Estonian Electromobility program overview February 2013


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  • Estonian Electromobility program overview February 2013

    1. 1. Electromobility program ELMOOpening the newhorizonsJarmo TuiskHead of ELMO program,KredEx
    2. 2. BACKGROUND  Started in March 2011  Fully financed by CO2 quota sales to the Mitsubishi Corporation  Implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Social Affairs  Implementation agency: KredEx
    3. 3. ELMO Program overview Advanced charging infrastructureCompetence EV Grants centers Demo & Car sharing Awareness raising
    4. 4. How to bring the EVs to the market?EV GRANTS
    5. 5. Purchase grants• Goal: to speed up the demand for EVs• Bring down the upfront cost of EV’s• Grant period: 2011-2014 (December)• Budget: more than 9 MEUR  minimum 500EVs
    6. 6. Electric vehicle grants Applications (cumulative): number of the EVs purchased with grantsUp to -50% 100 80from the price for full-EV 60Max 18 000 EUR per 40 20car, + 1000EUR for home 0 Apr.12 Oct.11 Jan.12 Mar.12 Jun.12 Oct.12 Jan.13 Aug.11 May.12 Jul.12 Aug.12 Nov.11 Nov.12 Sep.11 Dec.11 Feb.12 Sep.12 Dec.12charger
    7. 7. Plugin-hybrid grants Grant rates for PHEVs• Since November 2012• From 7%-30% grant 35% from upfront price 30% 25%• Depends on battery 20% capacity 15% Private Commercial 10% 5% 0% 4-8kWh 8-12kWh 12-16kWh 16-…kWh Battery capacities
    8. 8. Applications by modelsCar modelsNissan Leaf (55)Micro-vett Fiat Fiorino EV (19)Mitsubishi iMiev (8)Peugeot iOn (4)Citroen C-Zero (2)Mia L (2)Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (1)
    9. 9. How do we achieve 100% CO2 emission free driving with the EV’s? It’s the origin of the electricity that matters! EV owner calculates 2 Producer puts GOs to 3 the energy consumption of the car per year the market and purchases the 4 Guarantees of Origins Renewable energy Market of guarantees of origins EV owner producers 51 “System operator” issues System operator (Elering) maintains the guarantees of origins (GOs) “accounts of renewable energy usage” corresponding to the actual No matter where you charge production of renewable it’s always 100% energy renewable! System operator
    10. 10. Market development by models (EE) Nissan Leaf Mitsubishi iMiev Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Citroen C-Zero Renault ZoeA Peugeot iON Volkswagen Golf Electric BMW i3B Opel AmperaC Renault Fluence ZE Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVJ Charging options CHAdeMO fast charging (8) AC slow only (2) Nissan eNV200 AC Mode 3 Type 2/Type 3 (2) Reanult Kangoo ZELDV Peugeot Partner Electric Combo Type 2 (2) Citroen Berlingo Electric 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2014+
    11. 11. The unique large scale EV infrastructure project in EuropeCHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE
    12. 12. The largest quick charging network in EuropeQuick factsProject start: June 2011Installation start: June 2012Quick chargers working: 151Total number: 165Operated by ABB, G4S andNow! Innovations
    13. 13. Infrastructure development in Europe• AC slow charging more popular• CHAdeMO de facto standard in DC quick charging (see picture)
    14. 14. DC+AC fast charger• DC: CHAdeMO• AC 22kW Type2/Mode3• Manufacturer: ABB• Authentication: – RFID – SMS – Mobile app
    15. 15. Operating model Private operator, selected by KredEx for 5 years Services Charger Business Customer Security Asset control and services support services management maintenance KredEx selected private operator to run the charging network for 5 years.Operator will receive a service fee for the operation. No profit from energy sales during initial 5 years. Owned by KredEx Assets Network High power Quick Locations for Intellectual management grid chargers chargers property system connections
    16. 16. Business structure Owner and KredEx managerMain outsourcing ABB Estonia partner ABB G4S Now! Partners Netherlands (CRM services) (IT platform) (quick chargers)
    17. 17. Pricing FLEX Combi VolumeMonthly fee 0 EUR 10 EUR 30 EURPay per charge 5 EUR 2,5 EUR 0 EURLimits No limits No limits 150kWh/ month 1,2EUR per charge after that
    18. 18. Statistics over last 3 months• More than 6500 charging sessions served• More than 50MWh of energy delivered to EVs• More than 120 customer accounts / many with multiple RFID-cards• Average: – Duration of charging session: 21 minutes – Amount of energy charged: 7kWh
    19. 19. Lessons learned• Easier to start with single-operator model• Finding and negotiating charging spot locations – very difficult process• Very difficult to change the locations after you have build the charging spot• Quick charging network is heavily used in Estonia• 24/7 customer support is essential
    20. 20. Challenge: EC proposal on charging infrastructure developmentStandards Required quantities by 2020• AC slow • EE - 12 000 charging spots – Type 2 connector by 2015 (1000 public chargers)• DC fast – Combo Type 2 by 2017 • LV – 17 000 / 2000• Good • LT – 41 000 / 4000 – Clear push towards harmonization • Good• Bad – Clear push towards setting up – Unrealistic deadlines the infrastructure – Combo is not proven technology – Distorts the market • Bad – Delays EV uptake – Unrealistic targets – No guarantees for current EV – No financial mechanism owners backing the requirements
    21. 21. How to disseminate EV-related information to wider audienceDEMONSTRATION ANDAWARENESS RAISING
    22. 22. Demonstration fleet507 xFOR SOCIAL WORKERSAROUND ESTONIA
    23. 23. Marketing plan 2012• ELMO brand and visual identity• Outdoor• TV commercials• Social media• Online advertising• EV tour
    24. 24. Outdoor advertising
    25. 25. Facebook
    26. 26. EV tour• 4 cities: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere• Daily events and demodrives with the EVs
    27. 27. Future plans for marketing• Marketing campaigns for both 2013-2014• Emphasis on new EV models and benefits of owning an EV, co-marketing options• Pro-active public relations management• Events (“EV tours”)• Training and “EV starter-kits”
    28. 28. Drive the EV without owning oneCAR SHARING
    29. 29. StrategyGoals Scope• Increase the usage of the • Limited pilot car sharing EVs programme• Help to overcome the main • ca 30 EVs in Tallinn and market barriers: Tartu – uncertainty towards the EV • 48 months with option to technology prolong it for 24 months – price of the car • Full car sharing model – Residual value of the car
    30. 30. The starting pointStrengths Weaknesses• ELMO program has wide • Car sharing is a new service audience (brand awareness) concept for Estonians• The synergy with the quick • The range of the EV is charging infrastructure limited – customers are not• Experience with the set up familiar with that of the quick charging infrastructure
    31. 31. Cars Mitsubishi iMiev Nissan Leaf8x 16x If we receive positive feedback from the market we will enlarge the portfolio. We are not fixed to those two models
    32. 32. Car sharing in Tallinn and TartuHotspots: DC quick chargers + parking areas Self-service over the mobile phone Pick-up & Drop-off in hotspots Rental sessions added to your monthly bill Charging is free Ca 6-8EUR per hour Launch: late spring 2013
    33. 33. Build the future for the EVsDEMOCENTERS AND R&DACTIVITIES
    34. 34. Democenters - what they are?• 2 centers to promote EV technology and ELMO program• Real-life EV simulator• Chargers• Technology displays• Background information
    35. 35. Preview
    36. 36. Conclusion• We have moved on rather fast, compared to the rest of Europe• You need to orchestrate a lot of stakeholder to build up the full eco-system• Industry is not the leader – it follows government initiatives and incentives• It pays off in a longer run as the change in the transport takes very long time
    37. 37. www.estonia.euQuestions and answersTHANK YOU!JARMO.TUISK@KREDEX.EE