incomparing prices for products via mobile devices beforeAmazon joined in and this new shopping behaviour is onlygoing to grow as mobile penetration continues to increase.If you see a consumer in a store take out their phone tocompare a price, it suggests that the consumer has an activeinterest in that product.So: why not engage with that consumer to see if you can assisthim or her with guidance that goes beyond price?Help store associates respond to customers’ mobile relatedquestions such as why they cannot connect to the Internet in-store and how they can purchase an item that is not in thestore. Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  50. 50. In-store price comparisonœ  The key to better service is knowledge and convenience which online retailers have used to their advantage (M&S b2e)œ  If bricks-and-mortar retailers have the same access to data as online retailers, coupled with the ability to provide immediate gratification then they have the opportunity to provide a superior value add for the consumer versus their online counterparts > never knowingly undersold.œ  recent Deloitte study, this holiday season 59 percent of smartphone owners plan to use their devices for holiday shopping to compare product prices. Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  51. 51. Messaging works for luxury products as well Wise retailers, including luxury jewellers, though, take a wider view. SMS can be the springboard to valuable opt-in databases that allow for remarketing opportunities. People will use their phone to search, browse, buy or find the closest store, giving luxury jewellers the perfect opportunity to engage directly with their customers by sending location-based offers and messages to drive consumers to their stores or to buy through their mobile device. Tap into affluent consumers’ emotions, rather than product-pushing. More often than not, a jewellery purchase is a gifted purchase – this is even truer of a Valentine’s Day purchase. Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  52. 52. Retail in-store communications (B2E)œ  Retail Communication team is responsible for delivering information to staffœ  Everything from product information, sales offers, company updates, company information etcœ  Majority of communication is filtered through store managers and weekly team briefing sheets Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  53. 53. The Challengeœ  Dispensing information to thousands of retail assistants is a problemœ  Traditionally information is given to store managers who presents at weekly meetings and puts on pinboards ‘back stage’œ  Responsibility is on staff members to remember to look for informationœ  Majority of staff members are part time retail assistantsœ  Retail assistants do not have access to computers in storeœ  Staff do not have company mobile phones – no existing directory of numbers ˜  Capturing personal mobile numbers is a significant challenge Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  54. 54. Call to Action (poster and list of stores)œ  Simple CTAœ  Staff text NAME and JOB TITLE and KEYWORD to regular M&S shortcode 65006œ  Each store is given its own KEYWORDœ  Winners of competition announced via SMS to encourage word of mouth Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  55. 55. Add value to the in-store experienceœ  In-store payment apps ˜  E.g. Pizza Express ˜  Perhaps it is better at speeding ˜  up payment and collection of ˜  take-aways?œ  CRM solutions in-store ˜  supermarkets link to (on shelf – location aware and ePOS/in-store stock databases) wines to complement a piece of meat/fish etc scanned as picked up. ˜  Match a tie/cufflinks to a shirt. ˜  Shoes to a dress… Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  56. 56. Contents Mobile is a hot topic About Incentivated Messaging and sites Examples Top Tips Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  57. 57. Optimum time of day to send SMS? “ “ Sometimes you get a promotional text at 2am % which irritates [me] EARLY  MORNING  (7am  –  10  am)   LATE  MORNING  (10am  –  midday)   “ “ EARLY  AFTERNOON  (midday    -­‐  3pm)     If there s a sale on tomorrow, I need to know tonight! LATE  AFTERNOON  (3pm  –  6pm)   EARLY  EVENING  (6pm  –  8pm)   LATE  EVENING  (8pm  –  11pm)   Base: All who responded with time of day(726) Source: IAB/DMA Mobile Messaging Study September 2010 Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  58. 58. Messaging Best PracticeNo short version of this story … here’s a précis of consumer concernsœ  Awareness (32% of customers do not know about B2C messaging) ˜  promote the offering using existing relationships and touchpoints, and welcome consumers with an initial text message once you have their detailsœ  Perceived cost (71% of respondents were wary of any costs that may be associated) ˜  be exceptionally clear in communications with consumers about the costs associated with mobile messaging, which are often zero, and also consider making responses (as well as browsing) freeœ  Relevance (71% worried about unwanted messages) ˜  let consumers know what kinds of messages they will be receiving and how often (let them choose the frequency) Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  59. 59. Messaging Best Practice (2)No short version of this story … here’s a précis of consumer concernsœ  Control (61% were worried about not be able to opt-out once having opted-in) ˜  make unsubscribing easy ˜  Make re-subscribing even easier!!œ  Privacy (64% thought they may have to share personal details) ˜  if you do not intend to share the data with third parties then say so Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  60. 60. Closing thought At the time of the dotcom bubble, 400m i.e. around 2000, there were 350 million people online. œ  People with smartphones in the world today ˜  Plus 4 billion with internet- capable feature phones For a copy of our mCommerce white paper, please visit our stand Copyright Incentivated Limited 2012
  61. 61. Jason Cross Marketing Director @jcmobile10 Incentivated 23 Curtain Road London EC2A 3LT Tel: 020 7392 2323(No code reader? Text CODE to 62233 fora link to a reader appropriate for yourphone) Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011
  62. 62. Contents APPENDICES Copyright Incentivated Limited 2011