Insights and hidden opportunities


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Insights and hidden opportunities

  1. 1. Insights and Hidden Opportunities
  2. 2. Store List• DavidsTea• Aritzia• Gap• Little Burgundy• Club Monaco• Wal-Mart
  3. 3. Davids Tea Insights• Store front is inviting• Lighting creates welcoming and modern feel• Use of space gives impression that store is clean• Store colors are minimal and pleasing to the eye
  4. 4. Davids Tea Insights• Tea on one side of store while accessories / products on the other• Teas are showcased on wall behind cashier and well lit resulting in a premium looking product
  5. 5. Davids Tea Insights• Packaging feels premium and invites shopper to pick it up
  6. 6. Davids Tea Opportunities• Staff is knowledgeable but very sparse• Takes time to choose / smell a tea. Need a quick guide to choose• Separate cashier towards back of store instead of cashier up front would help alleviate traffic
  7. 7. Aritzia Insights• Loud modern club-like music plays inside and outside of store to attract customers• Modern storefront gives feeling of premium products inside• Employees are attractive and young females that wear items that can found in store, showcasing everyday use of apparel
  8. 8. Aritzia Insights• Inside of store uses premium materials like wood and tiles• Tables are low forcing shoppers to bend over and touch items• Spacing and bright lighting allows for easy navigation• Use of unique fixtures lets the shopper feel like they are at a trendy home• Cashier is located at center of store allowing easy access to emplyees
  9. 9. Aritzia Opportunities• Music is great but almost too loud, difficult to communicate to employees• Prices are at a designer level, cross collaborations with famous designers might be something to explore that can help justify high prices• Possibility of expanding into menswear• Sell eclectic house wares that are found in store
  10. 10. Little Burgundy Insights• Modern music playing let’s shopper know it is a shoe store oriented to younger styles• Shoes on lightboxes draw attention to product• Store front allows you to see right through the entire store showcasing accessories• Products are displayed around the perimeter of the store and center is used for seating
  11. 11. Little Burgundy Opportunities• Have more items at eye level to showcase entire shoe• Window displays are sparse and can use a ledge and lighting to highlight products better• Building more curiosity to product inside store may help drive traffic
  12. 12. Gap Insights• Store front blocks view towards inside of store, creates curiosity• Lighting on manikins allows clothes to pop• Modern music played at a moderate level
  13. 13. Gap Insights• Sale signs are displayed prominently throughout store• Products displayed throughout the store• Good use of space to allow for traffic but have the store be full of products in each area
  14. 14. Gap Opportunities• Greater product variety, at a glance all the products look the same• Use of more premium materials for shelving and floors may help elevate store’s image
  15. 15. Club Monaco Insights• Lounge music playing lends to a relaxed but trendy environment• Large imaging at storefront project classic luxury lifestyle• Contrast of black and white is artistic and draws in attention• Employees are attractive and well dressed in Club Monaco apparel showcasing products in everyday use
  16. 16. Club Monaco Insights• Use of premium flooring and furniture establish the store as luxurious• Stores are well light and have high ceiling contributing to a light and airy feel• Use of scale with lighting and furniture give hints of a designer fashion
  17. 17. Club Monaco Opportunities• Black and white photos use an accent color to be more forthcoming to grab attention• Offering lower prices or deeper discounts for on items may help expand clientele• Stacking / layering products on a multilevel surface may help the products from blending into the rest of the store
  18. 18. Wal-Mart Insights• Large store front looks impressive• Welcome sign doesn’t look or feel welcoming• No music or sounds outside of the store• Large parking lot makes store very easy to find and convenient
  19. 19. Wal-Mart Insights• Store size make it difficult to navigate quickly, allows for shopper to purchase more items on the way to checkout• One-stop-shop for everything (groceries, clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc.)• Employees are easily accessible with zero pressure / sales tactics• Sale items are displayed prominently in large type
  20. 20. Wal-Mart Opportunities• To open smaller stores that would be more convenient to a quicker shopping experience• Have products more easily accessible by reducing height of shelving• Décor and lighting leave much to be desired as it doesn’t feel inviting.
  21. 21. Thank You