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Juntas de Dilatación

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Transcript of "Delcrete"

  1. 1. sh eet D ata od uct The D.S. Brown Company Pr www.dsbrown.comD.S. Brown Co. Delcrete™ mFounded in 1890 and based in NorthBaltimore, Ohio, USA, The D.S. BrownCompany is a worldwide designer, man-ufacturer and supplier of engineered Generalproducts for the highway and bridgeconstruction markets. Delcrete™ m Elastomeric Concrete is a pour-in-place, free-flowing, two-D.S. Brown is fully integrated, perform- part polyurethane-based elastomericing and controlling all requirements of concrete. Delcrete™ m has beena project internally: compounded to bond to a variety of• Research and Development surfaces including steel and concrete.• Engineering Design/CAD Detailing Following are the design features of• Load Testing the industry’s premier elastomeric• Rubber Compounding, Mixing, concrete: Extruding and Molding• Custom Steel Fabrication and • Polyurethane chemistry Machining • Non-brittle over extreme temperature ranges • Permanent, long-term repair solution • Resistant to nearly all chemicalsPROTECT • One hour cure timeYOUR Mixing/ComponentsINVESTMENT Part A - 1500 ML Clear Part B - 3000 ML Black One 48 lb bag of aggregate. One batch is equal to 3.5 mixed gallons. 12 batches per unit is equal to 42HEADQUARTERS mixed gallons. 42 gallons is equal to300 East Cherry 5.6 cubic feet per unit.North Baltimore, Ohio 45872CONTACTPhone (419) 257-3561Fax (419)© 2008 D.S. Brown - All rights reserved.DSB ML-Delcrete m - Datasheet-01
  2. 2. sh eet D ata od uct The D.S. Brown Company Pr Delcrete™ mPhysical PropertiesDelcrete™ m meets or exceeds the following properties: DELCRETE BINDER & AGGREGATE TEST TEST METHOD SPECIFICATION Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) Note 1 600 (4.14) Min. Original Properties (after conditioning at 100 F [37 C] Elongation, % Note 1 25 Min. for 7 days) Hardness, Durometer D ASTM D2240 50 Shore D Max. Compressive Stress, psi (MPa) 5% ASTM D695, Note 2 800 (5.52) Min. Compressive Properties Deflection Resilience, % - 5% Deflection Note 3 70 Min. >10 (13.56) (no Impact Properties Ball Drop, ft.-lb. (Joule) @-20 F (-29C) Note 4 cracks) Dry Bond Strength to Concrete, psi (kN/m) Note 5 (Dry) 350 (61.30) Min. Adhesion Properties Wet Bond Strength to Concrete, psi (kN/m) Note 5 250 (43.78) Min. Gel Time Tex-614-J 5-30 Minutes DELCRETE BINDER ONLY TEST TEST METHOD SPECIFICATION Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D638 1,500 (10.34) Min. Original Properties (after Tensile Stress, 100% psi (MPa) ASTM D638 500 (3.45) Min. conditioning at 100 F [37 C] for 7 days) Elongation, % ASTM D638 150 Min. Hardness, Durometer A ASTM D2240 92 +/-3 A Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D573 (D638) 1,500 (10.34) Min.Tensile Properties, After Oven Tensile Stress, psi (MPa) ASTM D573 (D638) 500 (3.45) Min. Aging (7 days @ 158 F [70 C]) Elongation, % ASTM D573 (D638) 150 Min. Hardness, Durometer A ASTM D573 (D2240) 92 +/-3 A