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Jarod Thompson - TED Slideshow - Public Speaking - September 2012

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Jared Ficklin - TED Presentation Slideshow

  1. 1. Jared Ficklin“New ways to see music (with color! and fire!)” Jarod Thompson
  2. 2. About Mr. FicklinJared Ficklin is a Senior Principal DesignTechnologist for frog, a design companybased in Austin, Texas.Mr. Ficklin’s passion for music, combinedwith his interest in technology, led him tostart exploring the visualization of fire.
  3. 3. Seeing sound... in flames.Mr. Ficklin believes that sounds, when visualized in fireand heat patterns, can tell a story with equal or moreemphasis than the sound by itself. In fact, his theory isthat emotions and inflections in music can be visualizedthrough the heat patterns of soundwaves.
  4. 4. Getting the crowd going... or laughing... Mr. Ficklin, while intriguing, is fairly monotone and does not “come out swinging” when it comes to his introduction. The way that he captures the audience at the beginning of his speech is by starting with a joke about his interest in playing with fire.
  5. 5. Maintaing the engagement of the audience... Mr. Ficklin chooses a variety of different popular culture figures and activities to demonstrate his concept of audio visualization. His on stage fire demonstrations as well as his visual presentation that he shows the audience during his speech keeps the audience engaged.
  6. 6. Thou shalt...Mr. Ficklin exemplifies the third TEDcommandment. III. Thou shalt reveal thy curiosity and thy passion.Mr. Ficklin uses examples such as Nirvanasongs and jazz guitar, combined withpropane flame tracks and Ruben’s tubes, todemonstrate his passion for music andmixes in his curiosity for audio visualization.
  7. 7. Almost perfection...While some of it can simply be credited tohis personal nature, Mr. Ficklin’s rathermonotone voice is the only thing that keepsme rating him as a 4 in terms of dynamism.However, his creative visuals andinterjections make him a very intriguingspeaker.
  8. 8. I got something out of it! Mr. Ficklin did a fantastic job of following Garr Reynold’s delivery style where he left the audience feeling smarter after his presentation. He gave practical and relatable examples that left myself, and the audience, with a sense of understanding when it comes to audio visualization.
  9. 9. Using visuals to get the point across... Mr. Ficklin’s visuals, both with the fire as well as the slideshow, help demonstrate his theories to the audience in a manner which is both engaging and educational.
  10. 10. Ficklin vs. RobinsonMr. Ficklin vastly differs from Sir Ken Robinson in termsof how he engages his audience vocally. Sir KenRobinson is excited throughout his presentation and hisvocal inflections are far different than Mr. Ficklin, who isfar more calm and monotone. Even when joking, Sir KenRobinson uses more practical humor while Mr. Ficklinhas a more dry sense of humor.
  11. 11. Ficklin vs. RobinsonHowever, Mr. Ficklin and Sir Ken Robinson share a greatunderstanding of how to use visuals to engage theaudience. Mr. Ficklin uses more on stage visuals,however, which makes up for his vocal differences fromSir Robinson (as mentioned in the previous slide.)
  12. 12. What to take away...I took away several key factors from Mr. Ficklin’s speechstarting with a better understanding of how to utilizevisuals during a public speech.
  13. 13. What to take away... Use visuals that are engaging but also do not drift away from the point of your presentation. If you are not an excitable person, that’s okay, simply make sure that you show your interest in the material. Make sure the third TED commandment is noticeable. Don’t be afraid to play with fire... when it comes to your ideas. Explore different options and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.
  14. 14. What to take away...If visuals aren’t your cup of tea, than following Mr.Ficklin’s lead might not be a good idea. The visuals arewhat keeps his presentations engaging if you are notequally interested in the same field. Remember that yourpresentation should be able to speak to all audiences,not just people with the same interests.
  15. 15. Thank youRemember Mr. Ficklin’s favorite phrase...“Sound moves in all directions and so doideas.”
  16. 16. Jared FicklinTED Talk Presentation:http://www.ted.com/talks/jared_ficklin_new_wSources for images: Google Images
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