Ff Presdentation User Conference Mumbai Automation 2008


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Ff Presdentation User Conference Mumbai Automation 2008

  1. 1. Fieldbus Foundation – A Way Forward Advance Plant Management Module in FF Controlled Process Industry Jasbir Singh Essar Oil Ltd 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 1 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  2. 2. ROI – Improvement Increase ROI Reduce Capital Cost Increase Profitability Increase Revenue Reduce conversion Costs Increase Productivity Reduction of losses Reduced Increased Reduced Reduced Unscheduled Downtime Yield Project Capital Feed stocks & Small stoppages Product Installation & Energy and Utilities Planned Shutdowns Consistency Commissioning Maintenance Low Maintenance time New product Cost waste Optimize Maintenance Equipment Capacity Warehouse Abnormal Events Resources, Equip. Efficiency Inventory / Low grade product Minimum Spare parts Spares Penalties Inventory, Product mix/ Reliable Maintenance Feed stock history 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 2 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  3. 3. PM Plan for time base proactive maint. PROBEBLITY OF Asset Wear Pattern: FAILURE AGE DESCRIPTION GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION Type of EXAMPLES Asset Maint. Failure of control Valves moving A. Traditional view Time parts, Mechanical drive items Base (gear box, chain) Wear Electro-mechanical items, B. Bath Tub Curve & Tear Electronic components (positioners) give rise to infant failure at the left side of curve, while mechanical component give late life failure, (Internal failure of control Valves) Control Valves (external affects) C. Slow Aging Random Hydraulic & compressed air D. Best New Wear System Rolling element bearing E. Constant Random Failure Electronic Instruments F. Worst New (transmitters, Sensors, Cards, FF accessories, Switching Hub, Operator /Touch Screen 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 3 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  4. 4. Maintenance Practices Process devices start deteriorating and wear out from the minute it’s placed in service. Types of maintenance: Run to failure – No maintenance till device fail Preventative maintenance – Based on schedule given by equipment vendor or past history Predictive maintenance – Based on future prediction of condition of devices 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 4 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  5. 5. Maintenance Practices Run to failure “If it’s not broke, why to fix it?” “It’s been in operation for years…” “Do not touch it will give more problem” “We’ve never had a problem” “It was already calibrated at the factory” “No budget this year” “No schedule given by vendor for maintenance this year” “Process running and outage not possible” “We do everything by ourselves, if broke we can repair” 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 5 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  6. 6. Maintenance Practices Preventive Maintenance “Strip down all Devices & Control valves for maintenance during annual Turn around?” “Workshop to be equipped to calibrate and maintenance of all instruments & valves” “Spare parts to be procured based on experience” “Large Resources to be arranged to complete the job” “Long turn around time to finish all jobs” “Manual data entry for history of problem & maintenance” “High budget” “Large inventory of unused spare parts” 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 6 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  7. 7. Maintenance Practices Predictive Maintenance “Condition Monitoring by On Line instruments on machine & OFF line tools (NDT tools) by schedule checking” “Gather information from intelligent devices” “Use of Hand held tool for monitoring health of equipments & devices” “Human intelligence for analysis of data” “Prediction based on Various tools” “Not very accurate probability: Accuracy of plan based on judgment” “Some maintenance missed out due to result in uncertainty of failure” 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 7 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  8. 8. Maintenance Practices 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 8 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  9. 9. Three- Level Diagnostics Module - “Abnormality Analysis” Three- “Abnormality Analysis” Level 3 Level 2 Operations Drift Loop Level 1 µP External influence Electronics Sensor Defective Drift 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai Device 9 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  10. 10. Three- Level Diagnostics Module - “Abnormality Analysis” Three- “Abnormality Analysis” Device Checking & Maintenance: Maintenance based on vendor’s recommendation Decisions and actions based primarily on the passed history Maintenance by reactions triggered by what has happened and some corrective action has been taken Schedule maintenance by CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) to warranty for its functioning till next turn around Information collected from log book and some time device show flag of deterioration 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 10 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  11. 11. Three- Level Diagnostics Module - “Abnormality Analysis” Three- “Abnormality Analysis” Loop Testing & Maintenance: Mostly limited to loop checking by current / voltage injection from field Tightening of terminals Inspection of Junction boxes DCS input card, Signal conditioner calibration 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 11 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  12. 12. Three- Level Diagnostics Module - “Abnormality Analysis” Three- “Abnormality Analysis” Process Diagnosis & Corrective actions: No boundary between Process abnormalities and device failure, unless checked physically More effective analysis with DCS process real time & historical trends Monitoring long term process deviation by use of Analytical tool like Graphs, Run Charts, Control Chart, Cause & Effect diagram, Check Sheets, Histogram, Gauge R & R etc. Use of Log books or CMMS in Text form to capture long term historical deviation / changes 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 12 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  13. 13. Maintenance Practices in Digital World 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 13 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  14. 14. Maintenance Practices in Digital World When maintenance is to be done ? What kind of maintenance is needed ? 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 14 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  15. 15. Four - Level Management Module - “Abnormality Analysis” “Abnormality Analysis” Level 4 Enterprise  Network Level 3 Communication Level 2 & Networking Drift Operations FF Accessories Level 1A Loop FF Sensors Level 1 µP External influence Sensor Electronics Drift Defective 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 15 Device © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  16. 16. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Advance tool: Process knowledge captured by machine in terms of logics & algorithms. Knowing better what you are doing now by capturing real time data and its historical trends Developing model and continuously improving its algorithms Comparing what you are doing now against what you expected to do and understanding difference Systematic storage and graphical display representation of the measurement & fault Graphical Display the deterioration trend & alarming the operator Forecasting the future failure time limit before it become critical Allow Engineer to take decision for plant stoppage basing decisions more on facts and data and less on intuition Detecting problems before they become critical ON LINE ALERT 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 16 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  17. 17. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Sensing): Device Health Information: ۩ Electronic Failure ۩ Sensor not responding µP ۩ Device communication problem External influence ۩ Communication Hardware Electronics component deterioration Defective Sensor Drift ۩ Power supply failure 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 17 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  18. 18. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Sensing): Device Configuration: ۩ FF Basic-to-LM device wizard “Safe” way to enable/disable Backup LAS Provides wizard to step through sequence Insures BLAS will work when needed 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 18 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  19. 19. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Sensing): Device Replacement: ۩ Device Replacement by Operator ۩ Replacement from Operator Station or Engineering Station ۩ Auto replacement ۩ Upgrading devices on-line 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 19 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  20. 20. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level Performance (Sensing): Advance Prediction: Predictive Alarm Failure Time 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 20 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  21. 21. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Final Element): Device Health Information: REASONS FAILURE TYPE External / Valve corrosion, Gland packing degradation Environmental Effect (leakage of toxic, expansive fluid), lubricating oil attrition Internal Effect / Stem deformation , Stem linkage damage, Improper Process Spring failure, Stem & plug scuffing, Actuator control air leakage, air insufficient, Air loss, Positioner failure, Positioner linkage loose or improper setting, Seat ring damage, Plug damage, High Packing torque, Change in friction etc. 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 21 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  22. 22. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Final Element): Device Health Information: Air Loss Linkage loose Hunting Packing Stick - slip Positioner fail Accurate analysis (No Human error) Information available at Control room (Problem Description) Stroke repetition Hysteresis data, Input output deviation Valve signature Overshoot / Undershoot stem travel 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 22 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  23. 23. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Final Element): Asset Measurement & Solutions: REASONS ANALYSIS & ACTIONS External / Mostly Physical Inspection & decision, Some Environmental Effect information from software (steam / high temp fluid leakage from gland) Internal Effect / Captured at AMS module & Maintenance Improper Process Planning through online prediction. control Deterioration type is indicated Available operating time can be predicted Exact spare parts can be planned Correction, corrective and preventive action can be planned 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 23 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  24. 24. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Final Element): Asset Measurement & Solutions: Reduce the unnecessary overhauling / maintenance of control valves by analyzing the degradation indexes which is determined based on the long term gathered data Valve passing in close & overshoot condition - Valve lapping or trim replacement Positioner calibration, Replacement needed Surrounding temperature information 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 24 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  25. 25. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Device Level (Final Element): Asset Measurement & Solutions: Effectiveness for diagnostic Detecting inner valve failure – Wearing of seat ring – Sticking the foreign object Detecting the failure by vibration – Moving from proper mounting position of positioner by vibration. 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 25 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  26. 26. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Issue with FF: Plant level Communication: Common issue in Electrical wiring (loose wire strands, water ingress, faulty devices, EMC, etc..) Bus topology connects multiple devices Serial communications signal Advance diagnosis module One fault can affect several devices Available tools are for conventional technology Tools lacks ability to visualize Fieldbus related signals Locating the problem is difficult and time consuming many devices in one loop; interoperability) Field Bus installation Tools to commission, Supervise & trouble shoot (signal distortion) 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 26 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  27. 27. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Measurement & Solutions: Plant level Communication: ۩ Segment Voltage, Current ۩ Segment & device Noise ۩ Segment & Device Signal Advance diagnosis level module ۩ Device Termination ۩ Segment / Shield earth fault ۩ Device communication ۩ Earth fault information ۩ Cable degradation ۩ Device configuration ۩ Device remote access ۩ Signal quality & strength 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 27 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  28. 28. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Plant level Communication: Predictive maintenance: ۩ Supervision & Diagnosis ۩ Measurement, alarming & Advance diagnosis trending module ۩ Online and real time data from DCS / HMI ۩ Digital Oscilloscope function ۩ Signal (Segment voltage, current), Actual Noise level ۩ Proper termination, Isolation to ground and polarity 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 28 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  29. 29. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Predictive maintenance: Plant level Communication: Advance diagnosis module 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 29 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  30. 30. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Plant level Communication: Measurement & Online Solutions: ۩ Identify kind of failure & guided actions Grounding, Software, hardware & wiring problem ۩ Highlight Problem with help ۩User configure warning & Alarm alerts before segment fails ۩ Can be used as a Commissioning tool ۩ Digital Oscilloscope function (Lost telegram) ۩ Log of each event at DCS / HMI 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 30 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  31. 31. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Loop Level: 1. Availability 2. Controllability Drift AMS 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 31 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  32. 32. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Loop Level: 1. Availability Vendor’s Solutions Distinguish between process and loop problem Number of loops in manual mode Drift AMS Specific loop taken in manual how many times a day Total % of time in manual mode in 24 Hrs. Trend graph for manual & auto Vrs. Time 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 32 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  33. 33. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Loop Level: 2. Controllability Vendor’s Solutions Loop performance within defined bandwidth Total % of time operation Drift remain in Excellent zone AMS Loop to Loop comparison Alarm management Guided actions during plant emergency 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 33 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  34. 34. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Vendor’s Solutions (Controllability) Loop Level Diagnosis: 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 34 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  35. 35. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Process Level Diagnosis: Vendor’s Solutions Impulse line chocking pH sensor deteriorated Coating on probe of magnetic pickup Shedder bar not vibrating due to internal or external reasons High temperature around the devices Controllability problem due to process fluctuation Inappropriate step taken by Operator (SP not followed) 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 35 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  36. 36. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Communication & Networking: Asset Management ETHERNET HIS HIS HIS EWS Proprietary BUS HART PROCESS FIELD BUS Mod Bus OmROn Control Net AB PLC Device Optic Net R I/O Fibre TCP IP Local start / stop Panel with indication Touch panel 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 36 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  37. 37. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Communication & Networking: Communication Peripheral Device Health: Provision for current & Future Demands of the Industry like Enterprise  Secure Access  Network wireless integration, Security against to Enterprise Network Redundant Link Hacking & Spy worm etc. Network Traffic Control Dual Homing Integration of several industrial HiPER Ring networking standards Cabling, Software Management, Camera Secure Access  to Plant Floor Video  System Integration, Installation and Wireless  Surveillance  Transmitter Maintenance. Configuration of secure and reliable Networks in highly sophisticated Industrial environment 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 37 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  38. 38. Maintenance Practices in Digital World Measurement & Solutions: Communication & Networking: Communication Peripheral device Health Deterioration indication & Enterprise  Secure Access  Network replacement to Enterprise Network Redundant Link Bus cable termination Replacement of Cable on Physical Dual Homing health information HiPER Ring Bus cable rerouting if interference is noticed Camera Secure Access  to Plant Floor Video  Redundancy alert of Device Active Wireless  Surveillance  Transmitter / failure Updating the Anti virus, Firewall software High temperature alarm in & around the devices 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 38 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  39. 39. New Concept: March towards Maintenance to Management 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 39 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation
  40. 40. Field Bus Foundation: A Way Forward>>>> Thank You 2008 FFIMC - Automation 2008-Mumbai 40 © 2008 Fieldbus Foundation