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Post-event summary of inaugural London Freewheel cycling event (2007).

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London freewheel

  1. 1. Offline Advertising, Online Traffic: How You Can Target YourCampaign To Maximise Your Online Activity •Television adverts, print media or poster advertising: what are the most effective ways to influence the flow of traffic online? •Hear the GLA describe how they have created a multi-channel campaign that has increased their traffic online using offline advertising
  2. 2. Agenda• Quick intro – GLA and London Freewheel• Campaign objectives and strategy• Online landing• Media schedule and activity examples (plus online tracking)• Other activity• Results
  3. 3. The Greater London Authority• The GLA is a unique form of strategic citywide government for London• It is made up of: – a directly elected Mayor - the Mayor of London – a separately elected Assembly - the London Assembly• More information can be found at
  4. 4. Constraints• As with most public bodies, the GLA: – does not have a large marketing budget – must be inclusive (not exclude anyone)• In order to communicate widely the GLA reacts to how people actually consume media• Whilst moving towards a wider marketing mix focusing on new media, including mobile• Still reliant on ‘traditional’ media to reach broad audiences
  5. 5. Objectives and Strategy• Free cycling event for 15-20,000 Londoners• Encourage ‘new’ and ‘lapsed’ cyclists• Remove perceived barriers to cycling in London toallow people to see and experience cycling on the streets(again)• Increase regular commute and leisure cycling inLondon (88% increase 2002 – 2006)
  6. 6. Objectives and Strategy• Promotion as widely as possible to all Londoners• First event of type and scale in UK• ‘Traditional’ advertising• Website (only!) registration • informal tracking of awareness and interest in the event (registration NOT ‘required’ to participate) • manage expectations for event management and Mayor’s Office through the summer • build database of Londoners to communicate future cycling initiatives to
  7. 7. Media Schedule
  8. 8. Website (launch day, 2007)
  9. 9. Event Details …Getting There
  10. 10. Event Details … Cycling the Route
  11. 11. Registration
  12. 12. Registration Confirmation & viral
  13. 13. Mayoral Press Launch
  14. 14. Website activity >13,700 unique visitors 6,000 registrations
  15. 15. Bus Lower Rears
  16. 16. Website activity 9,000 unique visitors 4,500 registrations
  17. 17. Bus Supersides
  18. 18. Website activity 15,000 unique visitors 7,000 registrations
  19. 19. “Dear Ken Livingstone,I just wanted to say what a wonderfulday yesterday was. The atmospherewas just so fun and everyone looked tobe having a great time. To see so manyfamilies and people of all ages on bikeswas brilliant. “
  20. 20. Tube 16$ x-tracks
  21. 21. Website activity 18,000 unique visitors 8,600 registrations
  22. 22. Tube Car Panels
  23. 23. Website activity 22,000 unique visitors 8,000 registrations
  24. 24. TfL Poster sites & other activity
  25. 25. Despite the title of this conference/case study, the Hovis LondonFreewheel did not “just” rely onoffline activity, however…
  26. 26. “Mr Mayor,I would like to thank you, Transport forLondon and everyone involved in afantastic day yesterday. Veryinnovative, brilliantly organised, greatfun. A chance to cycle in London withmy children and grandchildren was anexperience to remember.Please do it again next year “
  27. 27. “Hello KenJust a few words to say how much Ienjoyed the cycle ride on Sunday.Letshave the event again next yearplease.Can you pass on my thanks toall the organisers and helpers on theday, the event was very well run.It wasa joy to see so many smiles all around.“
  28. 28. Website activity Unique Visitors 50000 Actual 45000 Forecast Total60000 4000050000 3500040000 30000 2500030000 2000020000 1500010000 10000 0 5000 0 02 n 09 u l 16 u l 23 u l 30 u l 06 Ju l 13 ug 20 ug 27 ug 03 ug 10 ep 17 ep 24 ep ep u -J -J -J -J -J -A -A -S -S -S -A -A -S - 25- 02- 09- 16- 23- 30- 06- 13- 20- 27- 03- 10- 17- 25 Jun Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Aug Aug Aug Aug Sep Sep Sep Total Unique Visitors Total Registered Attendees 174,651 40,084
  29. 29. Results
  30. 30. Results L ONDON F REEWHEEL ATTENDEES(ac co rd in g t o pre -re g ist ra tion - TOTAL 4 0 ,0 8 4) 65+ 55- 641% 4% 0-17 45- 54 10% 18-24 0- 17 28% 25-34 35- 44 35-44 20% 18- 24 45-54 6% 55-64 25- 34 31% 65+
  31. 31. Audience• Target of 30,000 participants, reached38,000 registered and an estimated55,000 took part.• 67% participants were aged 25-44(compared with 45% of Londoners as awhole)• 71% were in full time work (comparedwith 53% of all Londoners)Source: GfK NOP
  32. 32. Results• Spontaneous awareness of Hovis (2007 titlesponsor) stood at 98% among participants• 83% rated the event as excellent• 77% said they would definitely take part next year• Over 300,000 visits to the London Freewheel website• Event marketing generated a live database of 31,000and £1.8m media coverage• Among non-loyalists over 40% said they wouldseriously consider purchasing Hovis “next time”Source: GfK NOP
  33. 33. “Dear Mr Livingstone (Ken)Many, many thanks for organising yesterday’sterrific event. It was great fun filled day, which Ithoroughly enjoyed. Can you believe it -It was thefirst time I had been on a bike in over 30 years!Please pass on my thanks to all those who helpedin making the event go so smoothly.I’m looking forward to next year’s!!Sincerest thanks,Martin “
  34. 34. Results• £1.8 million of PR value achieved in 2007• Media partners were METRO and BBC London• £1.7million value of advertising on outdoor, tubedouble royals, bus supersides, bus lower rearsfrom 26th July to 23rd September 2007
  35. 35. Bikes take over London – Cycling Weekly December 2007The London Freewheel seemed like such a good idea thateveryone was left wondering why no one had come up with itbefore. What better way is there to spend a sunny Sundayafternoon then by pedalling round the usually traffic cloggedstreets of central London, closed off to all but cyclists for theday.60,000 cyclists took part in the inaugural event, and 14 km ofroads were closed. The route passed St James’ Park,Buckingham Palace, the Embankment and London Bridgetaking in London’s most famous sights.It felt like the summer’s Tour de France all over again, the onlydifference being that this time it was the public riding the bikes.
  36. 36. The sales pitch (shh…) Be part of an extraordinary day…2008Contact:Jason Cross Harriet McDonaldMarketing Manager Sponsorship 7983 4553 020 7983 4081