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Hotel app smv low_res

  1. 1. A Dream guests will be alerted to confirm arrival the options on the guest control panel.INTELLIGENT HOTEL APPLICATION by SMS alert. Guests will reply sms to Hotel & Guest confirm booking. At reception, a special guest relation for immediate check-in Improved Efficiency of day-to-day operations Room using iPad or tablet will greet guests that With integration to Clipsal C-Bus used SMS. This will give guest and Taking network, various room-related status staffs a user-oriented solution that personalised focuses on end enhanced guests can be made available to operation experience. staff. If the guest happens to be an service to the next Interactive IPTV elderly person and is not sure how to increase the room temperature for level example, he can call the front desk and Upon entering the guest room for the the front desk staff is able to control the T o truly differentiate themselves, first time, guests are greeted with a aircon setting in the room remotely. hotels are always looking for ways to personalised welcome message on the leverage technology to continuously TV screen. “Personalised service improve operation efficiency and more has become a very importantly, enhance guest satisfaction. The Hotel Service Directory is available Today, going green by reducing energy on the TV screen when guests need to important key consumption and offering uniquely find information about the various differentiator in the personalised services are where a lot of services and dining outlets available attention is being given. around the hotel. Information can be hospitality industry ” easily updated from the web-based The IRIS platform, a full-featured administration portal to ensure up-to- “Bringing the Service infotainment content management date information at all times. Level to a new high is a system, is a new generation system priority to ensure hotel developed with the hospitality industry Room service menu can be so much stay competitive” requirement in mind. It combines the more than just a list of items and prices. latest web and mobile technology with More information about the food “The Dream Hotel & various building automation modules to ingredients, chef, origin of the food or Room Solution brings deliver a flexible, fully integrated and even a short video related to the menu together the latest user-oriented solution that focuses on can be made available for guests who technology available end enhanced user experience. are interested. which provide a great A Personal Inbox is available for guests guest stay experience” Personalised Services to view their messages from the Front Desk in the privacy of their own room. Online Booking, Check-in & SMS Should there be an unread message Check-in upon checkout, front desk can be alerted to remind the guest. This feature Guests can book rooms online, submit also comes handy for event information their passport, details and payment so when the same guest comes back, the online prior to arrival. Upon arrival, same preference can be loaded as one of Organizers when they need to broadcast messages to a group of guests. Guest can also view their up-to-date folio information anytime from the TV screen. This reduces surprises upon checkout of any unexpected charges they may have incurred during their alerted when there is anything in the stay. room that needs fixing such as a blown light bulb. Guest Preferred Profile Housekeeping staff can also quickly During their stay, guests may change update room status from either a some settings of the room ambience. hidden wall switch, the IPTV remote Unique Personalised Services Each guest has their own preference of has become one of the key differentiators in control or even an iPad or iPhone. This the hospitality industry. the lighting scenes and temperature improves room turn over speed and settings. These settings can be stored in ensures that Front Desk always has up- the IRIS system along with other guest to-the-second room status. 1 Copyright SMV @ 2012 Similarly, maintenance staff can be Serial MultiVision Pte Ltd i-connect®
  2. 2. All-in-one Guest Control PanelINTELLIGENT HOTEL APPLICATION on an iPad B Hotel Services eing one of the most popular mobile devices in The Hotel Compendium can now go digital and the market, the iPad has found its way into more be more interactive and animated. Not only those and more hotel rooms. The iPad helps guests guests can now search for the specific service they control much of the room’s properties and need faster, more information can also be made provides guests with a quick and easy way of available to the guests. With IRIS centralised communicating with the hotel staff. Guests can content repository, the hotel system administrator now control most of room’s properties such as only needs to upload contents once into the server. lighting scene, aircon settings or even the opening The same content will be reused and formatted and closing of curtains from the device. They can automatically for display either on the IPTV also contact using videocall to the front desk, order screen or the iPad App. room service, arrange a wake-up call, or simple view the various services and outlets offered Other services such as wake up call, amenities around the hotels from the comfort of their own request, room service order and concierge can also room. be made available on the iPad. Welcome Video “Guests can now control most of the room’s properties from an iPad. It also On top of a personalised welcome message, the hotel also has the option to greet guests with a provides them with a quick and easy welcome video the first time they open the App. way to communicate with hotel staff” Room Control From the iPad, guests have the option to set various room settings and store them as their preferred profile. The next time they come back, the system will remember his last setting and present it as one of the room profile. All-in-one Guest Control Panel on an Ipad Various room control options such as lighting scenes, aircon and even opening or closing of curtains are available to the guest from a specially developed iPad App. 2 Copyright SMV @ 2012 Serial MultiVision Pte Ltd
  3. 3. INTELLIGENT HOTEL APPLICATION Distributor of World’s Leading Hospitality Phones Provider of latest Hospitality High Speed Internet Access product > CPE+PoE AP “In the hospitality industry where service and guest comfort take highest priority, going green is never as easy as it seems. IRIS provides hotels with the platform to go green smartly” I n the hospitality industry where service and guest comfort and satisfaction take highest priority, going green is never as going GREEN easy as it seems. Hotels really need to find a smart way to reduce energy consumption without reducing guests’ comfort during their stay. Full integration between IRIS system and the room control Smarter Detection system allows the hotel to define complex energy saving management, which is otherwise impossible to do. Many guests like to leave the room air conditioning on even when they are out of the room. With older system, they are Timing is everything able to do this by simply leaving a card inside the card slot. By using RFID technology in the guest access card and With smart occupancy detector coupled with the RFID integrating with the Hotel PMS system, we can centrally technology in the guest access card, the system will be able to control the operation of lightings and air conditioning to detect guest presence and adjust room parameters minimize energy usage. accordingly. When the room is vacant, for example, it is not necessary to Reward Green Guest keep the room at a low temperature and therefore temperature can be automatically set at the highest set back A meter showing the guest’s energy consumption is also point while keeping the room ventilated to reduce available from the iPad App. Initiatives to reward Green condensation and keeping the room fresh. Once a guest has Guests will help reduce energy consumption even further. checked into the room at the Front Desk, the system will automatically turn on the room air conditioning to prepare it for the guest arrival. 3 Copyright SMV @ 2012 Serial MultiVision Pte Ltd i-connect ®
  4. 4. INTELLIGENT HOTEL APPLICATION IRIS is a full-featured Intelligent Room Infotainment System Solution Components i-connect® combines’ expertise in turnkey solution provider with years of experience in the hospitality industry to provide a platform that deliver robust, scalable and end-user oriented services to hotel guests. IRIS Integrated and full-featured, the Intelligent Room Infotainment System (IRIS) delivers front-end services that are both technologically advanced and intuitive, and a back end content management portal that is both flexible and easy to use. Guest Database Various information is kept within IRIS to deliver personalised services to the hotel guests. Option to integrate with Hotel PMS is available for seamless operation from the moment a guest check in until the next time that same guest returns to the hotel. Centralized Content Repository The centralized content repository provides user-friendly interface for the system administrator to manage and provision contents in various displays and locations. With smart device detection, content is automatically formatted according to the device to ensure optimal user experience. This includes the Hotel Directory of Services, Room Service Menu, and other hotel-related services. Intelligent Room-Automation Module The intelligent room-automation module integrates seamlessly into the room itself. It provides end-user with the flexibility to fully automate and control the room ambience from the guest control panel available on iPad. Wifi Logic Network Control System Our Wifi Logic Network Control System offers a wide range of smart home devices that runs on Logic network, providing a transparent platform for integration in a Hotels environment including : air conditioning, audio visual equipment, lighting, automatic doors, and motorized blinds or curtains. Lighting Control and Management System We offer various lighting components, lighting management and LEDs. Customisation We offer various customization solutions to cater to client’s needs. Serial MultiVision Pte Ltd 8 Ubi View #04-01 Serial System Building Singapore 408554 i-connect® All Rights Reserved. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Clipsal is a trademark of Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd. Tridonic is a trademark of Tridonic GmbH & Co KG. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. Copyright SMV @ 2012. Materials cannot be duplicated or use without the approval of SMV Copyright SMV @ 2012